2021 Open Arms Booklet

Sheppard family

States with Open Arms Homes Cities with Open Arms Homes Total Homes Nights of Rest Nights of Rest Program to Date Families Helped Families Helped Program to Date Homes Refurbishment New Open Arms Homes

12 33 53 15,766 269,525 114 3,305 18 MAA Fifty One, Charlotte, NC MAA Briarcliff, Atlanta, GA Stonemill Village, Louisville, KY

Statistics as of 12/31/21


Rent + Utilities

$20,000 (1 home)

Furniture Supplier Furnishings & Decor

$4,333 (1 home) $5,011 (1 home)

Eco-Friendly Refurbishment


Open Arms Home at Stonemill Village

The Open Arms Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporate charity and the heart of MAA. Its mission is to provide a home away from home at no cost for those who must travel to receive medical treatment. Open Arms homes are fully-furnished, two-bedroom, first-floor apartments stocked with linens, kitchen items and other miscellaneous necessities. The entire rents, along with basic utilities, are paid for by Open Arms, MAA and its generous supporters. You may find more information regarding Open Arms at the following website: www.maaopenarms.com.


By Beth Johnson, Administrative Assistant & Open Arms Representative

Every year, Americans produce millions of tons of waste, much of which ends up in landfills and incinerators that create soil pollution and emit hazardous toxins and greenhouse gases into the environment. As the corporate charity of MAA, Open Arms strives to align with MAA’s commitment to strengthening partnerships that contribute to environmentally conscious practices. We do this in various ways. Furnishing a new Open Arms home can cost as much as $9,500 and include up to 170 different

MAA Piedmont Team

items to make it feel like home. From silverware to bedsheets to toothbrush holders…we provide it all for our guests. To offer quality furnishings, while at the same time being cost-effective and eco-friendly, Open Arms partners with CORT Furniture in many cities to purchase gently used (but like new) furniture at 50-80% off retail pricing. This creates an environmental impact by reducing and reusing products. Beyond our furnishings, several Open Arms fundraising efforts have a focus on eco-friendliness. Many MAA communities utilize clothing or shoe recycling drives that turn into donation dollars for Open Arms based on the number of recycled materials collected. Older and out-of-date MAA model apartment appliances or décor pieces are also occasionally sold as fundraisers for the Open Arms Foundation and provide double social impact. As we move into the future of our Open Arms program, we will continue to be mindful of our guests’ needs, and also on the impact we have on our communities and environment.

$1,681 raised from used clothing and sneaker recycling collection drives

$24,376 raised through sales of outdated model and pool decor

$15,585 of gently used furniture or 36.03% of total refurbishment dollars purchased for Open Arms homes

$5,394 raised through sales of outdated appliances

Statistics as of 12/31/21


By Sarah Hughes, Regional Vice President East Division

Whether it’s a memory or a feeling, a piece of art can evoke powerful emotions. Art can cheer us up, stir a memory or inspire us to act. Amber Fairbanks, SVP East Division and Kristen Ostrom, East Division Administrative Assistant in Charlotte, NC have taken a space in the East Divisional office to showcase the heart of MAA. They curated an Open Arms wall. This “art” inspires us to create moments that matter. Amber Fairbanks shared, “Our wall was created to fill an empty space in our main room of our office that we walk by every day. It serves a purposes for us. It is an inspiration wall to keep reminding us how Open Arms is the heart of our company. Some people put up ‘smile walls’ to give them warm thoughts throughout the day, and I guess you could say this is our little smile wall. It does just that, makes us smile when we see it.” Over the years, they plan to add to it and frame out more pictures of events, families and letters of gratitude. They encourage MAA offices to consider devoting a corner or space of their office to Open Arms. It not only serves as a great example of the heart of MAA, but it reminds us that we create moments and places that matter.

By Beth Johnson, Administrative Assistant & Open Arms Representative

A simple question became so much more in 2021! Laura Jones, LCSW and Manager, Oncology Restorative Health and Wellness Program at UofL Health-Brown Cancer Center in Louisville, KY, reached out at the beginning of the year as she was working on a grant that would potentially supplement rental fees for patients and their caregivers. She wanted to know if her grant could potentially fund an Open Arms home for UofL Health (ULH) patients. Open Arms has worked with Laura and ULH for years helping provide housing for patients but using a grant for a specific home was uncharted territory. A selective team of Open Arms board members was formed to assess and develop a partnership with ULH to provide another home at Stonemill Village in Louisville, specifically for patients of UofL Health- Brown Cancer Center. A few months later, after careful planning and coordination, a new home was furnished and officially opened. A ribbon-cutting was held on September 16 with Open Arms and UofL Health-Brown Cancer Center representation, and the first guests were welcomed into the home shortly thereafter. This alliance expands the housing opportunities for ULH patients, caretakers, and families of the center while they travel to Louisville for life-saving treatment. A special thanks go to the community team and especially Kelsea Smolek, Leasing Consultant at Stonemill Village, who oversaw the furnishing and set up of the new home. Ribbon-cutting Cermony For more information on housing through the UofL Health-Brown Cancer Center Open Arms home and other services through the ULH SOAR On program, which enhances and assists the quality of patient’s and caregiver’s lives, please visit: https://www.uoflbrowncancercenter.org/soar-on


At the start of COVID-19, many of us found ourselves adjusting to a new way of living, including surviving lockdowns. Through this chaotic and uncertain time, many of us found more time at home or new ways to channel our stress. A few have even discovered that beautiful things can still be created, even in difficult times. A few instances include parents taking a moment to slow down and enjoy their children while still maintaining work demands. Others have found the time to resume old hobbies or learn a new skill. We’ve heard firsthand of these peaceful moments found among the chaos of unexpected lockdowns and pandemic living. By Sarah Hughes, Regional Vice President East Division

In darker moments, our Open Arms guests are facing incredible challenges to the mind, body and spirit. Despite having moments filled with fear and uncertainty, our Open Arms guests often share how much peace and comfort they find in their network of support, including their Open Arms home. Everything done for Open Arms is focused on the goal to create a network of support that shines peace and love into the darkest moments. It was during the darkness of COVID-19 that one MAA associate was able to reconnect with a treasured memory and create moments that mattered for herself and Open Arms. Melanie Jacks, Director of People Analytics, found herself needing to focus on a hobby during lockdown. She came across a once-a-month crotchet kit.

Melanie Jacks

While starting one of the kits, her memory of her grandmother crocheting came flooding back to her. Melanie recalled all of the blankets, stuffed animals and hats her grandmother made and realized that her grandmother’s love was surrounding her when she needed it most.

Melanie’s once-a-month kits created similar stuffed animals to those her grandmother had made for her so many years before. She took that memory and decided to pay it forward through Open Arms by setting up a booth at a festival where she sold $200 worth of her creations. Melanie’s hobby not only reconnected her with her grandmother, but allowed her to raise money for Open Arms. These funds will help create moments of peace and love that will surround someone else in their time of need. Together we create moments that matter. Thank you, Melanie, for sharing your story and reminding us that even little things, like a crocheted stuffed animal, can create powerful memories and acts of kindness and make all the difference for an Open Arms guest and their loved ones.


By Cathy Hurst, Administrative Assistant to COO

Ann and Angela Gray needed to relocate to Tampa, FL for Ann to receive the medical care that she needed. Daughter and caregiver, Angela, stated that it was challenging to find housing from a financial perspective, plus trying to coordinate with her job and finding a place that would allow them to bring Ann’s two little baby dogs, Sammi and Rocco. Ann was hesitant and refused to go without her two pups, who show such loving support. She didn’t want to be without them during this difficult time. Everything that was involved in their situation was, as Angela put, “emotional all around, 360 degrees of emotional!” They traveled to Tampa for a couple of days in hopes of finding housing, but instead found they didn’t know how they were going to be able to make this work financially. Angela, who proudly states that her mother is her best friend, was willing to sell her house to make this happen for her mother. She didn’t care what it took at that point. For weeks they pursued their options, then made the long drive to Tampa again. They stayed in a hotel that would allow the pups, but Ann and Angela knew they would not be able to afford to stay there for the entirety of Ann’s treatments. They were hopeful while pursuing their options that something would come through for them, and it did! After being handed the keys to their Open Arms apartment

at Colonial Grand at Hampton Preserve, they cried tears of relief and joy. Ann started her treatments while Angela cared for her. It was emotional for Angela to watch her mom go through treatment knowing her mom felt like giving up everyday. But they did not give up and after three long months, Ann was able to ring the graduation bell at the hospital! She had completed her radiation treatments and received her certificate!

They have since returned home and Ann is continuing her medical care locally. They still talk about their stay with Open Arms every day. Angela discussed how thankful they both are for such a great program that helps so many people battling this disease. She wondered who has the means to pick up everything and relocate somewhere else for months to receive the necessary medical treatment. Open Arms has inspired Angela to volunteer or somehow help give back to those in need. Don’t forget about the other best friends, Sammi and Rocco! They are still enjoying being lovingly spoiled by these two precious ladies!

Ann, Sammi and Rocco


By Beth Johnson, Administrative Assistant & Open Arms Representative

Even though Open Arms is the heart of MAA every month, we designate October as “Open Arms October” to promote awareness for the Open Arms Foundation and offer fun ways for associates, residents, friends, and family to get involved with the MAA corporate charity. This year’s event was the 5th annual, and it did not disappoint! Week 1 of October highlighted an awareness and MAA payroll contribution drive. Supporters were encouraged to view the many ways Open Arms has a presence online, including the www.maaopenarms.com website, giving site and the Open Arms Facebook page, which welcomed several new followers during the event. MAA associates were also encouraged to enroll in a payroll contribution for Open Arms. By month- end, more than 500 MAA associates were supporting Open Arms with payroll contributions. During Week 2, MAA communities started their “pumpkin patches” by creatively displaying support pumpkins that

MAA Hebron Team

donors purchased to help Open Arms. Pumpkins continued to sell throughout October and added a meaningful touch to fall décor in leasing offices, as well as an opportunity for a conversation starter about Open Arms and the homes we provide to those who must travel for medical treatment.

Pictured Rivers Walk Team


Colonial Village at Hampton Pointe

Week 3 brought the return of community fundraisers that were postponed in 2020 due to the pandemic. Everyone was very excited to get back to the business of supporting Open Arms! MAA community teams and residents, as well as many generous vendors, participated in a wide range of events, such as candy apple sales, GotSneakers shoe recycling drives, silent auctions, 5k races and more! The final week of October was all about the ways to give back to Open Arms while shopping. Supporters were informed about how to use AmazonSmile.com or Kroger Community Rewards to earn donation dollars for the Open Arms Foundation. In October alone, 546 purchases were made through AmazonSmile, and 601 total customers were signed up to support Open Arms through the platform. Programs like these, also known as passive fundraisers, bring consistent financial support to Open Arms throughout the year and don’t cost the shoppers anything additional.

As October came to an end, so did our beloved month-long event, but many heartfelt memories were made. MAA teams used their spark and competitive edge to help raise close to $60,000 throughout the month while also juggling their responsibilities. Open Arms thanks all who participated in the 5th Annual Open Arms October and looks forward to doing it again in 2022!

Colonial Grand at Cypress Cove Team


By Maxwell Mueller, Leasing Consultant at The Denton

After a year of virtual fundraising, it has been refreshing to have the opportunity to host in-person events again. Our MAA teams had a great turnout of community engagement at the events hosted in their divisions this year! Even with in-person events back in full swing, we’re still successfully utilizing virtual events and fundraising opportunities, like the silent auction in the North Division. Below are a few stories from the field by some of our dedicated associates who helped put on our fundraising events! West Division Golf Tournament “The West Division hosted their annual golf tournament benefiting Open Arms on September 9 at Bear Creek Golf Club in Dallas, TX. This event has grown each year with no exception to 2021. We had a wonderful turnout of 162 golfers! The golfers enjoyed a fun day on the course complete with goodie bags, good food, trophies and so many prizes. We love hosting this event as it allows us to connect with our vendors and give back in such an amazing way. We exceeded our goal for this year and were able to raise $105,000 for Open Arms! Planning this event year after year is such an honor, and we look forward to keeping it going for many years to come!” - Ashlee Sanders, Divisional Assistant in the West Division

Labor Day Weekend North Division BBQ Event

October 15 DC/MD/VA Topgolf Event

September 9 West Division Golf Tournament

DC/MD/VA Topgolf Event “The East Division chose to do our event at Topgolf because it is a fun atmosphere and not as intimidating as an 18-hole golf tournament. Throughout the event, everyone had the opportunity to hang out, eat and ultimately have a fun time while raising money for Open Armsv. Friday nights are ideal for most people to plan an outing with friends. As I walked around and took pictures during the event, I saw what an amazing time people were having. That is what makes all the hard work worth it in the end!” - Lori Hatfield, Property Manager at Apartments at Cobblestone Square


North Division Silent Auction “With the pandemic limiting in-person events last year, we decided to try the online auction. The event was so successful in 2020 that we decided to make it an annual event. It’s an easy and very inexpensive event and works well around the holidays as it gives associates an opportunity to do some online holiday shopping that also contributes to Open Arms. For this event, we reached out to our local vendors for support and gave them the opportunity to donate items such as gift baskets, gift cards, etc. This year, we were able to raise $6,980 for Open Arms!” - Lori Alvarado, Regional Property Manager at the MAA Regional Office in Nashville, TN

November 5 North Division Silent Auction

November 20 Virginia Turkey Trot 5k

November 2 Coastal Division Golf Tournament

November 8 Atlanta Open Arms Golf Classic

Open Arms Atlanta Golf Classic “Atlanta hosted its inaugural golf tournament, the Open Arms Atlanta Golf Classic, on November 8. The tournament was held at the beautiful Lakeside Course at The Golf Club of Georgia, a private club located in Alpharetta, GA. A group of 17 volunteers worked diligently for six months planning the event and fundraising for The Open Arms Foundation. A total of 120 golfers enjoyed the challenging Lakeside Course amongst vibrant fall leaf color and temperatures that rose to 70 degrees by mid afternoon for a perfect fall golf outing day. After play, a luncheon was served with an awards ceremony program. Several MAA associates spoke regarding the charity and a representative

from M&W Restoration, the key sponsor for the tournament, spoke to the group with a heartwarming message regarding gratitude and the importance of giving back. He stated that it was an honor to have the opportunity to participate in MAA’s corporate charity. Awards were given to the top three teams with the lowest score, closest to the pin, and longest drive. A final award was given to the person who travelled the farthest to the tournament (Phoenix, AZ). Proceeds from the tournament totaled to $169,500 and Atlanta plans to have this event each year to raise money for this great cause.” - Marylou Scruggs, Regional Vice President in the South Division


Thank you to our treatment facility partners throughout our many Open Arms communities. It’s been a pleasure to help our guests with your referrals and support throughout the year!

National Referring Partners American Cancer Society JoesHouse.org Atlanta, GA Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Emory Bone Marrow & Stem Cell Transplant Center Emory Proton Therapy Center Northside Hospital Cancer Institute Shepherd Center The Center for Advanced Medicine Austin, TX Dell Children’s Medical Center Easter Seals Central Texas Birmingham, AL Brookwood Baptist Medical Center Children's Of Alabama The University of Alabama at Birmingham UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center Raleigh, NC Duke University Health System UNC Cancer Hospital UNC Health Care Charleston, SC Charleston Transplant Home Medical University of South Carolina

Houston, TX J.C. Walter Jr. Transplant Center - Houston Methodist Hospital The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

Jacksonville, FL Mayo Clinic Jacksonville

Pediatric Associates of Jacksonville UF Health Proton Therapy Institute University of Florida Health Kansas City, MO Children’s Mercy Hospital The University of Kansas Cancer Center

Lexington, KY UK HealthCare

Louisville, KY UL James Brown Cancer Center University of Louisville – Kentucky Spinal Cord Injury Research Center Memphis, TN Baptist Cancer Center FedExFamilyHouse Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital The University of Tennessee Clinical Health West Cancer Center Nashville, TN The Children’s Hospital at TriStar Centennial Vanderbilt University Medical Center Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt Orlando, FL Arnold Palmer Hospital UF Health Cancer Center – Orlando Health UF Health Proton Therapy Institute Florida Cancer Specialists Savannah, GA Memorial Health University Medical Center Tallahassee, FL Canopy Cove Treatment Center Care Point Health & Wellness Center Impact Health

Charlotte, NC Atrium Health Levine Cancer Institute Novant Health Charlottesville, VA

University of Virginia Medical Center University of Virginia Children’s Hospital Chattanooga, TN Erlanger Cancer Center Dallas, TX Children’s Medical Center of Dallas ENT Clinic at Parkland Health Medical City Dallas Gainesville, FL UF Health Shands Children’s Hospital University of Florida at Shands Health Phoenix, AZ Mayo Clinic Cancer Center The University of Arizona Cancer Center

Tampa, FL Moffitt Cancer Center Shriners Hospital for Children


Every dollar counts when helping out guests. Open Arms would like to give a big “Thank You” to all of our generous supporters throughout 2021, and especially those that gave at the $5,000+ level.

- AG Multiservice, Inc. - American Painting & Renovations - Ameri-Scapes Landscape Management - Capitol Painting & Construction, Inc. - Carpet South Design - Community Concierge Services, LLC - Contractors, Inc. - Cornerstone Control Systems - Denyse - G&C Contracting, LLC - GE Appliances - Greater Dallas Renovations, LLC

- M&W Restoration - McMahan’s Flooring, Inc. - Mecklenburg Roofing, Inc. - Mohawk Industries, Inc. - Quick Response Fire Protection, Inc. - Rule Joy Trammell + Rubio Architecture and Interior Design, LLC

- Sherwin Williams - SL Recovery, LLC - SmartRent - Summit Kitchen and Bath Renovations, LLC

- T&M Construction, Inc. - Technic Solutions, LLC - The Home Depot Pro - University Medical Center, Inc. - University of Louisville Hospital - Watermark Restoration, Inc.

- Impact Fire Services - Irsaneous Interiors - LMS Parking


We are grateful to everyone who applied and agreed to serve as part of the Open Arms Foundation this year. Thank you for your dedication and support, which directly benefits our Open Arms guests and community teams.

Amber Fairbanks President

Ashley Buske Vice President & Co-Chair of Housing Committee

Liz Keough Secretary & Co-Chair of Governance/Strategy Committee

Chris Roetker Treasurer

Melanie Carpenter Open Arms Representative Liaison

Marylou Scruggs Co-Chair of Housing Committee

Bob Donnelly Co-Chair of Governance/ Strategy Committee

Brad Sill Co-Chair of Governance/ Strategy Committee

Jana Ellis Chairman of Inventory Committee

Charles Llewellyn Co-Chair of Fundraising Committee

Kylee Lambert Co-Chair of Fundraising Committee

Kim Banks Co-Chair of Marketing & Communications Committee

Tracey Smith Co-Chair of Marketing & Communications Committee


Bobby Meier, Director Sales and Program Development Caitlin O’Neill, Property Manager at Atlantic Crossing Emily Appling, Assistant Property Manager at MAA Berkeley Lake Kevin Smyser, Service Manager at Market Station Lauren Hartstern, Property Manager at Acklen West End Markida Clawson, Assistant Property Manager at MAA Stratford Tynika Duckett, Regional Property Manager at the Regional Office in Atlanta

Ashlee Sanders, Division Administrative Assistant for the West Division Dana Carper, Software QA & Portal Support Manager Diane Gilmore, Regional Vice President in the Coastal Division Jackie Melnick, Regional Vice President in the East Division Kelsey Meister, Leasing Consultant at Grande View Nashville Sidney Shelton, Regional Training Specialist in the North Division Susie Krauss, IT Billing Systems Analyst Thannie Locklear, Regional Vice President in the East Division Vaniti Wells, Leasing Consultant at MAA Copper Ridge Wendy Crossley, Assistant Property Manager at MAA Watermark

Abby Youngbauer, Senior Property Systems Administrator Jessica Webb, Regional Training Specialist in the South Division Mark Stemle, Service Manager at MAA Mansion Rachel Mavers-Jones, Assistant Property Manager at Colonial Grand at Riverchase Trails

Rebecca Kauffman, Regional Property Manager in East Division Rosa Hernandez, Leasing Consultant at MAA McDaniel Farm Sydni Wall, Regional Leasing Consultant in North Division Tavia Williams, Property Manager at MAA Ballantyne

Alixandria Sanchez, Assistant Property Manager at Reserve at Woodwind Lakes Amanda Saliba, Property Manager at Park Estate Christina Aviotti, Internal Communications & Creative Specialist

Cathy Hurst, Administrative Assistant to COO Emily Anderson, IT Yardi Support Specialist Marcus Hill, Property Manager at MAA Lenox Maxwell Mueller, Leasing Consultant at The Denton Sarah Hughes, Regional Vice President in the East Division Zack Poston, Leasing Consultant at Venue at Cool Springs

Kady Shell, Enterprise PMO Manager Katherine Morrow, Property Manager at Venue at Cool Springs Patricia Waindel, Senior Regional Property Manager in South Division

Beth Johnson, Administrative Assistant and Open Arms Representative Dee Duett, Accounting Administrator and Open Arms General Ledger Accountant


Scan the QR code to learn more about Open Arms or to make a donation

You can find Open Arms on Facebook by searching @MAAOpenArms

Open Arms Foundation 6815 Poplar Avenue, Suite 500 Germantown, TN 38138 (901) 435-5395 openarms@maac.com www.maaopenarms.com


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