Creative Projects at Home

Make a Mini Pond

Create a mini pond in your garden

To create your pond you will need: • A bucket/container to hold water • Rainwater • Gravel and stones • Aquatic plants e.g. Water Starwort • Log/bricks/stones

1. To create your mini pond, first find the best location for it. An area that is sunny and not sheltered is ideal. Aquatic plants require sunlight so that they can oxygenate the water and keep it clean. The pond will be replenished by rain. 2. Once a location has been chosen, it's time to fill your pond. Fill your bucket or chosen container with gravel and stones at the bottom and add in your aquatic plants. Don't place soil in your bucket as it will promote blooms of algae. 3. Add in an entrance and exit to your pond to ensure no wildlife gets trapped, this can be made from a log, bricks, steppingstones etc. 4. Fill your pond with rainwater (tap water can alter the pH of the pond) -why not create the rainwater gauge and fill with rainwater you’ve collected. 5. Watch your pond grow!


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