Creative Projects at Home


Section 3: in the garden or balcony

Compostable newspaper seedling pots

Page 20

Compostable toilet roll seedling pot

Page 21

Upcycled plant pots

Page 22

Sowing seeds at home

Page 23

Sowing seeds directly into the ground

Page 24

Home composting experiment

Page 25

Homemade greenhouse

Page 26

Homemade rainwater harvester

Page 27

Create an insect hotel

Page 28

Draw a habitat map of your garden

Page 29

Recycled bird feeders

Page 30

Leaf collage

Page 31

DIY bird bath

Page 32

Recycled bird house

Page 33

Make a mini pond

Page 34

Go on a bug treasure hunt

Page 35

Hedgehog house

Page 36

Learn how seeds travel

page 37



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