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complaint, Harroz used another client to plant a bag of “methamphetamine” (it was sugar) at the home of the victim, Tiffany Eichor, 43, who lived with her parents, Jack and Evelynn Chandler. The Chandlers found the bag and called the police; then, they installed security cameras. On Sept. 6, 2019, Harroz and Titus allegedly drove to the Chandler home near Oklahoma City. They allegedly cut the electricity and phone lines and broke in. The couple then went on a rampage, shooting each member of the family as they ran. Just days after the murders, Harroz’s brother turned over an AR-15 rifle to police, stating that the gun was “involved in a triple homicide.” The gun was traced to an Oklahoma man who said he’d sold the gun to Harroz and Titus, according to police.

A chilling story unfolded in Oklahoma City in 2021, filled with passion, betrayal, and murder. Keegan Harroz and her client- turned-lover, Barry Titus II, were arrested and charged in a triple homicide that shocked the country. Harroz was a renowned criminal defense attorney who had a compassionate touch with clients of all types. She graduated from Oklahoma City University School of Law

and worked as an assistant public defender before starting her own firm in 2014. There were signs of something darker swirling under the surface, though. In May 2014, she was charged with the domestic assault of her then-husband, allegedly kicking him twice in the face.

Titus and Harroz are still in jail; their trials are expected to occur sometime in 2024.

She began to represent Titus in 2018 on drug, firearms, and domestic assault and battery charges. She began dating Titus shortly after. In October 2018, Titus was arrested for domestic assault. Two months later, according to the criminal

The larger community is still grappling with the aftermath of such a crime, many missing the family who was senselessly gunned down. The tragic murder of Tiffany Eichor and Jack and Evelynn Chandler is a reminder of the potential darkness that can lurk beneath seemingly ordinary lives.


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