APi NSG Newsletter | Spring 2018

company updates

fees, fees, and fees updates for 2018 Where to expect fees Wisconsin: Several jurisdictions are moving to online compliance systems to submit/track inspection reports.It will cost $15 per report to submit in their system. Here is the list of the jurisdictions currently utilizing these portals: • Fontana Fire Department • Adams County • DeForest Windsor • Town of Brookfield Fire Department. When the company servicing your life safety systems is a national provider, there may be a different company at your store for each inspection. It is important that those who will be at your facility are made aware of which service provider will be showing up that day. Additionally, making sure you know how many times your facility needs to be inspected each year is very helpful. If you are knowledgable on your company’s fire and life safety protocol, please share important information with others to be sure everyone is informed. City of Chicago: Chicago has transitioned to a compliance software called Brycer for fire sprinkler and fire pump reports. Please see this letter highlighting the fees associated with the annual inspections for water-based systems. We understand this is a significant increase in your inspection spend and have been working with the city to understand the impact before passing this information along to you. Washington and Idaho: Several jurisdictions have moved to an online compliance system, Tegris, to submit/track inspection reports. It will cost $15 (per report) to submit in their system. What does this mean for you? APi NSG will submit the inspection reports and pay the fee up front. We will pass the fee on to you and it will be clearly noted on our invoices. Please note that new jurisdictions could require us to submit to an online compliance portal at any time. We will make sure to communicate these changes to you. knowing your provider why this is helpful understanding your service provider • Fond du Lac Fire Department • Germantown Fire Department • Waupun Fire Department

faces in the field:

rodney truitt ifp | atlanta, ga

background Rodney has been

working with International

Fire Protection in Atlanta, GA for 9 years. He is currently the superintendent of

the fire alarm department but started as a technician. He later moved into an inspector role prior to becoming superintendent. why he’s awesome Rodney’s strong point is his personality. He communicates well with both customers and technicians. Rodney believes it’s incredibly important to take as much time as needed to explain life safety systems to customers and answer all of their questions thoroughly. tid bitS Lynyrd Skynyrd and Cheap Trick are Rodney’s all-time favorite bands. If he could meet with anyone dead or alive it would be his Dad, who taught him to always finish what he starts and that almost is not acceptable. If he could only eat one meal for the rest of his life it would be pizza, which sounds pretty delicious to us!

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