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G iven that this is a Valentine’s Day edition, I am, of course, going to talk about my lovely wife, Erin. At first, I was tempted to just tell a lighthearted story from one of our dates. There was a particular Valentine’s Day when I got a little too caught up in my graduate studies, and the only place open by the time the two of us got out to eat was our local Arby’s. The two of us had a good laugh over our less-than-romantic roast beef. However, I want to use this time to tell a more meaningful story. After all, these articles have largely been about the people who have helped me make MnSoM the school it is today. No one deserves more recognition for this than Erin. You see, after Erin and I graduated high school, she got into interior design. In particular, she had a knack for working with flowers — not a surprise, given her mother and grandmother were both avid gardeners who shared a passion for flowers. After doing a little research, we discovered Hennepin Technical College was offering courses in floral design. A few years later, she graduated with her associate’s degree and began her budding career.

beyond her day job, however. Erin also competed in and won awards at several major design competitions, including the State Fair. With creativity and incredible discipline, my wife had reached the very top rungs of the Minnesota florist scene. Then we started a family, and a music school shortly after that. Not only was Erin raising our kids, she was often right there beside me getting MnSoM off the ground — putting up fliers, fielding phone calls, and putting together a space for our very first students. She worked for three years without a paycheck because she believed in me and what this school could become. In doing so, she put aside her own passion. Words cannot do this sacrifice justice. To walk away from an art you’ve invested years into and thrived in takes a kind of strength few can comprehend. Erin is nothing if not resilient and dedicated, but giving up so much would wilt anyone’s spirit. That’s why I’m determined to make sure this is a detour from her floristry, not a dead end. We’ve talked about opening a flower shop once our youngest daughter is old enough to start school. There’s even a space a few doors down from the music school that I think would make the perfect spot for a local boutique. And yes, when the time comes, I’ll be Erin’s first employee. There’s nothing I want more than to see her dream bloom. Erin, we’ve been together most of our lives, yet you never cease to amaze me. Your grace, patience, and generosity are inspiring. Thank you for being an incredible mother, a loving wife, and my dearest friend. Here’s to all the wonderful things we’ve grown and will grow together. “With creativity and incredible discipline, my wife had reached the very top rungs of the Minnesota florist scene.”

It quickly became clear Erin wasn’t just skilled; she was

talented. After working in several flower shops around the Twin Cities, she landed a major position at Bachman’s. Her passion for floral design extended

Happy Valentine’s Day,

–Eric Nehring

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