IBV LED Catalogue

Main technical options

Our opal diffuser has an outstanding light transmissivity up to 93% . With this great light permeability, it is an excellent choice for luminaires equipped with LED modules .

The opal diffusers are made of UV stabilized opalised material, specially developed for LED applications. This ensures among others a well-balanced light distribution and the elimination of glare .

The special tamper-proof stainless steel clips for non-SELV (HV) solutions can not be released with bare hands.

Usual stainless steel clips for SELV (Safety Extra Low Voltage) solutions.

With 771-Favourite - depending on customer requirements - we can reach different levels of luminous flux (lumen) as well as luminous efficacy (lm/Watt). For more details please see technical data.

In order to optimise the thermal management of the luminaire we avoid the direct contact of the gear tray and driver, thus increasing the lifetime of the modules and driver.


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