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During the Earth Hour 2021 virtual event, Miss Earth, Lindsey Coffey announced her partnership with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) as an ambassador. ”I am so grateful for that opportunity, I’ve looked up to WWF as an organization for the longest time. I’ve always been super inspired for what they do and what they stand for, and for how motivated and resilient they are into making change. And now to be a part of that is abso- lutely amazing,” Lindsey excitedly told the viewers of the live online discussion. Lindsey had her first activity as WWF Ambassador during Lobby Day, where she was a lobbyist for WWF and for other environmental and global conservation concerns, to the United States Senate and to the State Representatives.




floods caused by illegal logging when I was 10, so environmen- tal preservation became very close to me, and made me love this pageant more than any beauty pageant. A true Earthling is someone who understands the system of Miss Earth very well. Someone who will continue to support this pageant even on its lowest point. Someone who will not forget the core of Miss Earth, and is someone who will help convert the bashers into follow- ers. And I believe that makes me, a genuine Earthling. What for you is a true Earthling?

ME Magazine chats with one of the Miss Earth fanatics, 26 year-old Project Accountant, Van Joe Regmalos: How and when did you start following Miss Earth? It all started on November 9, 2008. I was 14 and I was reviewing for the periodical examination while watching the TV. At that time, Miss Earth 2008 was live on ABS-CBN. Karla Paula Henry caught my attention while I was watching, and I really prayed for her to win that night. When she won, it got all over my head. Miss Earth became my topic all throughout the day at the school. I became a fan instantly. From there on, I started loving beauty pageants and Miss Earth became my favorite. What aspect of Miss Earth do you love the most? More than the glitz and glamour, its advocacy that attracted me the most. I experienced moving to evacuation center due to flash

“... its advocacy that attracted me the most.”




“The theme, “Restore our Earth”, is a powerful one. The term “restore” shows great relevance stemming from last year and leading into 2021; we are restoring our health, our economy, and our overall well-being. As the world closed, we saw our impact. Our environment revealed the need to restore our planet and humanity has the ability to right the wrong. Living in the age of innovation, we see possibilities of carbon capture, bio plastics, clean hydrogen, and energy storage, all directing us to a cleaner future. Complex minds create change through invention, but our effortless minds create change through respect. We must respect nature, respect our ecosystems, and respect all life by letting nature be nature. We have green technology that will assist us in reviving our planet, however; leaving Mother Nature untouched and uninhibited is our best chance at a bright future.” - Miss Earth 2020, Lindsey Coffey lindseymariecoffey

“Earth Day for me is one of the most important days in the year, as it helps bring awareness to people about the importance of a healthy planet. Mother Earth needs the collaboration of mankind to reverse all the harmful effects we have been making for the past century. I think that the best way to help Mother Earth is by working together, starting with small actions will lead to a more sustainable world. We will be role models to other people, so they can follow us. The most important thing in my life as an ambassador of Miss Earth is to create an impact on society and promote sustainability. To promote the good use of our resources and sustainable eco-tourism, but the most important thing in my personal opinion is to promote education to people around the world about 5R’s: Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Respect. Please, be part of the change.” - Miss Earth-Air 2020, Stephany Zreik stefyzreik

“I have always personally felt like Earth Day should be celebrated every single day. If we give much importance to it, then we could highlight it more to our daily lives and not just during an annual event. I celebrate it by making sustainable choices and basically what is right given a situation. To say no to leading causes of environmental destruction, knowing Earth should be equally shared in peace with all beings, and respecting life itself to not harm it. Before restoration we must first prevent the worsening and say no to the actual problems. Let’s celebrate our home everyday by being aware and shedding a light to others of what is happening with our climate, oceans, and natural habitat globally. Let us first learn and then let us lead the way and encourage. If we feel bad with the actions we have made in the past, we must move forward get a grip and start making up for it. Remember that every single thing we do is either for or against the environment. What do we choose?” - Miss Earth-Water 2020, Roxie Baeyens roxieebae

“Hi Earthlings, I am here to wish you all happy annual Earth Day. This year’s theme is Restore our Earth, and I implore every single one of you out there to participate and show your support to our environment, by participating in the debate about climate change, renewable energy, and sustainable solutions on how to lead a greener future and much more regarding protecting our earth. In order to save our ecosystems, we need YOU to stand up and use your voice! Join three days of ClimateAction! Some of the topics we’re gonna discuss are how to reduce our plastic use, clean up our nature and create a healthier and happier future for all of us. See you on Earth Day.” - Miss Earth-Fire 2020, Michala Rubinstein michalapetrovnarubinstein



   * Cleaning-Up the Coast of Miyakojima


he Miss Earth Japan Organization held a beach clean-up on the shores of Miyakojima, a coral reef island at the south of Japan, about three hours by plane from Tokyo. Due to the abundant nature, eco-tourism is flourishing, and its beautiful beaches are very popular tourist destinations. Miyakojima takes the policy called “ Eco-Island” that started with the aim of protecting the environment of the island, while, carefully using the resources that it brings, devising ways to continue living and creating an island that is loved by everyone. Because of this, it can be said that Miyakojima has achieved a good balance between environmental conservation and the tour- ism industry. The long-awaited beach clean-up took place, led by the Miss Earth Japan 2020, Anna Tode, with the cooperation between Miss Earth Japan and its co-sponsor, which is developing a hotel in Miyakojima.

Miss Earth Japan 2020, Anna Tode during the coastal clean-up in Mirakojima Island. t_d_anna

The clean-up at the Yonaha Maehama Beach with the Miss Earth Japan team and the Miyakojima Tourism Association Youth Club, was held for the opening of the sea for tourists one week later.

Three-hour beach clean-up at the Biora Fishing Port with about 70 volunteers from the group Miyakonoumiwokireinishitai, which means “want to clean the sea of Miyakojima”.






Due to the COVID-19 quarantine restrictions, Earth Hour was held virtually, for the first time, last March 27. The Miss Earth 2020 title- holders came together as guest speakers at the Earth Hour Virtual Show via facebook LIVE.


Miss Earth, Lindsey Coffey, thinks that Earth Hour is a true symbol of commitment, where everyone has the ability to make a difference, slowly but at least progressing.

While Miss Earth Air, Stephany Zreik, reiterates the importance of the 5R’s in our everyday lives, and how practicing these contributes.

For Miss Earth Water, Roxie Baeyens, Earth Hour is a step towards sustainability and a good way to be a local hero in your own way.

Lastly, Michala Rubinstein, Miss Earth Fire, encourages everyone to help make a difference with the choices we make and realize how it affects our planet. Each queen also talked about their current and upcoming social and environmental projects and activities. You can watch the full Earth Hour Virtual Spotlight video on facebook.com/MissEarth


DIANAMYRONENKO from being an Inspired Woman to a Woman of the Earth and now a Power Woman

iss Earth Ukraine 2017, professional model, environmental activist & educator, author and founder & director of POWER WOMAN Charity Foundation, DIANA MYRONENKO , shares her inspirations and experiences that made her become an an advocate for the planet and women empowerment. As a little girl from the City of Odesa, Diana never dreamed of being a beauty queen. Yet royalties and their great deeds inspired her to be one. “I loved the image of Princess Diana - her love and care for people,” explains the 27 year-old Ukrainian beauty. Growing up, Diana was also inspired by Jane Goodall, who for her is an inspiring woman, who gave her whole life in studying and protecting chimpanzees and their wonderful world. With Goodall’s many beautiful children’s books, efforts in defending animals and global recognitions for her services, Diana became more determined in being like her. “Her life is indeed worthy of respect and admiration, her image inspired me to do something more,” she added.



ME Magazine: How did your interest in environmental and social activism started? Diana: My journery started in Thailand, I came there to better understand the Asian culture. In Cambodia, I lived with a local family for about a month, under the UNICEF program, and taught English to the junior classes at a local school. Myanmar struck me, a beautiful country with a complicated history, but has managed to pre- serve its traditions. Malaysia, China, Indonesia - are also spe- cial in my heart. When I returned to Ukraine, after four years, I worked as a model - among my clients were Vogue Ukraine and other Ukrainian publishers. Modeling brought me to Miss Ukraine, where I won and went to compete in the Philippines, where I left my heart. ME Magazine: What made you join in beauty pageants? Diana: The opportunity to make a difference and to help make it happen. I liked that the Miss Earth pageant has a charitable and environmental message. I thought it was an excellent op- portunity for new experiences and to get to know everyone in the pageant. ME Magazine: What for you was the best part of Miss Earth? Diana: The people! Everyone who came to our hotel to meet me, everyone who was supportive, they are always smiling at us when we arrive. Beautiful people, and I already fell in love with them from the first minute I came to the Philippines. Even now, I communicate with my co-delegates, and I am pleased to see how they change, they became more beautiful and better every year. I appreciate our friendship after four years! Everything else at the contest pleased me just as much. Every- thing was very well organized and the program was exciting! ME Magazine: What was your best memory of Miss Earth 2007? Diana: It was a parade where I was in, I don't remember the name of the city, but everything was beautiful - the towns and the villages, the big plantations and the beaches. I dream of coming back to the Philipines as soon as possible.


ME Magazine: What was your life after the Miss Earth pageant? Diana: After the Miss Earth competition, I started a foundation, which helps women with breast cancer and children with cows' milk protein allergy. I was also a volunteer with UNICEF and traveled to different schools in Tanzania, in Africa, where I taught and spoke about sustainability goals. I also joined the Energy and Environment Committee of my country, where I spent two years working on green energy. In 2019, I had the opportunity to speak at the Bloomberg Equality Summit in New York. Last year, I launched my trilingual children's book #17CallEarth , which talks about sustainability goals, it was supported by famous celebrities. I recently organized "Power Woman Run" , a big charity run that supports women with breast cancer.

Diana’s book #17CallEarth book was presented at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland on January 2020.

ME Magazine: What is your message to women who want to be empowered like you? Diana: You do not need any validation from anyone. Strong women are on the streets on their own and con- quers the world with their inner power. Times are tough and might pressure you to be someone else for acceptance. “Be you, so you can accept yourself” Be brave and dream big. Never let anyone break your heart, and even someone does. Be strong enough to get all the pieces together by yourself. To grow, you needed be dropped in dirt, covered in dark- ness, and struggle to finally reach the light.



ME Magazine: What is your environmental message to every- one? Diana: For so long, being an environmentalist was seen as an undertaking alone by those involved in the natural sciences, or for the fortunate few and the adventurous types that roamed wild places. But we now know, through decades of vigorous research and sound science, our planetary boundaries are unravelling, being pushed to the edge by indiscriminate and unsustainable con- sumption and waste production levels. And this behaviour is being aided and abetted by rotten leader- ship and criminal disregard, including in some of the most prominent countries around the world.

“Let there be no doubt: taking care of the environment has become humanity’s greatest challenge ever.”





Miss Earth 2020 , Lindsey Coffey, serving up a whole lot of hotness in her Vizcaya Swimwear shoot at Fort Lauderdale in Florida.

MUA: Lisa Opie, Beauty by Lady Code Photos: Franz Orban, The Code Creatives l lindseymariecoffey

Did you know that red was one of Christian Dior's favorite colors, and often worn by Marilyn Monroe? Red screams confidence, and by wearing red you'll automatically draw everybody's attention in a room. That is why Dior often dressed celebrities in red, specially if they have a shy or reserved personality. By wearing such a bold color, people would auto- matically assume they were extroverted, feel drawn to them and strike up conversation.

Miss Earth-Fire 2020 Michala Rubinstein michalapetrovnarubinstein





Stephany Zreik, Miss Earth Air 2020, sharing her marvelous Tenerife experience.The volcanic island, the largest of Spain’s Canary Islands, is located at the Northern Atlantic Ocean. The island has a profound respect to the environment and has a sustainable energy production.


Aboard a sailboat where I saw dolphins of different species.

Visiting the beautiful flamingos at Loro Parque.

Teide volcanic mountain, the highest point in Spain.




Earth Warriors 2021 Recently crowned in their national pageants, these women are one step closer to their dream of becoming the next MISS EARTH, with an opportunity to represent the Miss Earth Foundation and its partners in the conservation and protection of our planet.

11 APRIL 2021

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Beauties for a Cause

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