IBV LED Catalogue

870-INSPIRE NB High-end dust and waterproof luminaires with LED modules and with narrow beam optics. Synergy of art and technology. Perfect choice for high ceilings! YOUR MAIN BENEFITS: Narrow beam luminaire, suitable for high ceilings, with a transparent diffuser and narrow beam optics Ideal alternative to high bay fixtures , in a more cost-effective performance






FIELD OF APPLICATION: Thanks to the construction principles of the gasket, the closing system and the diffuser our LED fixtures ensure a high grade of protection (IP66) against dust, contamination and water permeation. In accordance with their IP rating they can be widely used to illuminate spaces with dusty and humid environments. When using outdoors, the fittings should be protected against direct sunlight and adverse weather conditions. Under 0°C the application of a venting plug or a venting cable gland is necessary, as well as the silicone gasket is recommended. TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION AND BENEFITS: n Housing: Available in flame retardant GRP - glass fibre reinforced polyester (on request suitable for 850°C glow wire test too), in light grey (RAL7035) colour. The glass fibre reinforced polyester has a very good temperature resistance and mechanical stability. Furthermore, it is a good electrical insulator resisting the impacts of several chemicals and weather conditions. Its stability of size and shape at changing temperatures is excellent. Or also available in flame retardant injection moulded polycarbonate (PC) (suitable for 850°C glow wire test), in light grey (RAL7035) colour. This material has very high mechanical strength and allows us to reach an excellent shock resistance. n Diffuser: Available in PC - injection moulded transparent Polycarbonate (high mechanical strength and high heat and shock resistance) or in Acrylic - injection moulded transparent PMMA (unique non-aging properties, high chemical resistance). With a transparent diffuser a 40° narrow beam radiation angle is achievable for high bay applications. Further benefits: - Extremely high light transmissivity (up to 93%) - Homogenous, well-balanced light dispersing (no shadows) - Keeping the usual, well known features of the diffuser such as chemical and heat resistance, mechanical features, UV stabilization etc. - Universal width (no single and twin) simplifies the light calculation. n The gasket between the diffuser and the housing is available in two versions: - Injected endless silicone foam - Non-aging PU (polyurethane) endless foam n Fixing the diffuser to the body: With stainless steel clips. n Gear tray (reflector): The gear tray is integrated into the diffuser thus enabling a cost-efficient and user- friendly installation even without disassembling the luminaire. White powder coated steel sheet, the LED modul mounting positions according to Zhaga standards or customized. n Electrical components: The adequate power supply is ensured through electronic driver.




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