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PASSION MEETS THE LAW How Our Firm Is Fueled by the Fire of Our Attorneys

Passion is contagious. I have been working in law for 40 years, and I can tell you that it is easy to become a paper mill. To stay passionate about the law and your clients, your firm needs attorneys who are internally motivated to make a difference. You cannot fabricate passion. It is an inherent trait that etches itself on your identity through life experiences. The more challenges you face and overcome, the better you can relate to people. When Andrew interviewed me, it was clear that his passion was a driving force for the firm, and I wanted to work side by side with that every day.

multiple tasks to help our attorneys position a case. But it is not just the logistical aspects of a case that matter. We have to remember that each case is a person. An accident can turn a client’s life upside down. Whatever stress they were already dealing with before the accident is compounded when they have to face the complications of physical, emotional, or psychological trauma. Sometimes we work with the elderly or people with no support structure. To further complicate matters, they might have a fixed income while they live on Social Security. Nowmore bills are piling up, and they have no idea how to navigate this newminefield. No one should have to go through the emotional gauntlet of a case on their own. This is where I step in. I meet the client wherever they are at in life

and help them through these challenges. A firm should always put the client first. From there, it is about getting creative and persevering through tough times to get the job done. But every case is different. You have to be willing to think outside the box and push when necessary. Preparation, talent, compassion, creativity, and fortitude — all of which stem from passion — can make all the difference in a case. Andrew and Freddy both embody these characteristics, and because of their leadership, the office follows suit. I am at this firm because of their relentless commitment to our clients, and I cannot imagine being anywhere else.

“No one should have to go through the emotional gauntlet of a case on their own.”

As a paralegal, I function as the first line of support for our team of attorneys. I take a case from inception to completion and serve as a point of leverage for our lawyers. Presenting is only a small part of the battle when it comes to winning a case; the behind-the-scenes work of organizing, writing, researching, and communicating is just as important as getting up in front of a jury. I have to work quickly but accurately while juggling

–Linda Brown

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There are so many rumors about Jury duty that it can be difficult to knowwhich ones are true. Here are three of the more popular speculations, debunked.

ADMITTING BIAS WILL ENSURE YOUR DISMISSAL If you admit that you are biased when you serve jury duty, it does not guarantee your dismissal. In fact, a judge cannot dismiss you for being biased — but an attorney can. In addition, attempting to portray yourself as a biased person can put you in a troubling situation. Attorneys and judges have been selecting jurors for a long time and know when someone is lying to them. Your best bet is to give honest answers to the questions they ask. NO VOTING, NO JURY DUTY According to another circulating myth, if you aren’t registered to vote, you don’t have to serve jury duty. Many people believe this myth because voting enters you into the jury duty pool, but there are other means by which citizens are chosen. Other ways you’re entered into the pool include buying a home, paying taxes, and getting a driver’s license. Even if you aren’t registered to vote, you’re still liable to be summoned.

SERVING JURY DUTY WILL GET YOU FIRED If you’re worried about getting fired for serving jury duty, you can breathe easy. Your employer cannot fire you once you’ve been selected for jury service. In fact, if your boss threatens to fire you for it, they will face the penalties, which include fines and even jail time. Many employers know and understand this, but if yours doesn’t, you can submit a file of complaint to the trial court administrator, and they will take care of the rest. The system to select jurors has been around for a while, and those involved know what they’re doing. It’s best to go in with an open mind and complete honesty. After all, it is your civic duty to do so.


Tips to Protect Yourself and Your Property

If you’ve ever been in an accident, you know that a lot can happen in a short amount of time. Whether it’s a minor fender bender or somethingmore serious, staying calm and following proper procedure at the scene may be difficult. Keep yourself safe and protect your property by following these tips the next time you’re involved in an accident. CHECK FOR INJURIES If you or anyone else at the scene is injured, call an ambulance immediately. The safety of everyone involved is your top priority. Once help is on the way, you can move on to the next steps. CALL THE POLICE Always call the police, even if the accident is a minor one; youmight need a police report later on. For instance, if you have to file an insurance claim, a police report is one of the best ways to have the incident recorded. Calling the police to the scene immediately after the accident ensures that the incident is still fresh in the minds of those involved and any eyewitnesses. EXCHANGECONTACT INFORMATION When the police arrive, they usually take everyone’s contact information. However, if they don’t respond to the accident —or if anyone tries to leave before the police arrive—exchange phone numbers, insurance policy information,

and even email addresses with all individuals involved, including eyewitnesses. This way, you can reach out to them if you need additional information about the incident, and the police knowwhere to find them if necessary. TAKE PICTURES Physical evidence of the damage done to you or your vehicle will be crucial to your insurance claim and any criminal charges that arise from the incident (whether against you or the other party). Make sure to take pictures of every angle of the wreck, even if it’s only a skid or scratch mark. Take photos of traffic signals, signs, and obstructions, such as bushes that may have contributed to the accident. CONTACT A LAWYER Calling a lawyer as soon as possible after an accident — even a seemingly minor one — can protect you and provide peace of mind. Our attorneys know the system inside and out. We’ll put in the time and effort to strengthen your claim or defense and provide you with the best possible outcome.





3 Famous People Born in September








Amy Poehler



Quite a few famous people throughout history were born in the month of September. Many famous rappers, basketball stars, queens, and Roman emperors were once small September babies, classified by their “perfectionist” personality traits and hardworking demeanors. Here are three particularly famous September celebrities.





Harland Sanders, the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), began cooking chicken for customers at his service station in Corbin, Kentucky, during the height of the Great Depression. After years of experimentation, he achieved his secret mix of 11 herbs and spices. He was given the honorific title of colonel — something he took seriously — and dressed to match the name. Over a billion orders of his “finger lickin’ good” chicken is now served every year in more than 80 countries.

Here at Alex & Saavedra, nothing is more important to us than helping people. We care about our clients and the community, and we want to help as many people as possible reach a settlement they deserve. The opportunity to touch lives is just one of the reasons we’re so grateful for your referrals! To us, a referral is the highest compliment, and we want to say thank you to everyone who has trusted us enough to send family and friends our way. CLIENT REFERRALS


“Saturday Night Live” and “Parks and Recreation” star Amy Poehler always dreamed of carving a niche for herself in the field of comedy and acting. She has received a number of acting awards and nominations for her work in comedy, and she has made countless contributions to the realm of humor.


American author Stephen King is one of the most popular writers of contemporary horror, suspense, and science fiction. He has published over 50 novels and penned hundreds of short stories. Best known for writing the horror novel “It,” which revolves around a mysterious maleficent being that terrorizes children, King is undoubtedly one of the best-loved horror writers. His works never fail to incite terror in the minds of readers. From the moment they were born, these three celebrities started their journeys toward success. Here at Alex & Saavedra, we take people’s birthdays seriously. We know that expectant parents place their trust in their obstetrician and hospital staff. Unfortunately, that trust is sometimes abused, and an unborn or newborn child is seriously injured. If your child suffered an injury before, during, or after birth, now is the time to talk to an attorney about your options. Our lawyers can help you and your child start the journey of life on the right foot.





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Get a Head Start on Next Spring’s Garden

Prepare Your Garden Autumn Steps for a Better Spring Garden

CHICKENWIRE After you’ve planted your bulbs, there’s a risk that uninvited guests will dig them up. There are a few ways you can ensure that your bulbs remain undisturbed throughout the fall. One way is to place chicken wire over your bulbs after they’ve been planted. This keeps rodents from digging them up and allows the plants to grow through the gaps in the wire. KEEP YOUR GARDEN TIDY Once you’ve harvested your best fruits and vegetables, go back through and harvest the rest, even if you don’t plan to eat them. Make sure your garden is clear of old vegetables, fallen leaves, and weeds. Leaving decaying plants in or on top of the ground can spread diseases into the soil and attract unwanted pests to your garden.

HEALTHY SOIL Pulling up weeds and all of your vegetables can help keep the earth free from rotting plants, but there are other steps you can take to ensure that your soil stays full of nutrients. Pick up a kit to test the pH levels of your soil. Most gardens thrive in soil with a pH of 6.5. Add compost to your soil supply now to give it time to break down during the winter months.

With fall just ahead, it’s a good time to think about your spring garden. For a beautiful garden next year, begin preparing this fall. Here are a few ways to get a head start! PLANTING BULBS If you want beautiful flowers in April, you should start planting bulbs now. Many flower bulbs need to be in the ground before winter settles in; this helps activate the bulbs’ biochemical process that allows them to bloom. Getting the bulbs into the ground before it freezes allows their roots to grow deep enough to protect them from the biting winter weather. Among the flower bulbs you should plant soon are tulips, daffodils, irises, and hyacinths.



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