King's Business - 1912-10



NO. 10

T IS a favorite habit of a prisoner to criticise his judge: and the chief fault that the heart of man has to find with the Bible is that it holds the mirror to his own sinful state.

"Instead of criticising the Book we should remember the remarkable Greek word used in the Epistle to the Hebrews, that the Word of God is the Kritikos. _ In other words, the Bible comes as our critic—not that we can ever set up ourselves in criticism of it—and until we have that attitude of soul towards the Holy Scriptures, I do not think we are in the right attitude. . . . I have no doubt as to the Bible standing all the stress and strain that have been put upon it. God's Word is vindicating itself every day more than ever, as containing the one vital message needed by mankind."—Dr. Henry Montgomery, of Belfast.


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