My Money Map Marketing Letter

Whether you’re growing your business or buying a house,

Planning a vacation or buying that special gift for your spouse,

Whatever your money goals, even retirement someday….


put you on your way!!

Dear Friends,

Imagine it…being financially confident. Knowing exactly what bills you need to pay this week, how much you have to enjoy yourself and how much you will have accumulated when you follow your customized My Money Map to its destination. No more worrying in the middle of the night whether or not you will have enough money this week for that special gift or vacation, no more late fees for accidentally missing a payment by its due date, no more little pieces of paper everywhere reminding you to pay this or pay that… That’s why I am so excited to be writing to you today!! Hi! I’m Kimberly Rae, thirty-five (35) year independent tax accountant, Creator of My Money Map & CEO of It’s Your Money, Inc. I promise you by the end of this letter you will see how you & those around you can benefit by using a simple do-it-yourself product I have personally created to help individuals, families, students & businesses alike become more successful at managing their money! And wait… it can all be done without any complicated computer software, an adding machine or any kind of aptitude for working with numbers or computers! How great is that?!! My Money Map is an easy, fun, do-it-yourself money management tool for anyone that wants to get ahead with their money. Within just a couple of hours you can get rid of the guesswork in your finances & learn the true power of the money you’re already making. Best of all, you can do it all without having to buy, download and then learn how to use some complicated software. As an independent public tax accountant, business owner & chief financial officer, the number one thing I’ve seen over and over in my clients is an inability to manage their money. Whether these clients were living paycheck to paycheck or had millions in the bank, the one thing they had in common was… they didn’t have a plan…or... a clue… as to where their money was going and guess what?? “poof” their money was gone…and sometimes it was millions! Have you ever had that happen to you? Have you ever had your money slip right through your fingertips without even being able to feel it first? I know I have. Let’s face it, we’ve all had that happen. “Poof” what you thought was yours was gone. But you know what? Your money doesn’t have to go “Poof” thanks to My Money Map. I’ve helped hundreds of people keep their money where it belongs, with them! Until you know the power of the money you are already making you are running your financial life with blinders on. The wealthiest people in the world have systems in place to manage their money daily. Why shouldn’t YOU give YOUR money the same respect. With My Money Map you will have your own system right at your fingertips.

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