Creative Projects at Home

Compostable Seedling Pots

Compostable pots are easy to make at home and great for seedlings. The pots can be planted straight into the garden without having to disturb the fragile young roots. As the pot breaks down, the plant’s roots will get stronger and burst through the sides. These types of pots also help to prevent waste and reduce our carbon footprint!

Newspaper Seedling Pots

Step 1

Take a sheet of newspaper (half a big broadsheet). Fold it in half so that it is long, like the picture. Get an empty plastic bottle with a wide top. Make sure the open end of the bottle is facing the open end of the paper.

Step 2

Roll the sheet around the top of the bottle. About a third of the newspaper should be above the bottle open end to make a sturdy pot.

Step 3

Stuff the paper above the open end of the pot into the pot. Then take the bottle out of the pot and turn it around and put it back on the bottle. Flatten the base of the pot against your hand. 3/4 fill the pot with fine potting mix and plant in your seeds of choice, remembering not to plant your seeds too deep (see page 23).



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