IBV LED Catalogue

CUSTOMISED LUMINAIRES IBV’s expertise in tooling, luminaire housing manufacture, diffuser technology and electronics means we have all the skills, knowledge and capability to develop customised products for our partners. You may have specific requirements like: n Different lighting levels n Alternative design life n Various input voltages n Built-in sensors n Emergency lighting, or n Options for advanced controls IBV will be your partner in developing a specific lighting product and/or a product range with all test certificates and supporting documentation. ADVANCED LIGHTING SOLUTIONS The world is rapidly changing with the drive for energy efficiency and IBV is constantly innovating and adapting to meet these changes for our partners and customers. Today, IBV offers bespoke and customised lighting solutions for both new build projects and retrofit lighting in order to: n Adjust colour temperatures during the day n Harvest daylight with auto dimming n Auto test emergency lighting IBV luminaires can be provided with control options such as: n 0-10V dimming, DALI n Wireless n Networked etc.

The following table presents a summary of options available today by luminaire type.

Strength- ened ceiling brackets

Extra long lifetime

Colour temperature changing

5-pole Connec- tors

3-pole Connec- tors

Available with LED tubes

Product family

Motion sensor

Daylight harvest

Wireless control

110 Volt

Class II protection

Through wiring

Emergency kit



870-Inspire GRP

870-Inspire PC

870-Inspire NB

870-Inspire +/-

870-Inspire Air




* *

771-Orient +50°C

771-Extreme -30°C








872-Entry GRP

872-Entry PC

872-Entry NB


Available On request *The luminaires can be delivered after successful tests. Not available


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