THE ABC OF HEATING Do not cover the radiators. In order to deliver the same amount of heat to the room, the radiator which is covered or built-in must have a higher temperature than the uncovered one. Move the furniture away from the radiators. The minimum distance between tables or sofas and the radiator is 10 cm. It is also a good idea to fix some shelves or widen the windowsills above the radiator, thanks to which the heated air will be directed to the centre of the room and not towards the window area where it will cool down quickly. If the walls behind the radiators are improperly insulated, you should install screens made of aluminium foil which can reflect heat. If you want to ventilate the room, you should turn off the radiator valves. The cold air which comes in through the open window will cool down the thermostat causing the maximum opening of the valve. It is much better to air the room more frequently but for a short time than once for a long time. remember to buy a THERMOSTATIC head!


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