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More Information: Our ocial site www.readytoburn.org lists further benets of switching to Ready to Burn wood fuel products. Ready to Burn is a Woodsure scheme and www.woodsure.co.uk has a list of wood fuel producers who have achieved Ready to Burn status: woodsure.co.uk > Find a Supplier > Ready to Burn HETAS and DEFRA support the Ready to Burn Scheme. 20% moisture content or less

Ready to Burn logs give you more heat for each log.

A 2kg unseasoned log with 50% moisture is half water, i.e. 1 litre of water. Burning wet wood means that much of the heat generated is used to boil o excess water leaving less heat to be passed to your room or to a water- heating or central heating system. Burning wet wood creates more smoke and emissions which are not good for those breathing them in. Appliances are also generally dirtier when burning wet wood and you will have to buy and burn more wood to keep you warm. Wet wood should be seasoned or dried for up to 2 years or kiln dried at a controlled temperature before use to get it to 20% moisture content or less.

Reducing environmental impact

Better for wood burning

www.readytoburn.org www.woodsure.co.uk tel: 01684 278188



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