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to Make With Your Kids Simple and Creative Halloween Treats

Creating decked-out, bespoke costumes for your kids takes a lot of planning and hard work. If you want an easier way to make Halloween more creative this year, try creating some holiday-themed treats the whole family can participate in making.The results will be a lot more exciting than the standard fun-sized candy bars that you’ll have more than enough of after the holiday.

Donut Monsters

What you’ll need: glazed or plain donuts, M&M’s, plastic fangs

These monsters require only brief assembly, and the effect is awesome. Simply buy your favorite glazed donuts, or make them yourself if you’re feeling adventurous, buy some cheap, plastic fangs, and decorate.You can use red food coloring for a blood effect and candy for eyes.You’re only limited by your imagination.

soft, stick an almond fingernail at the tip. If you want extra details, use a toothpick to make knuckles in the frosting.

Witch Finger Pretzels

“The results will be a lot more exciting than the standard fun-sized candy bars that you’ll have more than enough of after the holiday.

Spooky Oreos

What you’ll need: large pretzel sticks, frosting, green and black food dye, almond slivers To start, dye the almond slivers black to make “fingernails.” Cut the pretzel rods down to finger- length and dip them in frosting dyed the pale green of witches’ skin.While the frosting is still

What you’ll need: Oreos, melting chocolate (white or bittersweet), decorations

Melt your chocolate, dip America’s favorite cookies in it, and let them set.Ta-da! You’re left with the perfect blank canvas for your children (and you!). Run wild — from spider webs and ghosts to vampires and werewolves, you’ll have a unique treat for everyone at your party. Follow these simple instructions (don’t be afraid to get creative!), and you’ll delight kids of all ages this year.. When you refer us, we want you to be the “hero” in the story.We want that person you referred to come back to you months later and say, “I am so glad you referred me to the Bollinger Law Firm! They were so nice to me, and they took great care of me and my case. They got me a better outcome than I imagined possible! Thank you so much for telling me to call the Bollinger Law Firm!” I worked in blue-collar jobs as a young man, before I graduated from college. These jobs included tailing a ripsaw in a furniture factory and cutting carpet cushion in a foam rubber factory. It makes me furious to see honest, hardworking people being mistreated after getting hurt at work. I get a lot of satisfaction from helping working people get a fair outcome on their workers’ comp claims. Everyone’s case is different, so these results are not indicative of future results. Your Referrals Are Very Important to Us

“Mr. Bollinger is the most competent attorney you can get for your workers’ comp case. I fired my original big firm attorney after being treated like a case number rather than a person, and I’m so happy that I did! Bob is super friendly and down-to-earth outside of the courtroom, but he will fight for you against the insurance companies with all of his knowledge of the law. Bob will treat you with respect, and he cares! He will answer your questions and be in touch with you, day or night! “I would absolutely recommend his help. He is knowledgeable, ethical, sharp as a tack, and has a great sense of humor, too. He is easy to talk to and, most of all, will fight for you. I have not settled my case yet, but I trust Bob and highly recommend him. You can’t hire anyone better, and his staff is super helpful, too. Thank you, Bob, Janice, and Nick, for all of your expert advice so far!” –Jeff Bob Bollinger is a board-certified specialist in workers’ compensation law with over 25 years of experience. Here are comments from a client that Bob recently helped.

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