PROPER MATERIAL Our radiators are made of the highest quality aluminium alloy with a properly selected content of silicon, which guarantees good thermal conductivity. In the production process, we use high quality material with increased requirements for the group of elements of the chemical composition according to the KFA Armatura standard based on the PN-EN 1676 standard. ANTI-CORROSION COATINGS Our radiators are also designed to be used in copper systems, therefore they are subjected to the processes of applying protective insulating coatings already at the early production stage. By applying zirconium and anaphoretic coatings, the radiators are effectively protected against galvanic and electrochemical corrosion and can successfully operate in a copper system. FLUOROZIRCONIC TREATMENT We apply the conversion coating (fluorozirconic treatment) by immersion. Thanks to this process, a thin layer of coating is created both on the outer and inner side of the radiator. It protects the product against corrosion and increases the adhesion of the varnish. ANAPHORETIC VARNISHING The process of anaphoretic treatment with the use of acrylic varnish involves immersing radiators in a tank with waterborne varnish (suitable for electrodeposition) with a simultaneous flow of electric current through the varnish and the radiator. The applied layer perfectly covers the surface of the radiator, both inside and outside. As a result of the process, we obtain a highly corrosion-resistant coating with a thickness of 15–24 μm.


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