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Greetings from the Directors

Background London Language Institute has been offering quality programming since 1998. Our educational services have been offered to clients of various cultures, educational backgrounds and English abilities. Our programs accommodate students of all levels. LLI has created a unique learning environment in which students become integrated into the LLI family. Our outstanding facility and curriculums make learning at LLI an interesting and productive adventure. The City of London is Canada’s tenth largest city. London is also known as the “Forest City” with its beautiful parks and clean safe environment. London is close to Toronto and Niagara Falls, which allows our students to travel and experience some of Canada’s most incredible and attractive sites. The City of London has proved to be an outstanding location for students to study and live. LLI is located in the heart of downtown London with many conveniences surrounding our facility. • Languages Canada • TESL Canada • Official Prometric testing centre for iBT TOEFL and MCAT • Official CAEL testing site • National Association of Career Colleges London Language Institute is a proud member of:

We would like to take this opportunity to extend our best wishes to you and your family. We are very proud and honoured to represent London Language Institute and want to ensure that we are always available to assist our clients and students with any needs they may have. We are very pleased that you are considering London Language Institute as a study option and want to assure you that you will have our support while working towards your academic goals. Staff The staff at LLI has a great deal of ESL teaching experience and formal academic training. All of the LLI staff are TESL certified and have University/Teacher College training. Our staff are friendly and open, creating a wonderful classroom environment for our students. Throughout the week students will have access to at least four different teachers in their particular level. Please visit our website for staff profiles at www.llinstitute.com. Facilities London Language Institute has one of the most modern facilities in all of Canada. The classroom environment is designed to feel comfortable and professional. LLI has a large computer lab, student lounge areas, study areas, 15 classrooms, meeting rooms, smart board technology and lunch areas, which includes microwaves and fridges to keep lunches cold. Our beautiful facility is a wonderful environment in which to study and enjoy break times with friends. The facility is open most nights so students can work on assignments or in the computer labs at their own leisure. Classes are designed in a boardroom style format to ensure all students are working with each other and participating in the classroom lesson. Modern day seating and in class technology, including state of the art audio-visual equipment provides students with the best equipment and material available for their studies.

London Language Institute is approved as a Designated Learning Institute (DLI) and Private Career College (PCC).

ESL Program

LLI offers a full-time ESL program that uses an integrative methodological approach. Students are exposed to the skills and functions of the English language within thematically-based units.

This program is offered throughout the entire year with a continuous intake of students. Upon arrival a student will take a level assessment test that is used to place students in their appropriate classes.

LLI has hosted students from more than seventy different countries around the world. We recognize that cultural diversity is a key factor in our students’ successes, and ensure that every classroom has a mixture of cultural backgrounds and languages.

University Entrance Program and Academic Prep I and II

London Language Institute has had great success preparing students for high school/college and university programs here in Canada. LLI has developed a unique curriculum that includes iBT TOEFL/CAEL preparation. As a result students who go through the LLI program and successfully complete our Academic Prep courses will have a TOEFL/CAEL score that will allow them to apply to Universities and Colleges across Canada and the world. Our Academic Prep courses can be taken after a student completes or meets the requirement to pass level 5. The full Academic Prep courses is 16 weeks in duration. When a student applies to London Language Institute they should also send their academic transcripts and let us know what field of study they are hoping to go into for University or College. LLI can complete an application to high school/ college or university and students will receive a conditional letter of acceptance from the University and a letter of acceptance from London Language Institute.

The length of study at LLI depends on their present English level. The process takes 3-5 weeks of processing time.

Our small classes and award winning school ensure that students will have an optimum learning environment. With nearly 20 years of experience LLI has been recognized as a leader in University preparation across Canada. LLI is an official recognized school with ETS and Paragon, which are the companies that administer the official TOEFL and CAEL exams. As our programs have had great success we have high expectations of our students. Through guidance and monthly reporting LLI will assist students at attaining their academic goals. LLI has pathway agreements with several universities across Canada, United States and England. Take control of your future! Please contact the LLI office for further information.

The Road to Success


Bridge Program Level 5 is a bridging program between ESL and Academic Preparation. A passing grade of 60% is required to progress to Academic Preparation.

Academic Preparation Program Our Academic Preparation program prepares students for post-secondary studies through exposure to authentic academic tasks with language support.

ESL PROGRAM Students progress through our ESL program from the beginner to high-intermediate level. A passing grade of 60% is required for progression to the next level.

Level 1 8 weeks

Level 5 8 weeks

AP1 8 weeks

AP2 8 weeks

Level 2 8 weeks

University Readiness Students who complete the Academic Preparation program with a minimum score of 75% satisfy the language requirements for many of our pathway partners.

Additional Support Students who complete the program but do not obtain the minimum score may be required to complete a language proficiency examination, such as CAEL, TOEFL or IELTS.

Level 3 8 weeks

Level 4 8 weeks

AP3 is not a requirement for university admission, but provides additional academic preparation prior to beginning post-secondary studies.

Test Preparation Classes

AP3 8 weeks

Summer/Winter Vacation Programs

The Summer and Winter programs at London Language Institute have been very popular with students from all around the world. The focus of these short-term programs is to introduce many of the wonderful sights and activities Canada has to offer while working on English skills in the classroom. These programs are all-inclusive and include the following: • 18 hours of ESL study with qualified ESL instructors • Accommodation with meals in a Canadian homestay • Return airport transfer from the Lester B. Pearson airport in Toronto, Ontario

• Unlimited local transportation-bus pass for local transit • One weekly full-day, out-of-town excursion per week • Weekly activities in London • Annual Barbecue with teachers and homestays Start dates vary for each program throughout the winter and summer. Different length programs are available ranging from 3 to 6 weeks in duration. Please refer to our website at www.llinstitute.com for up-to date start dates and program costs.

4-Week Summer Program Itinerary


Saturday Sunday


Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

Assessment Test London Orientation

In Class

Week 1

In Class

Toronto Trip

In Class

East Park Golf

In Class

Canada’s Wonderland

London Language Institute Barbecue

Week 2

In Class

In Class

In Class

Beach Trip

In Class

Week 3

In Class

In Class

In Class

Niagara Falls

Video Dance

Final Assessment

Grand River Rafting Trip

Week 4

In Class

In Class

In Class

Bowling Mini Golf


Post-TESOL Programs London Language Institute offers a number of post-TESOL courses enabling ESL instructors to further their skills in specific areas. All courses are offered online over 3-month sessions, with courses starting January 15, May 15, and September 15. Certificate in Advanced Grammar for English Teachers This 30+ hour course is designed for English language teachers who are interested in becoming more comfortable with complex grammar structures. Participants will analyze specific grammar structures, look at common student challenges with the structures and complete numerous lesson planning tasks in order to practice teaching these structures in a meaningful and interesting way. Certificate in Teaching Standardized Test Preparation This 26+ hour course is designed to help language instructors prepare students for success on a variety of standardized English proficiency tests including TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC and the Cambridge Exams. Certificate in Teaching English for Academic Purposes This 26+ hour course is designed to help language instructors effectively prepare students for success in an English-speaking higher education setting. Participants will learn tools and strategies with which to effectively teach the language systems, language skills, and behaviours specific to higher education. Certificate in Teaching Occupation Specific Language This 32+ hour course provides general strategies and skills for teaching English for workplace, occupational and professional contexts. Participants will tailor their assignments to the occupation or sector in which they would like to specialize. Certificate in Teaching Culture This 35+ hour course is designed to make language teachers aware of the critical interaction between culture and language in the language classroom. The course prepares participants to effectively teach students culture along with language. Certificate in K-12ESL Student Integration This 20+ hour course is designed for K-12 teachers who have ESL students in their classes. The course provides ideas, strategies and tools for the successful integration of ESL students into the classroom, school and community. Certificate in Language Program Management This 90+ hour course covers general management, marketing, finance, human resources and language program operations. Based on current theories and practices in management, the course is tailored specifically to the language education sector. Certificate in Language Teaching and Technology This three-part certificate course id designed for language teachers who are interested in becoming more knowledgeable, skilled and confident in the use of technologies for language teaching purposes. The course provides an overview of the theory and research on the use of technology for pedagogical purposes and then gives teachers the opportunity to work with current technologies that can be used in the language classroom.

London Language Institute is a leader in TESOL/TESL training in London. LLI offers two accredited certification courses (for accreditation from TESL Canada and TESL Ontario) as well as post-certification courses for current ESL instructors wanting professional development in a specific area. LLI currently offers the following programs: TESOL CERTIFICATE PROGRAM The ACE TESOL Certificate Program offered at London Language Institute is an ESL teacher training course with 100 hours of classroom instruction and a 20-hour supervised practicum, which is offered in both full-time and part-time formats. Using the ACE Method, trainees explore teaching, learning and language through task-based, participatory and interactive experiences. The content is based upon the most recent research in language acquisition and language education, and includes modules focused on learning theory, teaching methodology, language functions, and career development.

The ACE TESOL Certificate offered at London Language Institute meets the guidelines of TESL Canada Standard One.

This teacher training program is recognized by:



The ACE TESOL Diploma Program offered at London Language Institute is an ESL teacher training course with 150 hours of online instruction and coursework and a 30-hour supervised practicum. The ACE TESOL Diploma provides a comprehensive look at the theory of language teaching as well as advanced teaching skills. Topics are divided into three broad categories: learning, teaching and language. The TESOL Certificate Program or other TESL Canada Standard Level One course is a prerequisite for admission. The ACE TESOL Diploma program offered at London Language Institute meets the guidelines for TESL Ontario Professional Certification and TESL Canada Standard Two.


London Language Institute is proud to incorporate official proficiency testing into our mainstream curriculum and Academic Preparation Program. These specialized classes are offered on a part time basis twice per week for three hours in duration. These standardized tests are designed to measure an individual’s proficiency in English. Universities, Colleges and other academic institutions in Canada and the United States require international students to provide proof of their English abilities by obtaining a minimum score. In addition, employers from around the world will require minimum proficiency test scores for employees working in a career requiring knowledge of the English language.

The Preparation programs at London Language Institute are designed to assist students in meeting their CAEL, TOEFL and IELTS needs. The programs are divided among four sections: Listening Comprehension, Written Expression, Reading Comprehension and Speaking. London Language Institute preparation programs differ from many other programs, as they not only teach test-taking strategies, but also the language required to succeed on the test and in future academic or career endeavours. These programs have a continuous enrolment throughout the year. Each level is 12 weeks in duration; however it is possible to join the course for shorter lengths of time for short-term upgrading.

London Language Institute Business Program

The London Language Institute Business Program is designed to prepare students for a University/College business course. This program is interactive in nature allowing students to learn the underlying theories of business and apply these principals and knowledge in practical business scenarios. The program introduces actual case studies of existing companies and analyzes their pros and cons. The program focuses on the following:

The Business Program is kept to a maximum of ten students in a professional classroom environment. Students will also partake in class trips to local businesses and be responsible for classroom presentations.






TVO ILC High School Program

London Language Institute is thrilled to formalize a relationship with TVO’s Independent Learning Centre (ILC), to provide our international students access to the highly acclaimed Ontario education. Canada’s high school education is ranked among the best in the world, and ILC’s Ontario secondary school courses are developed by The Ontario Ministry of Education and delivered by Canadian certified faculty. The ILC is Ontario’s largest high school, with more than 20,000 students taking distance-learning courses towards their diploma or as pre-requisites for post-secondary programming. Their flexible and self-directed curriculum can be taken by students 14 years of age and up, and is designed to prepare international students for top university and college placements. Students will be able to take all their courses at one of our campuses around the world with the support of a facilitator and a controlled learning environment. Students will have the advantage of having both online teaching support and a facilitator at their school who can answer questions and assist them through their learning.

Program Advantages

• Flexible programming designed to support English as a Second Language Students. • Start dates in September, November, January, March and summer. • LLI can have credit transfers assessed through ILC so that students can have a complete transcript. • Standardized marking as all assessments are performed by ILC teachers with final examinations administered under strict protocols ensuring that student results are standardized and easily recognized and accepted by colleges and universities once students are seeking post- secondary entrance. • Cost effective. Students can take up to 8 credits per academic year and only pay for what they need. • Students will be assessed with their language by London Language Institute. No need for TOEFL, CAEL or IELTS testing for admission into this program.

• Students will be provided language support prior to beginning programs to ensure they are starting programs with the English proficiency necessary for success in all subject areas in their high school courses. • The Ontario Secondary Diploma is a globally recognized Diploma that can be used to apply to post-secondary school around the world. • Earn credits towards your Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), working at your own pace, from anywhere in the world, in less time than a traditional high school. • Choose from over 100 engaging, real-world learning courses (with embedded videos, live links) internationally recognized by reputable universities. • Experience innovative technology combined with proven teaching techniques, support and guidance from highly qualified faculty, when you need it.

183 Central Avenue | Suite 101 London Ontario | N6A 1M6 | CANADA Tel: 519.439.3350 | Fax: 519.439.8822

Email: info@llinstitute.com Web: www.llinstitute.com


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