Guest Card Policy

Immediate Family Guest Privileges ( With a Card):

Family Guest(s): • May be unaccompanied in Common Area Facilities except for Golf Practice Areas. • May Accompany (1) additional *(spouse, friend, girl/boy friend, etc.) guest in the Common Area Facilities (this guest does not need card) • May play golf in accordance with Section 5.2 of the Forest Highlands Rules, Information & Fees. • Must have a Family Guest Card in their possession and provide to any staff member upon request. • May NOT - Accompany more than one additional guest in the Common Area Facilities without a Member. - have dining reservations between Memorial Day & Labor Day (walk - in dining ONLY). Immediate Family Guest Card Cost (*per person) and other Fees: One Week (up to 7 consecutive days) One Month (30/31 consecutive days) One Year (one time per 12 months) $25 per week* $100 per card* $300 per card* Once issued, fees for Immediate Family Guest Cards are non-refundable, regardless of whether the card(s) are used or not. • Additional Guest Fees are applicable for use of the Fitness Center, Tennis Facility, Pools and any Recreation or other Programs that guests participate in. See page 44 of the Forest Highlands Rules, Information and Fees. • All charges MUST be placed on the member account. No credit cards accepted from unaccompanied guests.

IMPORTANT: Y o u or your guest must submit a picture of each person who will be receiving a guest pass. Drivers license pictures are typically too poor quality for the passes please send a “headshot” or “selfie”. guests will be in the system as authorized for the dates that were requested. Please allow at least 48 hours notice for cards to be completed. Cards can be picked up at Security (front gate). Once the electronic photo and form are received, your

Instructions to apply for Guest Cards 1. Log on to the website.

2. Under the HOA drop down menu heading click Guest Cards 3. Choose the appropriate form for your guests: Immediate Family Guest Form or House Guest Form, and click to open the details. 4. Fill out the online form completely, upload photo(s) of each person to receive a Guest Card and click Submit . 5. You will receive a confirmation email once you successfully submit the form. If you do not receive your confirmation email within 2 hours please contact the Administration Office Call 928-525-9014 or email

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