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Fromadullachetosharp,stabbingpain,backpain isoneofthemostcommon conditions in the world. As many as 8 in 10 people suffer from some sort of back pain throughout their lifetime. Back pain is also the leading cause of disability worldwide, making it very difficult for some people to move, work, or even function normally. While it is one of the most debilitating conditions a person can have, there are many types of treatment to help relieve the symptoms. Is Bed Rest Good For Your Back? At one time, if an individual hurt their back, their doctor would prescribe bed rest until a desired amount of relief was achieved. Since then, prolonged bed rest has actually been linked to an increase in symptoms for back pain sufferers.Newstudiesshowthat teachingpeoplehow tocorrecttheirposture (in conjunction with performing strengthening exercises and stretching) will leadthemtoareturntonormalfunctioning levelsmorequicklythanrestalone. With many back pain sufferers, the bones and discs of the spine and the musclessurrounding thespinehaveapoorbloodsupply.Unlikeotherpartsof the body, the back relies more on movement for the transport of oxygenated bloodandothervitalnutrients.Exerciseandaerobicactivitysuchaswalking, hiking or swimming help the body efficiently metabolize nutrients and also helps distribute them to spinal structures that are in need of repair. It is no secret that exercise and movement are key to maintaining muscle tone, but what is not widely known is they also help maintain bone density throughout thebody. Studieshaveshown thatbonedensity isbestpreserved

through resistance and strength training along with a proper diet rich in calcium, magnesium and other essential vitamins and minerals. At South Toledo Physical Therapy we will teach you how to strengthen your back with proper exercises that can be incorporated into your daily routine. We will also teach you how to loosen structures in and around your back with proper stretching. If you are having any type of back pain, please call STPT today and we will help get you back to living a pain-free life!

Patient Success Spotlight

“When I started therapy I had low back pain that averaged 7/10. I also had symptoms going down both of my legs. Within two weeks my pain was down to 2-3/10 and I no longer had any leg pain. By the end of my treatment I no longer had any pain and also had increased mobility in my spine. I want to thank STPT for giving me my life back!” - Karen F. I no longer had any pain!

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