Social and Environmental Responsibility Report


practices. We help engineer solutions to urgent global problems. We promote diversity and inclusion. We embrace transparent safety and ethics reporting, and we uphold the highest standards of good governance. It is not enough to “do no harm” — we must actively do good. We must lead by the example of how we operate and also engage students in projects that bring their talents to shared challenges, such as engineering solutions to “food deserts,” developing transportation alternatives with a lower carbon impact, and adhering to rigorously transparent, non-punitive safety reporting, to cite just a few examples. We recognize our accountability for our social impact, sustainability, safety and our governance and ethics. Social responsibility is not an extension of how Embry-Riddle educates; it is embedded in our mission, vision and values. This report reflects our progress in meeting the full scope of our obligations as educators, influencers, partners and global citizens.

What we do and the standards we hold ourselves to in our everyday practices matter. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University directly influences — and helps define — the communities that are home to our campuses, industries we serve, policies we inform and the professionalism of our graduates. As we continuously search for innovative ways to champion social issues and be good stewards of the environment, we have looked to students, faculty and staff to help guide those efforts. Recently, for example, we surveyed our community to learn more about their interest in, and knowledge of Embry-Riddle’s social and environmental initiatives. More than 1,100 people took part in the survey — an unusually strong response that helped guide what is featured in this inaugural report. Eagle values call on us to be of service to others, and as a university, we must model responsible connections and contributions. We regularly demonstrate our values through service to our communities and by advancing sustainable environmental

P. Barry Butler University President

Mori P. Hosseini Chairman

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