Big English 2 Teacher Book Level 5

Vacation Time 5

Objectives Reading

Writing • Can write short, simple personal emails/letters about familiar topics, given prompts or a model. • Can create a poster to advertise an event or product, given a model. • Can write a short list of instructions for using or doing something (e.g. playing a game), given a model. Grammar • Can distinguish between the past simple and past progressive.

• Can follow extended stories and texts written in simple, familiar language, if supported by pictures. • Can get the gist of short factual school texts. Listening • Can follow the sequence of events in a simple story or narrative, if told slowly and clearly. Speaking • Can suggest possible outcomes to an event or situation, given a model.

Unit Projects

Family Connection Have students tell their families that they are learning about vacations. Encourage students to interview family members about their favorite vacations. Tell students to ask questions about what made the vacation so special: What did you do and see? Did anything unusual happen? Were there any problems? Where did you stay? Students can keep notes or recordings from each interview to share with the class.

T Unit 5 Overview

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