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793-MULTIPROOF Professional dust and waterproof extruded luminaires with LED modules. For diverse industrial areas! (farming or food and outdoor) YOUR MAIN BENEFITS: The luminaires fulfil the requirements of food law (HACCP) - highly resistant against several detergents and chemicals – also withstanding the high-pressure jet water (on request IP69)

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FIELD OF APPLICATION: Due to the construction principles of the extruded profile and the end caps, our LED fixtures ensure a high grade of protection (IP66, IP67, IP69) against dust, contamination and water permeation. In accordance with their IP grade, they can be widely used to illuminate spaces with dusty, humid environment. Thanks to its enhanced weather and chemical resistance, 793-Multiproof is extremely versatile and suitable for a plenty of applications where errorfree functioning is desired. The co-extruded PMMA profile allows us placement in farming industry or in food-processing industry and in outdoor areas . TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION AND BENEFITS: n Housing: Made of Acrylic (PMMA) by co-extrusion , in white (RAL 9010) colour. The optical diffusing (upper) part is opalised. Thanks to the strengthened Acrylic raw material used, the whole fitting shows very high mechanical strength and high heat and shock resistance (=/> IK08). At the same time further main advantages of the PMMA also apply such as weather, chemical and UV resistance . n The co-extruded opal diffuser offers you: - high light transmissivity (up to 89%) - homogenous, well-balanced light dispersing (no shadows) - elimination of the dazzling effect (no glare) - unique appearance and clean impression (no clips, no dots of the single LED’s) n End caps: Made of impact resistant polyamide and glued to the body



n Gear tray (reflector): White powder coated steel sheet according to Zhaga standards or customized.

n Electrical components: The adequate power supply is ensured through electronic driver, that is built into the luminaire.


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