PUBLICATION WEBSITE= Influence Custom Publishing is a versatile marketing and design agency providing an array of print and digital-based marketing solutions to a wide variety of business sectors. We provide high-quality digital and print content and development expertise to promote your brand all under one roof.

What separates us from the competiton is our custom print and digital publishing services. Where once publishing was only available to larger corporations in the private sector, Influence Custom Publishing offers a full spectrum of publishing and marketing services to small and medium size businesses. We offer custom publishing at an affordable price point that will help you strengthen your brand, increase your clients and ultimately aide you in generating more revenue. Keeping your businesses budget in mind - we can produce a high quality custom print magazine - designed and printed in-house - allowing our clients to provide focused personalized marketing and promotional material to the core consumer base.

Transform your website into a 24 page magazine for just $1

•Custom Images •Custom Editorial •Custom Printing •Custom Design

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