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DIY Bird Bath

Bird baths are essential for birds to have water to both bathe in and drink A bird bath can be easily made from recycled materials found at home.

Important considerations when making a bird bath • Any item used to make the bath must be very shallow with sloping sides. • Have a max depth of 10cm. • The bath should be as wide as possible.

To make a recycled bird bath you will need the following: • A shallow sloped container such as a saucer, plant pot base, wide shallow plate Items to sit the bird bath on such as a plant pot, bricks, planks of food or a small wall Water (Why not use some water collected from a rainwater harvester?) • • • Small stones or pebbles

• When choosing the location of the bird bath, ensure it is near some trees or bushes so that if needs be it can leave quickly • If there are cats nearby ensure it is placed high enough that the birds can see their surroundings clearly and not near anywhere a cat may hide. • Place the materials you chose to use as your stand on flat ground and ensure it is stable. If using a plant pot for example, turn the pot upside down so the wider circumference in on the ground. • Place your saucer or plant pot base on top of your stand and ensure that it is sitting securely. • Place some pebbles or rocks in the bird bath to ensure that the bath is not too slippy for the bird and fill with water.


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