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GRASSROOTS With Passion Merry Christmas AND HAPPY NEW YEAR ISSUE 124 - Dec 2023


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Spa Member Room Swimming Pool Activity Room Mahjong Room Booking 6554 2350 Table Tennis

11am to 10pm (daily)

11am to 7pm (daily), closed on Mondays 8am-10pm (Mon-Fri), 8am-5pm (Sat-Sun)

Kin Kao Mai Authentic Thai Restaurant Fish@Ang Mo Kio The School House by Busy Bees LEVEL 2 Brighton’s Montessori LEVEL 3 Bright Path Inclusive Preschool Safari House Preschool

5pm to 11pm (daily)

10am to 5am (daily) 7AM to 7pm (Mon-Fri)

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7am to 7pm (Mon-Fri)

7am to 7pm (Mon-Fri) 11.30am to 2.30pm (daily) 6pm to 9.30pm

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SINGAPORE SINGAPORE POLYTECHNIC GRADUATES’ GUILD 1010 Dover Road Singapore 139658 Tel: 6796 9988 l Fax: 6796 9989 ORCHID COUNTRY CLUB 1 Orchid Club Road Singapore 769162 Tel: 6755 9811, Fax: 6755 8874 MALAYSIA THE MALACCA CLUB New Townhouse: No. 18, 5th Floor Jalan Syed Abdul Aziz, 75000 Melaka Tel: 06-282 4940 / 284 2488 / 283 3518 Fax: 06-284 8303

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Editor’s message - Ms Ng Liza

National Day Awardees 2023

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Embracing Health and Wellness

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Members: Secretariat:

Dr Tan Kow Wah, Dr Tong Kai Wee, Michael, Lee Kwee Yong, Kelvin Tay, Visalini d/o Kathirason, Chee Yi Wei

Ng Liza, PBM, Grace Tang

Vice Chairman:

Design & Editorial:

Win Creative


Editorial Message We wish to express our heartfelt gratitude to all our members for joining The Grassroots’ Club 25th Anniversary Celebration on 18 November 2023, hosted by the President of our Club, Mr. Simon Leong, PBM (page 7), and for being part of our journey over the years. Heartiest congratulations to our members who received the National Day Award 2023 (page 5). Before we delve into our future plans, let’s take a stroll down memory lane and revisit past events (page 6). Remember, Health is Wealth! Join us for an enlightening Eye Health Talk (page 8). Treat yourself to a Chinese New Year wholesale shopping tour, a highlight of our festive activities to welcome the Lunar year of the Dragon. Don’t miss out on our highly anticipated Lohei dinner on 16 February 2024. Stay tuned for updates through our email blasts and social media channels. In addition to the festive celebrations, we emphasize embracing health and wellness (page 9). Are you aware of our Grassroots Toastmasters Club? Learn why joining can enhance your speaking skills (page 11). Check out the latest merchant deals and exclusive privileges in this issue, tailored just for you. Follow us on our social media channels to stay updated with the club’s latest news and activities (page 12).

Here’s to another fruitful and healthy year. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

Miss Ng Liza, PBM Chairperson, Marketing and Communications Committee

Honorary Secretary The Grassroots’ Club



Mr Tan Yew Beng, JP, BBM(L)

Mr Tan Meng Kelvin, JP, BBM(L)

Mr Stanley Oh Teck Lee, BBM

Mr Neo Kah Kiat, BBM

Mr Bobby Chng Yew Huat, BBM

Mr Tay Liang Chai, PBM

Mdm Chu Ai Keow, PBM

Mr Stanley Foo Min San, PBM

Mr Yong Wee Huat, PBM

Mr Kok Kum Seng, Kelvin, PBM

Mr Tan Peng Koon, PBM

Mr Muhammad Imran Bin Abdul Rahim, PBM

Mr Wee Tong Hing Ivan, PBM

Mr Kok Choon Keong Tony, PBM

Mr Khoo Yeow Kwang Chrispian, PBM

Mr Wan Tai Yan, PBM

Mr Tan Kia Seng, PBM

Mr Kea Hwee Ping, Garick, PBM



Mandai Bird Paradise (12 August 2023) The Grassroots’ Club members embarked on a spellbinding journey to the newly constructed Bird Paradise. Within eight captivating walk-through aviaries, they ventured into a vibrant avian realm, immersing themselves in the diverse biomes of 3,500 birds representing 400 extraordinary species. This was truly an unparalleled avian adventure!

Fitness Walk to Thomson Nature Park (29 July 2023) An exhilarating Fitness Walk to Thomson Nature Park was the highlight for The Grassroots’ Club members. They enjoyed a scenic stroll from our Club to this expansive 50-hectare buffer park, known for its rich cultural heritage as the former Hainan Village site. This journey was a perfect fusion of fitness, culture, and nature exploration!

Malaysia Day Trip (21 October 2023) A thrilling Malaysia Day Trip awaited The Grassroots’ Club members. Our adventure included a delightful Zen Xin Organic Farm Tour, indulging in a luxurious 8-course meals, exploring the Kluang Coffee Factory, and ending with a shopping spree at the iconic Mid Valley Mall. Experience a day filled with culinary delights, exploration, and shopping ecstasy!


PAST EVENTS (25TH ANNIVERSARY CARNIVAL) The Grassroots’ Club marked its spectacular 25th anniversary with a dazzling carnival on 18 November 2023. Originally established to honor the community service of Grassroots leaders, the club spared no effort in making this milestone celebration truly unforgettable. The event featured a variety of engaging activities: enticing game booths, such as a bouncy castle, art and craft stalls, and a fast- reacting game, ensuring a lively atmosphere for members and the public alike. Lucky draw prizes added an extra layer of excitement, with 12 fortunate winners receiving fabulous rewards. The carnival also showcased live performances by renowned artists, bringing a touch of glamour to the festivities. For capturing memories, a photo booth was set up, allowing guests to create keepsakes with friends and family. Indulgent snack stations offered delights like live Teh Tarik, popcorn, and candy floss, while a sumptuous buffet lunch added a gastronomic delight to the celebration. This anniversary carnival represented a perfect blend of entertainment, camaraderie, and gratitude for 25 years of community dedication.

We warmly greeted seniors from AllKin, formerly known as AMKFSC Community Services, which is a dedicated, community-driven social service agency in Singapore. Additionally, residents from Grace Lodge, a renowned charitable nursing home organization, were also invited to the event. It was a joyous occasion where members from The Grassroots Club, the public, and our seniors came together to celebrate and share moments of joy, marking a significant milestone in The Grassroots’ Club’s 25-year journey. We extend our heartfelt thanks once again to our amazing sponsors: Common Folks; Muslim

Delight Wedding and Services; Qian Xi Group of Restaurants; Kin Kao Mai; Fish @ AMK; DrSpa; DrHair; Optique ICU; Holiday Inn Orchard Centre; Tiong Hwa Steel Structures; OMFS @ Farrer Park; and Bio Essence, for making our 25th Anniversary Carnival an absolute success!



The Grassroots’ Club is proud to collaborate with Eye Max Centre for an exclusive event. Join us for an educational talk as Senior Consultant Ophthalmologist, Dr Eugenie Poh, shares on common eye diseases and conditions including cataract, glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, dry eye and droopy eyelids. Understand and learn about advances in diagnosis and possible treatment options for common eye diseases.

Eye Health Talk: Common Diseases &

Treatments - 13 January 2024*

CNY shopping Tour - 27 January 2024*

Celebrate the Lunar New Year in style with The Grassroots’ Club’s Chinese New Year Shopping Tour. Immerse yourself in a day filled with festive delights as we guide you through a culinary adventure. Explore traditional snacks and goodies, along with a Sumptuous Dinner that will indeed be a feast for your senses. Seize this limited opportunity for wholesale shopping, ensuring you’re well-prepared for the upcoming festivities.

Annually, The Grassroots’ Club hosts the Chinese New Year Lohei dinner, a tradition that brings people together for an evening of cultural celebration. This event features an array of activities, including fringe activities, a Lohei sit-down 8-course dinner, engaging games, and an enticing lucky draw with attractive prizes. Attendees can anticipate a vibrant and immersive experience, creating cherished memories while enjoying the festive atmosphere. The gathering promises not only a delectable culinary journey but also an opportunity for camaraderie and excitement through various entertaining elements.

CNY Lohei Dinner - 16 February 2024*

* Dates are subject to confirmation. Lookout for our publicity in email blast and social media channels.


Embracing Health and Wellness this Season

The festive season is more than just a time for celebration; it’s also a time for reflection, filled with joy, togetherness, and a gentle push towards being more health-conscious. Surrounded by sparkling holiday decorations and joyful laughter in our homes, we find an important chance to embrace wellness, balancing the fun of indulgence with healthy living.

Holistic Home for the Holidays: Our homes, the heart of holiday joy, have the potential to become sanctuaries of wellness. Just a few simple changes can turn our living spaces into peaceful havens that support our well-being. Adding common indoor plants like the Snake Plant or the Areca Palm, similar to those we mentioned before as natural air purifiers, is a small but important step towards improving air quality and creating a peaceful atmosphere. Every leaf and frond brings a bit of nature into our homes, silently enhancing wellness during the busy holiday season.

Mindful Munching Amidst Merriment: The array of food that we enjoy during festive times often becomes a central part of our celebrations. However, the allure of traditional festive foods can sometimes lead us to overindulge. Making a slight shift to healthier options, such as preferring baked items to fried ones or practicing portion control, can create a perfect balance between delicious taste and good health. The practice of mindful eating, which involves savoring every bite with full awareness, not only aids in better digestion but also enhances our overall dining experience, bringing a sense of gratitude and joy.


Embracing Health and Wellness this Season

Joyful Movement: The cozy appeal of staying indoors during the festive season might tempt us to skip our usual physical activities. However, the joy of movement, whether it’s doing light indoor exercises, stretching with yoga to holiday music, or having spontaneous dance sessions in the warmth of our living room, can energize us. Taking part in community fitness challenges, including online ones, can foster a sense of togetherness and shared encouragement, blending social interaction with our physical health goals.

Mental Merriness: The flurry of holiday activities, though exciting, can sometimes bring unexpected stress into our lives. Adopting mindfulness practices, like taking a moment to breathe during the busy festivities, can lead us to a state of peace. Exploring local or online mental wellness resources, or joining community mindfulness sessions, can be like a quiet guide through the noise, leading us to a peaceful state of mind.

Community Chronicles of Wellness: Inspiration often leads us to take action. Adding motivational tips or thoughtful quotes from respected health influencers or trusted online sources to our wellness journey can inspire us and others. Adopting wellness practices that bring us together, such as group meditation or shared walks, creates a powerful story of wellness in our community.

The festive season powerfully mirrors our shared journey towards achieving the highest levels of health and wellness. As the sounds of celebration fill the crisp winter air, they bring with them a sweet song of wellness, a melody that reflects our joint efforts towards a life filled with healthy habits. As we welcome the New Year, let’s continue this tune of wellness, fostering a community that thrives in a culture of healthy living, discovering, sharing, and growing together in a journey of wellness that goes beyond just the festive season.


GRASSROOTS TOASTMASTERS CLUB In the heart of Singapore’s vibrant community, Grassroots Toastmasters Club (GTMC) stands as a radiant beacon for aspiring voices. This welcoming haven offers a stage for individuals to excel, where words take flight and confidence flourishes. GTMC embraces a diverse community of learners, providing structured meetings, personalized guidance, and support that allow individuals to flourish and build rapport. GTMC specializes in honing public speaking finesse and nurturing leaders with impressive voices, empowering its members, transforming timid whispers into confident roars. With its regular meetings and workshops, the club creates a supportive network where friendships are cherished and networking opportunities abound. In the realm of Toastmasters, GTMC thrives as a platform for growth, embracing diversity and fostering a vibrant blend where every voice matters and every story transcends, welcoming seasoned speakers and eager novices alike. It’s a space where individuals thrive, and dreams come alive.


Members Privileges

Swim schools that specialized in early childhood and childcare sports programs and provide quality learn-to-swim program for your child


Members Privileges

Thinking of a thoughtful baby gift to give to the cutie little ones? Think of Le Petit Pumpkin!

15% OFF for first purchase (capped at $10) 5% OFF subsequent purchase (no minimum spending)

Promo Code: TGCMEM10



Members Privileges

Birthday Package Home Whitening Package (inclusive of upper and lower bleaching trays and whitening gel) at $499+GST only (Regular Price $786+GST) Valid only during month of its member/staff birthday 25% Discount for the first visit. 15% Discount for the subsequent visits. Offer applicable only for non-surgical procedures.


Members Privileges

25% OFF frames and sunglasses 15% OFF ophthalmic

5% OFF contact lenses (With a minimum purchase of 6 months’ supply)

Complimentary eye health check (Prior appointment required)

Website: for outlets address details


Members Privileges

iAPPS Health Group offers Personalised, Predictive, and Preventive Medicine through a digital wallet and virtual health card. All on a single platform.

• Corporate Health Screening rates • Provide health talk/fitness program


Members Privileges

Leverage on Master Pan’s expertise and deep knowledge on ancient Chinese metaphysics to guide you on your life’s journey. 10% Discount on all service engagements



Members Privileges



Members Privileges

10% Off ala carte treatments PLUS! Enjoy a complimentary Bright & Energize Eye Treatment worth $120 upon purchase of Skin treatments 10% Off ala carte treatments PLUS! Enjoy a complimentary Scalp Tension Relief upon purchase of scalp and hair treatments

Terms & Conditions Apply


Members Privileges

$158 for 2 pairs of prescription spectacles Free IOP (Intraocular Presure) screening for glaucoma

Located at: 30 Sembawang Drive Sun Plaza #02-02 Singapore 757713

Website: Website:


Members Privileges

ABOUT TRIBECAR Tribecar, Singapore’s leading car-sharing service, enables users to effortlessly book vehicles via our website and app. With a widespread presence, our fleet exceeds 1,300 vehicles across 1,000 locations. Offering a diverse range of Cars, Vans, and Motorcycles, we provide users with flexible fuel policies, including options like Tribecar and Car Club. EXCLUSIVE PROMOTION For a limited time, enjoy this exclusive offer available only for The Grassroots’ Club members!



If You’re a

JOIN US TODAY! The Grassroots’ Club is set up specially for Grassroots Leaders in recognition of their contributions to community service. More information contact: 6554 2350 or email MSHIP@TGC.ORG.SG GRASSROOTS LEADER,




Multi-purpose Hall, Banquet Hall, Auditorium, Meeting rooms, Atrium

Members can make use of the gym to keep themselves fit and healthy or relax in our spa pool located in the male and female changing rooms.

QR Code for Membership registration



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