IBV LED Catalogue

Main technical options

Our new opalised diffuser made of UV-stabilized material achieves an outstanding light transmissivity up to 90% . This great light permeability offers high efficacy (up to 141 lm/W) emitted from the luminaire.

To protect the LED board , the gear tray is integrated into the diffuser thus enabling a cost-efficient and user-friendly quick installation even without disassembling the luminaire.

The stainless steel clips stay in their position during installation and can be released by bare hands.

Compatible with all optional accessories and smart solutions

Installation friendly construction: The strap ensures the suspension of the gear tray and the diffuser during installation.

In order to optimise the thermal management of the luminaire at high ambient temperatures, the driver is fixed to the gear tray with a heat sink plate . Thus heat sensitive LED components function properly up to Ta +60 °C .

Extra-long (double) lifetime of the driver and high luminous flux even at extreme ambient temperatures are your benefits.

The gear tray , made of white powder coated steel sheet according to Zhaga standards, is integrated into the diffuser . With 870-Inspire +/- - depending on customer requirements - we can reach different levels of luminous flux up to 10400 lm and a maximum efficiency of 153 lm/W . For more details please see technical data.


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