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JOIN RYAN FOR RECOVERY FRIDAY’S S T R E SS R E L I E F - MUSC L E R E C OV E RY - MOB I L I T Y Friday’s at 4:00pm starting Friday, September 6, 2019 Whether you need to unwind from a stressful work week, or are especially sore from your weekly workouts. This one-hour session will have you feeling refreshed both mentally and physically! Each session will include:

• Breathing Techniques • Ice Bath Immersion

• Foam Rolling • Stretching

• Mobility • & more!

Contact for more details. To reserve your spot, visit our WEBSITE at thefitinstitutechicago.comor MINDBODY at


HAS YOUR PAIN COME BACK? Stay Tuned for a Special Announcement! We are planning a Family Fun Day this Fall! Keep up with your physical therapy exercises to relieve pain and prevent further injuries If your pain doesn’t subside, consult with your therapist about what other things might be causing pain. Call The Fit Institute for a complimentary injury consultation. We will guide you so you can get back to the activities you love. 1 2 3 COME FIND US THIS MONTH! Saturday, September 7 • Northcenter Farmer’s Market • Bell Elementary School “Back to School Event” Saturday, September 14th • Hawthorne Scholastic Academy “Family Fun Fest” Sunday, September 15 • Bucktown Crossfit Fit Fest

“I came into the FIT Institute with unexpected knee pain. The staff was able to quickly identify my issue and I spent sixweeksreceivingPT towork on my lower body mobility restrictions. Ireceivedamazing guidance that I still use to this day to create my own weekly mobilityprogram. Iwould trust FIT institute again with any issues and also recommend it toanyonewho ison the fence aboutgettingexamined forany injury or issue.” - J. B.


Always consult your physical therapistorphysicianbeforestarting exercises youareunsureofdoing.


Half-Kneeling Quadriceps Stretch (Ball) With an exercise ball behind you and stabilized against a wall, kneel on the floor and place the leg you would like to stretch against the ball. Your foot, ankle, and shin should rest against the ball and your knee should rest on the floor, with a pillow underneath if needed. While maintaining straight posture, shift your weight backwards, squeezing your leg against the ball, until you feel a stretch across the top of your thigh.

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