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Upcycling Clothes

Patchwork Blanket

Patchwork is the art of sewing together pieces of fabric to create a pattern. These beautiful and unique pieces can be made from odds and ends of material. While any fabric looks great, cotton washes and wears well. Wool will add texture and warmth. Patchwork blankets make great gifts. They could also be an excellent project for a family, or group of friends, to make individually and join together at a later date.

• Cut out squares of fabric, of equal size, to create the blanket building blocks. Use a range of colours and patterns. • Line the blocks of fabric out on the floor. Move them around until you find the blanket pattern you wish to create. • When enough blocks have been made and you are happy with your design plan, each block can be stitched together. • The blocks can be sewn together by hand or machine, with a quarter-inch seam allowance. Like a challenge: move onto quilting. Quilting is the sewing together of the three layers that make up a quilt; the top, central wadding and the backing.


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