IBV LED Catalogue

The injected silicone-based gasket with enhanced resistance ensures maximum chemical and weather resistance even under tough conditions. This endless foam sealing ensures the high IP protection up to IP66.


Venting cable gland

2 min

Comes with venting cable gland in order to prevent the build-up of moisture inside the luminaire thus avoiding its damage.

The Rapid Connector enables the electrical connection without disassembling the luminaire. The venting plug is a pressure equalizer instead of the venting cable gland in case of application of rapid connector



Ways of installing (options): With strengthened (0,6 mm) stainless steel mounting brackets. 1.a They are easy-to-install onto the ceiling or the wall (in horizontal position).

1.b In case of vertical positioning, special screws keep the mounting brackets tight avoiding the luminaire from sliding.

Easy installation: Adjustable distance of the mounting brackets (they can be positioned laterally on the housing)


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