IBV LED Catalogue

Main technical options

The gear tray is made of white powder coated steel sheet according to Zhaga standards.

The diffusing part of the profile is made of UV stabilized opalised material, specially developed for LED applications. This ensures among others a well-balanced light distribution and the elimination of glare.

The glued end caps are locked up hermetically. After opening it the connector tray is accessible.

1,5 min

The pull-out (sliding) tray accelerates the electrical connection easily without disassembling the luminaire.



The mounting brackets can be positioned freely on the housing.

Ways of installing:

IP 65 protection is ensured by adhesive that secures the end caps to the body.

1. With strengthened stainless steel mounting brackets. They are easy to install onto the wall or ceiling. 2. Suspension on chains or rope with stainless steel suspension brackets mounted with hooks .


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