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PASSION MEETS THE LAW How Our Firm Is Fueled by the Fire of Our Attorneys

Passion is contagious. I have been working in law for 40 years, and I can tell you that it is easy to become a paper mill. To stay passionate about the law and your clients, your firm needs attorneys who are internally motivated to make a difference. You cannot fabricate passion. It is an inherent trait that etches itself on your identity through life experiences. The more challenges you face and overcome, the better you can relate to people. When Andrew interviewed me, it was clear that his passion was a driving force for the firm, and I wanted to work side by side with that every day.

multiple tasks to help our attorneys position a case. But it is not just the logistical aspects of a case that matter. We have to remember that each case is a person. An accident can turn a client’s life upside down. Whatever stress they were already dealing with before the accident is compounded when they have to face the complications of physical, emotional, or psychological trauma. Sometimes we work with the elderly or people with no support structure. To further complicate matters, they might have a fixed income while they live on Social Security. Nowmore bills are piling up, and they have no idea how to navigate this newminefield. No one should have to go through the emotional gauntlet of a case on their own. This is where I step in. I meet the client wherever they are at in life

and help them through these challenges. A firm should always put the client first. From there, it is about getting creative and persevering through tough times to get the job done. But every case is different. You have to be willing to think outside the box and push when necessary. Preparation, talent, compassion, creativity, and fortitude — all of which stem from passion — can make all the difference in a case. Andrew and Freddy both embody these characteristics, and because of their leadership, the office follows suit. I am at this firm because of their relentless commitment to our clients, and I cannot imagine being anywhere else.

“No one should have to go through the emotional gauntlet of a case on their own.”

As a paralegal, I function as the first line of support for our team of attorneys. I take a case from inception to completion and serve as a point of leverage for our lawyers. Presenting is only a small part of the battle when it comes to winning a case; the behind-the-scenes work of organizing, writing, researching, and communicating is just as important as getting up in front of a jury. I have to work quickly but accurately while juggling

–Linda Brown

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