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APRIL 2020

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TEACH KIDS RESPONSIBILITY If you have a pet, instill responsibility in your children by letting them help care for it. Start with something simple like asking them to fill the dog or cat's water bowl twice a day. This will give them an important job to do, but it’s easy to keep track of if they forget. As children get older, give them more responsibilities, like feeding, bathing, grooming, or exercising — whatever your pet requires. Not only will they strengthen the bond with their pet, but they will also learn to be reliable and responsible. PROVIDE EMOTIONAL SUPPORT Most people who have pets know that when they're ill or feel stressed, their pet is a welcome companion. According to several studies, pets can decrease recovery time after an injury and reduce anxiety, blood pressure, and stress. Even those with PTSD or autism spectrum disorder show reduced stress and improved social relationships. A pet also gives a child a safe space to express fears or cope with anger. HELP IMPROVE COMMUNICATION SKILLS A child who struggles to communicate with people may have no problem chattering away to your family pet. The simple presence of an animal allows kids to practice interacting without fear of embarrassment or humiliation. This is why we love it

Our family pets do some much for us: They keep us company, cheer us up, and even provide entertainment with their antics. However, their value goes beyond companionship. Pets can give kids an assortment of tools and skills to handle the stresses of growing up. Since April 11 is National Pet Day, we thought we would highlight some of the positive effects a pet can have on your family — and mention a few of our favorite office pets. PREVENT ALLERGIES In a study conducted by Swedish researchers, they discovered that infants who live with cats and dogs are less likely to develop allergies. Research also conducted by Thomas Platts-Mills, MD, Ph.D. supported their findings: Children raised with animals are 77% less likely to become allergic in comparison to kids raised without pets. Cats were especially effective in warding off allergies.


when Dora brings in her dog, Buddy, to greet patients as they come in. Buddy gets people talking and helps everyone feel welcome. While a pet can provide many benefits to a family, choose one to suit your family's lifestyle. If your family likes to go on long walks or play in the yard, then a dog might be the perfect fit. However, if you don’t have time to play with a dog, consider getting a fish, turtle, hamster, or even a cat; these pets don’t need as much playtime and can be left home with minimal care. Regardless of your pet preference, be sure to check your local animal shelter's website for wonderful animals needing good homes! You may just find your perfect family addition.

– Dora Godnig – Cara Sadowski


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