COVID-19 Employee Update 3.25.20


Updated: Tuesday, March 24

WHY DID CCV DECIDE TO EXTEND THE CLOSURE UNTIL APRIL 23, 2020? The Board had hoped that we would be able to reopen as early as March 30; however, as Governor Northam has ordered a statewide closure of social clubs, the Board has now extended the closure to April 23, 2020. The Board will continue to monitor statewide orders and CDC recommendations. WILL ANY EMPLOYEES CONTINUE TO BE WORKING DURING THE CLOSURE? Yes. Some employees will be working during the closure to ensure that critical functions are maintained. HOW DO I KNOW IF I’M SUPPOSED TO WORK DURING THE CLOSURE? Your manager or supervisor will contact you if you are scheduled to work during the closure. IF WORK IS AVAILABLE FOR ME BUT I AM AFRAID TO WORK AT THIS TIME, WHAT HAPPENS? You will not be penalized if you are uncomfortable working. Discuss this with your manager to work out a mutually satisfactory solution. WILL I GET PAID IF I DO NOT WORK DURING THE CLOSURE? Yes. As a valued team member, you will be paid 75% of your average weekly pay (“Closure Pay”) during this 39- day period. Note that PTO (vacation and sick time) will not accrue on Closure Pay hours. Closure Pay will not be considered earnings for purposes of the 401(k) Retirement Plan – employee contributions will not be withheld from Closure Pay, and employer contributions will not be made on Closure Pay. As you may know, we pay our employees in a variety of ways from salaried to hourly, tips and commissions, and part- time to full-time. More specific information will be shared directly with impacted employees to address these unique situations. HOW IS AVERAGE WEEKLY PAY (CLOSURE PAY) CALCULATED? Average weekly pay is an especially important calculation for employees who work part-time or who are paid tips and commissions. Average weekly pay is calculated using the average number of hours worked and the average hourly rate paid during the first ten weeks of 2020. If you were hired after January 1, 2020, we will calculate your average weekly hours using your start date rather than January 1, 2020. Average weekly hours are limited to 40 hours/week. Should there be certain instances where this calculation grossly misrepresents an employee’s average weekly pay, alternative calculations may be made. MAY I USE MY PTO (PAID TIME OFF) HOURS TO HELP BRIDGE THE GAP BETWEEN MY CLOSURE PAY AND MY AVERAGE PAY? Yes, if you have any accrued PTO (including vacation, sick, or personal hours), you may use it. You may use accrued hours even if you have not yet met the eligibility requirements. You will not be able to “overdraft” your PTO balances as originally proposed. PTO hours will be paid at your regular PTO rate. CAN I USE AS MUCH PTO AS I WANT WHILE I AM NOT WORKING? No. The amount of PTO hours you may use is dependent upon whether you are working or not. • If you are NOT working , you may use PTO hours up to 25% of your average weekly hours. • If you ARE working the same as or more than your average weekly hours, you may not use PTO hours. • If you are working FEWER than your average weekly hours, you will be limited in the number of PTO hours you may use. Your total hours (between worked hours, closure hours, and PTO hours) may not exceed your average weekly hours.

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