USDA Inspected Boston Butt Pork Roast 1.58

USDA Inspected Bone-In Pork Butt Steaks 1.98 Lb.

4.29 24-Oz. 100% Pure Philly Gourmet Beef Patties


quality meats

USDA Inspected Bone-In Country Style Pork Ribs 1.98 Lb.

5-Lb., Individually Quick Frozen Chicken Party Wings 10.98

16-Oz., Selected Oscar Mayer Sliced Bacon 3.98

16-Oz. Roll,Mild Or Hot Gwaltney Pork Sausage 2 /$ 3

USDA Inspected Baby Back Pork Ribst 2.78

12-Oz. Armour Classic Meat Hot Dogs 5 /$ 5

14-Oz.Lean,15-Oz.Regular Or Bun Size Ball Park Beef Franks 2 /$ 7

13 To 14-Oz., Selected Polish Or Hillshire Farm Smoked Sausage 2.98

16-Oz.,Italian Sausage,Beer Brat,Or Johnsonville Bratwurst 2 /$ 7


16-Oz., Shredded Chicken, 16 To 18-Oz. Sliced Or Shredded Pork 67th Street BBQ Entrees 3.98

7 To 9-Oz., Selected Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Meats 2.98

USDA Inspected Medium Pork Spareribs 1.98 Lb.

2-Lb.Cole Slaw,Macaroni Or Star’s Potato Salad 2 /$ 5

2.34-Lb. Box Bar-S Corn Dogs 3.98

A Seafood Favorite! Catfish Fillets 3.98 Lb.

12-Oz., 26 To 30-Ct., Frozen Chicken Of The Sea Easy Peel Raw Shrimp 3.98

10-Oz., Frozen Shrimp Ring With Sauce 4.98

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49-Oz. Two Layer Luscious Lemon Cake 8.99

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