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One Office, One Doctor, One Focus Giving You Your Smile Back

You don’t often hear sophomores in high school saying their dream job is to be an orthodontist, but at that age, I knew that was what I wanted to do. I enjoyed working with my hands and studying science, so it seemed like a good fit. Yet it took me a lot more life experience, and 16 years of being an orthodontist, to fully appreciate what we do. It was all thanks to a former patient of mine who came into our office one day with a portfolio. She had done some modeling and was offering to model her smile for before and after photos. Her smile was what every orthodontist tries to achieve, and she had straight, aligned teeth. I didn’t think much of the encounter until later that day. Some patients have two-phase orthodontic care to get the full benefits of braces, and this girl was one such patient. When I looked at her beginning photos from phase one, I could not believe it was the same girl who had been standing in front of me hours earlier. The change in her smile was almost unrecognizable.

I’ve seen this transformation in people of all ages. Patients in their 60s tell me, “I hate my smile — I always have,” and it makes me sad to think they’ve been hiding their smile their whole lives. It’s like they’re hiding part of their personality with it. When we can use orthodontics to give them a smile they like, it changes their entire personality because they smile more, and that makes them feel more confident. I’m not just giving myself a pat on the back, because success is never a solo achievement. Thanks to everyone at Team Demas, we are able to give patients the priceless gift of a smile. Sometimes you can take what you do for granted, but I’ve realized giving someone their smile back really does change their life. When kids and adults get the treatment they need, I truly believe they have improved self-esteem. I am blessed to do what I do, and I finally realize what that is: changing smiles and changing lives. Since relocating, we’ve been able to give you an even more personalized experience. When you visit our office, you’ll be able to say, “I’m going to see Dr. Demas.” Visit us in Southington, and experience the difference that is “one office, one doctor, one team, one focus: you.” From everyone at Team Demas, we look forward to giving you smile- worthy orthodontic care at all stages of life.

“That’s when it hit me: Smiles really do change lives.”

That’s when it hit me: Smiles really do change lives.

Now I am blessed to see the transformation in patients all the time, and I understand why I wanted to become an orthodontist all those years ago. Another youth came into the office recently with trauma to her teeth and a lot of discoloration, and we were able to use orthodontics to give her a new smile. After a couple months with the transformation, she came back to my office and told me, “I did not realize how I used to hide my smile until now. Now I really smile.” Can you imagine what a difference this makes not only in her own self- esteem, but in how she interacts with others?

—Dr. Demas


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