Key Trends in European Healthcare Digital Transformation

The Quest for Value: The Rising Adoption of Value-Based Healthcare

By the end of 2020, 25% of data used in medical care will be collected and shared with healthcare systems by the patients themselves Patient experience and engagement

New models of care need new models of IT Increasing investments in innovative technologies are accelerating the pathway to DX

Connected ecosystem

EHR2.0 will underpin a new patient-centric model of care delivery:

Value-based reimbursement

Personalized medicine

Omni-channel experiences

Integrated pathways

Artificial Intelligence 14%

3D printers 14%

Augmented /Virtual reality 12%

Advanced Analytics

IoT 27%

Robots 26%

Collaborative cloud 4%

Security, Privacy and Trust

The pursuit of a value-based healthcare model is spurring healthcare providers to use analytics :

Blockchain 5%

Security is the top business priority for the next 12 months BUT 1 out of 5 healthcare organizations have a solid plan to meet the May 2018 GDPR deadline

to support clinical decision based on quality of care and other KPIs 23%

to improve care integration 21%

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