IBV LED Catalogue

In order to ensure maximum heat , chemical and weather resistance even under tough conditions, the gasket between the diffuser and housing is made of silicone foam with enhanced resistance.

775-PC with motion sensor

Light sources suffer from degradation in light output over time. The CLO feature enables LED solutions to deliver constant lumen output through the life of the light engine.



Further accessories: 1. cable gland Different connectors enabling the electrical connection without disassembling the luminaire, thus avoiding a potential damage of the LED´s inside the luminaire through electrostatic



discharge (ESD). 2. rapid connector 3. circular connector system

Depending on customer requirements we can reach different levels of luminous flux (lumen) as well as luminous

In order to optimise the thermal management of the luminaire we avoid the direct contact of the gear tray and driver, thus increasing the lifetime of the modules and driver.

efficacy (lm/Watt) of our LED luminaires. For more details please see technical data.


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