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Interviewed by Troy Bystrom, Wayne Economic Development Corporation PTubes of Honesdale, PA manufactures energy saving product P the investors, employees, and my family who are all critical to PTubes success.

your life changed moving to PA? NP: I moved from a small town in Southern Italy. I de- cided to move the business to the United States, which was an entirely new market and RYNO ® , our product, was un- known in the industry. Many people told me that I would never succeed. It was a very big step. While I was working to establish our business here, I felt like a farmer planting seeds and finally seeing the crops grow. It is encouraging to see something that we created take root and thrive. By we, I mean

Tubes Incorporated was founded by Nicola Pilone and Feinrohren S.p.A. in May of 2014. Feinrohren S.p.A. is the leading copper mill in Eu- rope bringing over 60 years of manufacturing experience to the partnership. Nicola Pilone is a professional mechanical and industrial engineer. In the United States, Mr. Pilone de- veloped RYNO ® , an innovative pre-insulated copper pipe, com- monly referred to as a line set, for applications in refrigeration and airconditioning. He serves as the president and CEO of PTubes Incorpo- rated. The company operates its primary manufacturing, office, and warehousing in Hones- dale, PA. Located at the end of the downtown corridor in an industrial zoned district, the business is within walking dis- tance of Main St. restaurants, stores, and services. PTubes has been operating at this loca- tion since December of 2017. I had a chance to catch up with Nicola Pilone to talk about the benefits and challenges of mov- ing his company from Italy to Northeast PA. Troy: Nicola, did the pro- cess of setting up your com- pany in PA go smoothly? Nicola Pilone: Yes, it did. We were lucky to find an excel- lent location with a landlord who agreed to the terms that we needed to locate our busi- ness in Honesdale. They are a great partner and continue to be supportive of our needs. Honesdale Borough also provid- ed critical assistance to PTubes. T: What do you see as the advantages of locating in Northeast PA? NP: Locating in northeast Pennsylvania provides access to a readily available workforce and a central location for per- sonnel traveling from nearby communities. There is also easy access to shipping and receiving services, as well as good avail- ability of technical contractors in the area. T: What was the biggest challenge in relocating to the United States? NP: The biggest challenge is the difficulty of filing and maintaining the proper federal documents required to invest in the United States. This process needs to be simplified to make it easier for overseas businesses to invest and locate here. T: Personally, how has

When they arrived, the local community welcomed them. We feel at home, thanks to the people we met and the staff at our children’s school. Their help was invaluable. T: What do you like about living here andwhat are the challenges? NP: One of the advantages is that the United States offers a lot of opportunities to succeed. The challenge is that those opportunities are not free, and you have to work really hard to deserve them and, God willing, succeed in getting them. T: What is the main dif-

ference between doing busi- ness in the US versus over- seas? NP: PTubes key goal was to grow in the U.S. and Canadian markets. Being located here as a domestic manufacturer al- lows us to be more responsive to our network of distributors and support system designers, engi- neers, and installers. Operating in the United States, instead of overseas, gives us the ability to offer streamlined delivery timelines and custom orders. T: How has the company grown since 2017? continued on page 20B

T: Y ou mentioned your family, what was it like for them to relocate to the US.? NP: This was the toughest part of the process. At the end of 2017, I relocated and was starting this company. I had to make sure it would be success- ful before moving my family. Once the business was up and operating, my family moved from Italy to the US. The work my family had to do to relocate was definitely the most diffi- cult and hidden part of the job.

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