Creative Projects at Home

Upcycling Clothes

Cleaning Cloths

Old clothing can often be repurposed.

Unwanted t-shirts and clothes can be cut into small rags to create cleaning cloths. Old pajamas, cotton and flannel make excellent absorbent rags. To make the rags more durable, hem the edges, to keep them from fraying.

Fabric Gift Wrapping

Unwanted clothes can be repurposed into elegant and luxurious gift wrapping. Fabric wrapping is a reusable and eco-friendly alternative to single-use wrapping foil and paper. Even an old sheet or plain fabric can be personalised with some decorative embroidery, tie-dye, stamps or paint designs. Fabric gift wrapping is an art form. If you're interested in furthering your skill, be sure to investigate the Japanese tradition of Furoshiki!


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