Donors' Report 2019

Donors' Report 2019


A message from the Master

A message from the Master


I am delighted, as the 400th anniversary year concludes, to take this opportunity to recognise and celebrate the role that philanthropy has played. In the academic year 2018-19, to which this report relates, the College received gifts at all levels of over £1.68 million. In fact, thanks to the extraordinary generosity of our benefactors, in the calendar year 2019 we have received gifts and pledges of over £2 million. The majority of this has been directed to providing financial support through bursaries to pupils for whom a Dulwich education will be a transformative opportunity. This, it seems to me, is the most fitting of tributes to the manner of our founding; through an act of philanthropy by our founder, Edward Alleyn. There have been so many ways in which our benefactors have supported us this year. Donors have been outstandingly generous, through our 2019 Bursary Appeal, but one notable feature of this year has been the way in which parents, Old Alleynians, staff, pupils and friends of the school have sought to get involved in other ways. Whether it be by taking part in the Winter Run, joining us at the Black and Blue Ball, or attending one of our many events this year, the story of 2019 has been one of an entire community coming together to celebrate and to make a contribution that will have a longer-lasting impact. It is in the nature of significant historical milestones that we reflect on our past, but the greater opportunity for the Governors and me has been to cast our minds forward to what the school might be like in its 500th anniversary. We believe that Dulwich is at its strongest when we are a diverse community of talent from all backgrounds and our vision is to be able to provide financial support to 50% of our pupils. The generosity of the community toward that vision this year has been wonderful, and gives us renewed optimism about the journey ahead.

Fundraising success and finances




Sixth Form leavers’ destinations


In their own words


Serving the wider community


600km in 6 days


Life at the College: a snapshot




Our donors


On behalf of the Governors, staff and pupils of Dulwich College, thank you for your contribution. We are deeply grateful for your support.

Dr Joe Spence The Master



Fundraising success and finances 2018-19


million of philanthropic income. Which was used for bursaries, capital development, and * other College priorities *general donations which the College will allocate to its most pressing priorities, including: specific projects, unrestricted income, prizes and awards.

Each year all of the College’s funds are committed to delivering its principal aims. The generous support of the whole Dulwich College community makes an essential contribution to this work year after year. During the period of 1 August 2018 to 31 July 2019, we received donations totalling more than £1.68 million. Over 1,390 donors, made up of OAs, parents, pupils and friends of the College, who are based in 21 countries across the world, helped us to reach this substantial sum. In addition to this figure, numerous individuals have made pledges that will be fulfilled over a number of years. To be able to mark our 400th anniversary with the participation of so many and with this level of donations is an achievement the whole Dulwich community can be proud of. In a year that was focused on our priority to increase our bursary offering to 50% of pupils in the senior school, the support we have received has been overwhelming. More than £1.3 million was raised specifically for bursaries through donations and the many fundraising activities which have taken place throughout the year. The 2019 Society closed successfully in early 2019 having reached its full complement of 2,019 members. Thanks to the incredible support from all the members, we were able to raise more than £6 million for The Laboratory, with some donors also supporting our social mission to increase fee assisted places at the College.

Donations received 1 August 2018 - 31 July 2019

Bursaries £1,395,742

Capital development £141,786

*Other College priorities £142,547



Matched funding

College finances

The Alleyn Club very generously pledged to match all gifts made by OAs to bursaries up to a total of £100,000. We are very grateful for this extraordinary support, which has been a fantastic incentive to our OA philanthropists. We are delighted to announce that we completed the pledge; in fact, OAs contributed more than double this figure! We are now committed to finding the next benefactor who can offer matched funding and create a magnet for donations to the College.

The summarised information below is taken from the financial statements for the year ended 31 July 2019. All the College’s funds are committed to the pursuit of its charitable objectives. A copy of the full audited accounts can be found published online at annual-report-and-accounts

*figures rounded up for illustrative purposes.

EXPENDITURE £51.2M * Staff costs £27.4m 53% Other operating costs £7.5m 15% Trading/Finance £5.5m 11% Bursaries/Scholarships £4.6m 9% Depreciation £4.7m 9% Surplus £1.5m 3%



INCOME £51.2M * Fees and extras £39.3m 77% Trading £6.7m 13% Dulwich Estate £2.5m 5% Investments £1m 2% Fundraising £1.7m 3%

What is the bottom line? We need your support. Whilst financially strong, the College operates on relatively small margins. It is therefore very important that fundraising continues to be successful if the College’s ambitions are to be achieved. Philanthropy makes a vital contribution and we are very grateful to our supporters at all levels.




212% increase in means-tested bursary support since 2012 to over £3.5 million

Bursaries today Dulwich College currently provides financial support in the form of scholarships or means-tested bursaries to 32% of boys in the senior school. We work with local primary schools to promote our bursary programme, encouraging local boys to apply for support, which helps us to maintain our diversity and to support social mobility. Bursaries are funded through a combination of the generosity of benefactors to the College’s Bursary Appeal Fund and our own financial resources, including income distributions from the Dulwich Estate and income generated through our educational partnership with Dulwich College International. In 2018-19, the College spent over £3.5 million on bursary support, providing financial assistance to 191 boys. The majority of these benefited from fee remission of more than 75%. As we look ahead to the future of the College and what this might mean for the sustainability of bursaries, we turn to the whole school community to help us build our Bursary Appeal Fund, the income from which will fund these places in perpetuity.

Dulwich College is proud to celebrate a long history of providing an outstanding education to bright boys from all social and ethnic backgrounds. In 1619, our founder Edward Alleyn had the philanthropic foresight to recognise that education should be for all, regardless of financial circumstance, through his establishment of the College of God’s Gift to provide ‘good learning’ to ‘twelve poor scholars’. This social mission remains at the heart of the College today and our ambition is to provide fee assistance to 50% of our pupils whose families are unable to meet the cost of fees. Many Old Alleynians will remember – and have been beneficiaries of –the ‘Dulwich Experiment’, which began in the 1940s by the then Master of the College, Christopher Gilkes. Under this scheme the fees of boys who passed the entrance examinations were paid for by local authorities. During the 1950s and 1960s as many as 85% of pupils at the College were recipients of such support. Local authority funding was replaced by the central government’s Assisted Places Scheme in 1980, which continued until 1997. Since 1997, the College has relied on philanthropic support and its own financial resources to fund bursary places. Our Bursary Appeal Fund, consisting mainly of a ring-fenced endowment, today stands at £15.5 million (including some non-endowment donations). Over £7 million of this has been added since 2014 thanks to the incredible generosity of our benefactors. The Bursary Appeal Fund is currently able to support approximately 14% of the bursaries we offer. All bursaries are means-tested and reviewed annually, ranging from 10% to 100% of fee support.

To learn more about bursaries , please visit the College website



2018-19 Sixth Form leavers’ destinations


Last year, 237 pupils went on to make their way in the world. Of these, 30 benefited from a means-tested bursary place at the College.


DEGREE SUBJECTS STUDIED (UK ONLY) Total number of pupils Bursary pupils





Imperial KCL LSE Queen Mary University of London UCL







Bristol Bath





In their own words

"Getting a bursary to attend Dulwich College was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for which I will always be grateful. Before joining the College I was slightly worried about potential difficulties integrating myself amongst the other boys as I was from a different economic and cultural background to many. However, these fears were quickly alleviated due to the welcoming attitude from both students and staff and the vast range of clubs and societies on offer. From the offset, we were encouraged and given the opportunity to engage with as much of College life as possible. The lessons at the College were both challenging and fun; it is a relaxed environment in which students are pushed hard to achieve their potential but also a place in which one can actually enjoy learning. These opportunities, including others such as performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and travelling abroad on school trips, allowed me to build a healthy engagement with people from all different backgrounds and views. Without a bursary, I can say with absolute certainty that I would not have been able to achieve what I have or get to where I am today. The education I received at Dulwich College gave me the confidence and ability to perform well in both my GCSEs and A-Levels, and from which I am now currently living abroad during my 3rd year of studying Modern Languages and Cultures at the University of Durham.”

"Being at Dulwich College on a bursary really pushed me to be my best self. One of the best things about the College is the vast array of societies one can join. I feel like this is unique and allows one to really explore passions and try something new. I believe that attending Dulwich College gave me great communication skills and helped me develop a lot of confidence within myself. These skills have helped me greatly at university and in my career. I am currently in my final year studying Economics at Cambridge and will be joining Nomura as an investment banker once I finish. Without Dulwich, I wouldn’t have attended the talks that made me so interested in finance. I think it’s very important for schools to provide bursary support because household income shouldn’t be a determinant for success in life. It provides fairer opportunities for everyone and will hopefully reduce inequality. Dulwich College provided many role models for me; in particular one of my Maths teachers. With their support, I became much more motivated and challenged myself both academically and physically. I also created many great memories at Dulwich. My proudest achievement is that I managed to get into my first choice university and have done well academically while here. I left Dulwich in 2017 but frequently visit to give talks to students to help them achieve their potential. My message to current Dulwich pupils would be to never be ashamed of who you are and try to worry less about what others think of you. You will become happier and will try more things because of it."

Nathan Emoike OA 2010-17

Selvin Selbaraju OA 2010-17



Serving the wider community

Dulwich College’s founding charitable mission is embedded in our long and successful commitment to philanthropy, service and partnerships. An ethos of social responsibility lies at the heart of the College. We believe that mutual benefit comes from engaging in partnerships. Across the College, pupils and staff voluntarily contribute their time and expertise to a portfolio of community activities.

Public Lectures (GE Moore Lecture Series) A series of 15 lectures running from 2014-19 to mark the 400th anniversary. Open to the school and wider community, each lecture reflected an aspect of the College’s life and history.

Community Action 234 pupils from Year 10 to 13 volunteer weekly/fortnightly on 17 different projects, supported by 20 staff. Volunteering and fundraising activities include: foodbanks, reading mentors in schools, gardening in the community, support for the elderly and much more. Bursaries The College spent over £3.5 million towards bursaries in 2018- 19, supporting 191 pupils on a means-tested bursary. The average support that they have received is 76% of the school fee. The majority of pupils in receipt of fee support are from areas local to the College.

Educational Partnerships The College has a range of important partnerships which support raising aspirations across both the independent and maintained sectors. We have many examples of working with local schools for the benefit of individual students or for entire academic fields.



Saturday Schools Dulwich College are committed to expanding aspirations through running Saturday schools at the College in Science and Art. In partnership with the Southwark Community Education charity, we host the Science Scheme, supporting and mentoring 60 Year 6 pupils from state primary schools. In partnership with The Creative Dimension Trust we offer Southwark primary school pupils aged 9-12 the opportunity to participate in a variety of art workshops.

Southwark Schools Learning Partnership With the Master as its Co-Director, Dulwich College plays a leading role in this long-standing collaboration between local schools to promote projects for students and joint career professional development for teaching staff. Charities Each year, the pupils’ fundraising efforts raise over £30,000 for good causes on a local, national and international level. A recent trip saw 14 pupils visit a school we support in Kampala through AFFCAD, working with local builders to improve the school and teaching Maths, English and Sport.

25th Camberwell Scouts and Dulwich Explorers We provide facilities and staff for weekly meets for a mix of boys and girls from the local community in Cubs, Scouts and Explorers. Our staff volunteer as leaders and the school minibuses are available for trips. About a third of participants are non-College students. Dulwich College International A community of 10 international schools, with over 9,000 students, taking the Dulwich name, ethos and best practice out into the wider world. In celebration of our international community we hosted the second international Dulwich Olympiad this year, bringing together 900 pupils from across our commonwealth of schools for a week of celebration of sport, drama, music and art.

Archives Each year, our archivists manage: visits from 30 classes from 15 Southwark primary schools to see the James Caird - Shackleton’s lifeboat, around 200 external enquiries for whom our archivists conduct research, access for around 100 external researchers and talks to local groups and schools. Material from our Archives has been loaned to the V&A and the Military museums.

The Ogden Trust Dulwich College hosted the Ogden Trust “Electricity” conference for 75 primary school teachers in 2018. Our aim is to become an Ogden Trust science hub with local state schools.

School Service Day 1,400 pupils and 200 staff helped with community-focused projects and fundraising events.

The Dulwich Estate The entirety of the annual income distribution gratefully received by Dulwich College from the Dulwich Estate helps to fund a growing number of College bursaries each year. In 2018-19 this amounted to £2.5 million.

Staff Outreach 166 staff are involved in supporting clubs and societies. Dulwich College directly trained and supported 17 newly qualified teachers in Maths, Physics and Modern Foreign Languages in 2018-19. 72 members of staff at the College have further qualifications above a Bachelor’s degree. In addition to this, staff provide support in all areas of our educational partnerships. The College plays a leading role in the new national School-Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT), acting as the London hub offering courses aimed at new graduates and career changers.

The Royal National Children's SpringBoard Foundation Dulwich College works with the UK's largest boarding school bursary charity to provide life-transforming opportunities for disadvantaged and vulnerable children through a boarding place at the College.

To read more about these partnerships , please visit the College website



600km in 6 days – Israel North to South

During the half term break, School Captain Gabriel took on the challenge to cycle from the North to the South of Israel with a group of individuals in support of the charity Norwood. This is his second charitable ride for the charity, the first taking place in Tanzania in 2018. He shares with us his incredible journey; the people he met along the way and the impact that Norwood can have on the lives of those they support.

“This half term I cycled the length of Israel for the charity Norwood, who provide phenomenal care to people with physical and learning difficulties (such as autism) and their families. After being given an inquisitive welcome by Israeli border control I met my group for the week, a 40 strong contingent of ill-fitting lycra wearing North-Londoners; mostly Jewish, mostly middle aged, I fit right in! We set off and over six long days we cycled across craters and along seas, whilst I was able to soak up both the spirit of Israel and the impact that the fundraising we were doing was having. Jake, 26, who is one of Norwood’s full-time residents has autism and is non-verbal. He along with his dad Wayne were embarking on their 3rd international Norwood ride. Jake rides on the back of a tandem with a selection of the strongest riders (not me) taking turns on the front, gifting him this incredible experience. The sheer joy that was visible on Jake’s face and that of his dad’s, while we swept across some of the most incredible scenery I’ve ever seen, was the most rewarding part of the trip for me, and I can say also for all the other challengers on the ride. This for me made the seemingly endless cycling worth it and talking to Wayne and learning of the round the clock work Norwood do for Jake back in London and hundreds of others only made this already incredible trip into a life changing one. I hope to go on many more Norwood rides in the future."

If this sounds like a cause you would like to learn more about or even support, please have a look Gabriel's *donation page


Gabriel Year 13



Life at the College: a snapshot The opportunities offered by a Dulwich College education can be life changing, providing an engaging and inspiring platform on which our pupils can go on to reach their full potential in the world. It is difficult to encapsulate the true breadth of academic and co-curricular endeavour of our current pupils, but we offer here a small insight into just some of the opportunities available to, and achievements of, today’s generations of Alleynians. (2018 -19) 237 650 achieved A* or A grades ENGLISH A LEVEL music lessons given each week

76 %

pupils in the Upper Sixth

600 pupils

1460 pupils are involved in over 300 clubs and societies throughout the whole College including: robotics, brewing, Afro-Carribean culture and magic.

in the College learn a musical instrument

10 %

of pupils board (full, weekly or flexi)


teaching hours per year (this is the equivalent of 25 x 1 hour lessons per week)

63 %


of grades achieved at A level were A* or A

PUPILS STUDYING LANGUAGES Lower School: over 400 Middle School: over 950 Upper School: 120

achieved A* or A grades

29 sports played at the College 354 sports teams 965 sports fixtures


146 pupils took part in CCF

offers to Oxbridge




A legacy to Dulwich College is your opportunity to support the education of future generations of pupils at the College, helping to provide first class resources for teaching and learning, and to make a Dulwich College education available to as many bright and able boys from all backgrounds, as possible. By leaving a gift to Dulwich College, you do something amazing, allowing boys to benefit from an education that will shape their future.

The Canon Carver Society

The Canon Carver Society recognises those who have pledged a gift to the College in their will. Established in 2004, it was named in honour of Canon Alfred James Carver, Master of Dulwich College (1858-83), who set the College on a new course following the Dulwich College Act of 1857. The changes he instigated transformed the College and led to its reputation as one of the country’s leading schools. The Society today has over 125 members and is led by its President, Sir Peter Bazalgette OA (1962-71) whose enthusiasm and commitment have been invaluable. The College has received contributions of more than £7 million in legacy gifts since the Society was founded in 2004. Donations to the College are exempt from inheritance tax and no gift is too small. If you would like to know more about legacy giving, please contact:

Matt Jarrett +44 (0)20 8299 9285

"I urge everyone to think of leaving a gift to the College in their will to furnish those in the future with the tremendous benefits we enjoyed in the past.”

John Lovering CBE OA (1961-68) President of the Alleyn Club (2019-20) Governor of Dulwich College (2010-17)

Canon Carver, Master of the College 1858-83



Our donors

Every year the College produces a Roll of Benefactors, to thank all those who have given financial support to the College. The list includes gifts received between 1 August 2018 to 31 July 2019. Every effort has been made to ensure that the Roll of Benefactors is complete and accurate. If your name has mistakenly been missed off then please accept our apologies and do inform us. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our anonymous donors and all those who have supported the College in other ways; notably through time, expertise and good will. Specifically we would like to acknowledge the Governors, members of the Development Committee, the Alleyn Club Committee, and Friends of Dulwich College.

To everyone who has given, pledged, or is planning a bequest to the College, we thank you very much indeed.




Old Alleynians 1940-1949 Douglas Cooper Julian Ellis Robert Esden MBE Roy Galbraith The Revd Dr Gerrish Peter Grose James Hammer CB Ron Hewstone Dr John Lewis David Raven Bob Rawlings Barry Rose Michael Shadbolt Ronald Stratton 1950-1959 Lt Col Terry Adams Prof Ewan Anderson Y S Bakhle Brian Barnett Christopher Barrett William Barry Christopher Batten Antony Beeley John Bell Robert Bembridge Bill Blanch Prof Sir Bryan Thwaites The Classical IVth of 1939

David Hogan Geoffrey Holloway Philip Howlett Patrick Humphries Chris Ignatowicz Andrew Izod Martin Jackson

Roger Bacon Jeremy Baker

Godfrey Morris Dr Peter Mudge Bruce Noble MBE Terence North John Norton

Roger Croucher James Cullingham Anthony Daltry

Sir Peter Bazalgette Timothy Birse Stephen Bondfield Oliver Burns Prof Michael Burton Mike Camp Robin Chapman William Chappell Nicholas Cheel Christopher Cole Sean Commercial Robert Condon Dr Henry Cottell Nicholas Cremin Dr John Dean

Richard Moore FRICS Michael Mustoe Alec Noakes Keith Penfold Alan Penson Frank Penson Andrew Reid John Renel Jervis Rhodes Andrew Ritchie QC Anthony Roberts Tim Roberts-Holmes Nick Rundle Kevin Ryall Prof Seif Shaheen Prof Bruce Sizer Timothy Smith Angus Somerville Gary Sugarman Christopher Tarrant James Thornton John Tudor Dr Martin Walker Stephen Walker Graham Ward CBE Dr Rick Weber Robert West Martin Turner Michael Wade

Owen Roberts Murray Ross Jeremy Saville Robert Scott Viney Sethi Michael Simons John Smallwood Ian Smith Timothy Smith

Martyn Baker OBE Richard Barwick Philip Beaven Mark Berry

Morys Davies Colin Deverill Richard Dew Peter Dorey Sir Peter R Duffell KCB CBE J Elliott Brian Ellis MBE Christopher Field Dirk FitzHugh Michael Godfrey FRICS Donald Goodsell

Richard Norton Humphrey Nye Edward Pearce The Revd Christopher Poulard

Bernard Biggs Don Boadella Christopher Boyes Christopher Bradshaw

Robin Jewett Trevor Jones James Kendall Prof Brian Kennett The Revd Canon Nicholas Kerr Michael Kirkman Roger D V Knight OBE Will Lewis Vaughan Lilley Cdr David Lingard John Lovering CBE Peter Lyon Nigel Massey Alan May The Revd Brian McHenry CBE Sunil Mehta

David Price George Ray Rob Reith Michael Renton HH Michael Rich QC Eric Robertson Malcolm Sargent The Revd David Sharp Frederick Shelton Bruce Shilstone Robert Smith CMG Colin Spears Roger Stein Dr Theodore Stening Michael Stone

Dr Richard Soper Dr John Stephen Prof Christopher Stephens OBE Martin Stone

Michael Brett David Brooks

Dr Martyn Brown Frank Browning Michael Butcher Douglas Butterfield Robert Butterfield Hon Michael Callaghan Paul Charlton Dr David Cheesman Prof Aldwyn Cooper Len Cornish Col Robert Crawley OBE JP Jeremy Davies Mike Davies

Bernard Stoneham Peter Susman QC Dr John Sutcliff Tom Sutton

Christopher Gordon Gp Capt Paul Gray David Griffiths David Halliday Dr David Handscomb Raymond Hann

Jim Dewes Tony Edgley Nigel Edison Peter Farley

Barry Taylor Tim Thirlwall Peter Thompson Prof Andrew Tomkins OBE Dr Graham Townsend Alan Trangmar Adrian Underwood OBE Robert Upton CBE Philip Virgo

Alastair Fischbacher Dr Simon Fleminger James Gowans Commander Bob Grainger Sunil Gupta Steven Hastings Russell Heath Andrew Hill Dr Robert Hirst Nicholas Hunsworth David Ince Bob Jackman William Jutsum Peter King Jonathan Lee Peter Leggett The Revd Tony Leighton Malcolm Levinkind

Roger Hedge Bruce Hewett

Ronald Hickson Philip Holliday Michael Holmes Dr Chris Hughes Peter Johnson David Jowett Geoffrey Keeble William Leon Derek Long John Loyd

Peter Montgomery The Revd Ray Morris Robert Newton David North Gp Capt Derek North DL Ian Paton David Paul Michael Pearman John Pearse Jeremy Pearson Jan Pringle Dr Francis Quinault Roland Quinault Richard Raeburn Patrick Rawson Dr Robin Rayner Paul Richardson Philip Rickard The Rt Hon Peter Riddell CBE The Rt Hon Sir Colin Rimer

Nicholas Tatman Michael Thorpe Dr C John Toynton Dr Peter Vernon David Walker Brig Johnny Walker OBE DL William Waring Peter Webster Roger Weston Andrew Wilson David Wilson The Revd Beresford D R Wood Derek Woolston John Yelland

Christopher Dean Simon C Downie Dr David Dunlop Simon Dyson Christopher Edwards Christopher Elston John Fordham Col Keith Galbraith Rodney Gent Ian Gilliver Derek Goodchild HHJ Andrew Goymer Laurence Green Dr Denis Gross Robin Harris Dr Stuart Herbertson Peter Herrmann David Heycock

Anthony Wallace Ivor Warburton The Very Revd Peter Webber Robert West

Peter Wibberley Vincent Williams

Ronald Blythe Denis Bodiam Richard Bolton Peter Bond Prof David Booth Donald Bower John Bridges

Andrew Whiffin Nicholas White Patrick White Dr Christopher Wilkes Brian Willis The Revd Richard Wyber Prof John Wyke

Ian Macfarlane Dr John Maile Colin Mander David Martin-Clark David Matthews Val McCarthy CBE Brig Bruce McDermott CBE John McFrederick Dr Hector McLean CBE

1980-1989 David Beck Michael Below

Dr Mark Bentley Stewart Bowling Rodney Britto Douglas Burnham

Trevor Llewelyn Stephen Locke Richard Lowy Keith Macquarie Prof Nicholas Manton

Richard Burgess Dr James Burton Roger Carrington Roger Chadder Rodney Chambers Peter Collings Cdr Graham Creedy LVO RN

Dr Adrian Carr David Clacher Simon Clarke

1970-1979 Andrew Allen Cllr Nigel Ashton Neil Austin Stephen Barber David Barke

1960-1969 Roger Alexander Richard Alford Richard Anstey Nigel Archer

Colin Mealor Clive Mellor Colin Moore Andrew Morley

Richard Mattick Mark Menhennet Peter Miles

Dr Julius Clayton Anthony Cottage James Cunningham

Nigel Hinton Roger Hislop



Gerald Dowler JP Dr Gabriele Finaldi Richard Ford Charles Foster Adrian Fuller Andrew Guy Gavin Hall Nicholas Hallwood Russell Harper Timothy Havenhand

Colin Webb Andrew West Brian Wise David Wise 1990-1999 Ayodeji Agun Omer Ahmad Ishminder Alg

Simon Smith Ben Turnbull Beau Wilson James Young 2000-2009 Bilal Ahmad Charles Bagley James Baker Teddy Barron James Bavister Keval Chandarana Adrian Chung

Edward Berry Thomas Blowes Sean Butcher Tomas Curran-Jones

Florence Akingbade Burhan Al-Chalabi and Christine Jones Yaroslav Alekseyev and Zinaida Boykova Eric Allsop and Fiona Montgomery Jose and Mariana Alvarez Pasquale Amodio and Randa Hanna-Amodio Marco Luigi Antonioli and Ita Antonioli Andrew and Sarah Backen Graeme and Lydia Baldwin Dr Bobby Bandlish and Dr Gita Auplish Greg Barron and Sarah Murphy Mark and Audrey Barrow William Beckett and Maria Aller-Cardona Gary and Amanda Belchem Cengiz and Tomoko Belentepe Adrian and Wanda Bird Andrew Bird and Tamsin Nicholds Nicholas and Elizabeth Bliss The Bona Family Dr Julian Braybrook and Prof Helen Fielding Justin and Winnie Bridge Paul and Amanda Brilliant Andrew and Rosie Brydon Michael and Nicola Burt Peter Camilleri and Evette Phipps Bojan and Lieutenant ToDenh Car Matteo Cassina and Veronique Rolland The Ceccolini Family Dr Michael Bristow and Claudia Salazar

Kai Chung David Chan and Xiu Fang Yang Toby and Priti Chapman-Dawe

Anthony and Jill Drake-Brockman Andrew and Caroline Draycott Guy and Olivia du Parc Braham The Dudzicki Family Nick Duke and Karin Duke-Roedler Douglas and Hilary Eastman Marc and Christine El Asmar Andrew and Lindsay Elder Dr Peter Ellis and Rosemary Ellis Nicholas and Paula Fallowfield Murray Feely and Heidi McKeown Dr Michael Fenlon and Prof Yvonne Doyle Dr Ian Firla and Emanuela Bove-Firla Lisa and Campbell Fleming Jason and Elly Flemyng James Drayton and Jane Fox-Edwards Julian and Louise French David George and Zoe Layden Bunt and Dr Susan Ghosh Charles Glanville David Gleave and Luciann Flynn Cuneyt and Marina Goy Graham and Susie Green Lesley Groves Jon and Kathleen Grussing Christopher and Yvonne Gurney Dominic and Marcia Gurney-Champion Jonathan Hall and

Susan Lindsey Lawrence and Rebecca Hawkins Simon Hayes and Mia Sorgi

Henry Fraser Carl Heimann William Holmes Peter Kinahan Tom Marchant Sion Roberts Immanuel Tefera Pierre Thompson

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Cao He and Ming Li The Hedger Family Robert Henderson and Deborah Nadel Dr Venetia Herzmark

Thomas Bartlett Kenneth Beuden Andrew Byrne Gregory Chivers Dr Simon Christofides Marc Ciancimino Benjamin Davis Joseph Doherty Clyde Fare Dr Ben Field Eric Fosdike Jonathan Fowles Matthew Ghinn Nicholas Hamilton Richard Horner Dowshan Humzah

Christopher and Caroline Holmes

James Hearn Peter Holmes Jeremy Hopkins William Jinks Dr Niloy Karia Louis Kenna Ali Kewfi Anthony King Ian Kopelowitz Dr Gregory Lawton Roy Lee Guy Lester Darius Lewington Simon Long Dr Nicholas Martin Thomas McCarthy Stewart Medhurst Jason Meers Ben Mingay Mr Ranjit Murugason Matthew Oakeley Alexander Offer Chris Papadopoulos James Penny Ashley Preston Dr Nicholas Rollitt Lt Col Philip Rosell Raoul Roy Dr Yohan Samarasinghe Navdeep Sandhu

Alistair and Joanne Hooper Adam and Tierney Horne Guannong Huang and

Timothy Duncan Stephen France Mark Godden Dr Tommy Gorgy Jack Hellewell Julian Hitch Maurice Hutchinson Simon Inzani Rizwan Kassam Navindu Katugampola Parthiv Kurup Dr Alexander Langley Jintao Liu Taran Matharu Edward McCarthy David Midgley Alexander Novelli Christopher Owen Thomas Pollock Ope Runsewe Derek So Dr Simon Sprague Alexander Teytelboym

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Boa Huan Zheng Gareth Hudd and Sophie Daranyi-Hudd Mitchell and Helen Humphreys Brad and Sian Hurrell

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Magnus Broadley Bruno Ceccolini Sebastian Drake- Brockman Benjamin Duggan Joshua Elder Ruairi Gavin Sebastien Grech Aidan Guppy

Giancarlo and Malin Iovino Francis Ip and Vincy Cheng James and

Charlotte Ireson Christopher and Tamsin Isaac Ian and Nikola Jack

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Iain and Kathryn Jacob Ray and Natalie Jarmyn Mr Jiao and Ms Hu Richard and Rebecca Johnson Vasileios Karavas and Dinara Kenessary-Karava Andrew and Belinda Kemp Dr Mark Kinirons and Dr Elizabeth Littlewood Paul and Joanna Knowles Ashok Krishan and Dr Bhavani Krishnan Kees and Sarah Kuijlaars Dmitry Kuranov and Anna Kuranova

Zain Ismail Ryan Kara

Thomas King Vikram Kumar Steve Lam Lt Cdr Thomas McPhail Dr Ashraful Mirza Edward Nicholls Ghanem Nuseibeh Michael O'Donoghue

Charlie McNeil Daniel Oakeley

Samuel Omotosho Lorenzo Pacciana Shrey Rao Tom Reynolds Max Rowley Sanchez Harry Spicer Rathan Subramanian

Dr Onn Thein Dimitri Umnov Rajvinder Virdee Arthur Virgo 2010-2019 Francis Aznaran Szymon Bacher Andrew Baron

Tremayne Parvin Dr Ovidiu Precup Hugh Price Sumit Rai Michael Sakkas Amit Sharma Simon Skinner Dr Christian Smith

Emre Tezcan Archie Wright

Dr Vish Saxena Dr David Smith Hugo Stolkin Andrew Tatman Peter Vicary-Smith

Parents and past parents Christoph Ackermann and Grazia Collini

Jonathan and Jennifer Lake



Tony O'Flaherty and Jane Boorman Greg Olsen and Bridget Treacy Michele Pacciana and Paula Larsson Mallika Paulraj

Robert Baylis Sarah Betts Pauline Blackwood Janet Booker

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Urzula Spencer Philip and Bernadette Stott Peter and Virginia Strafford Buntoon Sukpraprut and Paveena Vongvitavat Julian Taylor Andrew Tetlow Stephen and Caroline Thariyan Selim and Barbara Toker Dr Jeremy Tuck and Rosalind Fowler Paul and Bella Tullo Shailesh and Beverley Vara Boris Veselinovich Matthew and Gina Vincequerra Scott and Lorna Waring

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Matt Collcutt Kate Collins Vickie Coney Tom Cooper Richard Cott Olivia Cottage Brian Count Teddy Crane John Crossley Tom Crossley

Shane Ferguson Renee Fleming Jayne Foster Deb Francis Cousins Franklin Charlotte Fry Shannon Gallagher Raggi Gandham Linda Garbarino Antonio Garcia Jo Gaspar Andrew Gent Chris Gent Lisa Gent Sotos Georgalli Jenny Gibbs Will Gibbs Tim Giberson Jane Gillard Tina Girma Andy Godden Jan Godden Robert Godden Graham Goodrich Janet Gotch Jo Green Phyllis Greenaway Adam Grieve Lara Ground Kate Groves Nicola Haindl Michelle Hankins Amy Hanks Andrew Harting Theresa Hatcher Annie Hathaway Andy Hawkesford Michele Hayes Annie Hebden Alexandra Heverin Kirsten Highnam Trish Hill Cheryl Hanks Fraser Hanks Sarah Hanks

and Miranda Carter Elliot and Fiona Lane Roy and Winnie Lee Mr Leung and Ms Man James and Eugenia Lewes Dr T Li and Sandra Tsang Peggy Linares Timothy Lord QC and Amanda Lord Peter and Sarah MacDonald Eggers Simon and Lucie Marc Daniel Martin and Catey Hillier James and Anoushka Maxwell-Scott Hamish and Vlasta McCombie Don and Lisa McGown Sid and Nancy McGrath Daniel and Sarah McKimm Francis Meehan and Miutahara Ahmed The Mellis Family The Mendenhall Family Marc Meyohas and Fiona Bembridge Yahya and Farah Mirjan Michael Morley Kate Morris Greg and Louise Mulley Christopher and Susan Murphy Robert Murphy and Lynne Russell Scott and Dr Jane Murray Paul and Elizabeth Netti David and Anne-Marie Nile Guy and Cara Norfolk Richard and Charlie Nunn Harriet Nyanzi Dr Fiona Nzegwu

Jane Brind Ian Brinton The Rt Hon Lord Robin Butler of Brockwell KG GCB CVO Nick Brown John Charnley Alison Cole Katy Cottage Martin Dury Michelle Fairhurst The Revd Neil Fairlamb Deborah Field Julia Field Jason Foster Sally and Mark Gatley Katherine Gent Jean Gooder The Governors of Dulwich College Catherine Holmes Fergus Jamieson Matt Jarrett Kevin Jepson Katy Jones Dr Richard Jones Jonathan Lansley-Gordon Fermina Marche Richard Mayo Oliver Millward Kirsty Murdoch Kathi Palitz Dr Jan Piggott Will Quayle Waqas and Yasmin Rafiq Edgar Reddaway Chris Rowe Jane Scott Victoria Scott Phil Greenaway Dr Toby Griffiths Peter and

Angela Spence Martin Sprague Jenny Stanley Dr Gardner Thompson James and JoAnn Thornton Andrew Threadgould Paul Wadhams Joanne Whaley Suzanne White Tom Whitehead Thomas and Alison Williams Maria Wood Claudia Woodward Dorothy Wright Simon and Nel Yiend Louise Aldous Penny Aldous Nesanet Alemu Jill Alexander MBE Runa Ali Christina Allen Hamelmal Ambaw Mark Anderson Valentina Armiri Sarah-Jane Ashcroft Alana Azlen Charu Babel Andrew and Sarah Bagley Friends Linda Abate

Ally Bingham Joanna Birch Kate Bisson Sarah Bliss Toby Boatwright Betsy Bolton Ed Botes Edwina Bowen Katie Bowen Sue Bowen Christine Brentani Kevin Bristow Octavia Brooke-Turner Nick Bryant Fiona Buckenham Frances Buckenham Annette Bull Emily Bulman Pam Burn Oliver Burton Nick and Michelle Butcher Jess Butland Charlotte Candillier Ros Carr

John Perks Phil Pickard Jeremy and Jodie Podger Michael Pos and Tania Buckrell Pos Denis Power Stephen Pye and Jayne Pryce Jason Rawkins and Alison Eyet Jonathan and Angela Rovelli Gloria Rowley Keith and Claire Rowney Ray Sacks and Wendy Jones The Salorio-Mazuelas Family William Saunders John and Jennifer Scardino Roderick Seligman and Susie Wesson Angus and Sarah Shepherd Sameer and Ritu Shirgaokar Dan and Dee Sibert Spencer and Jhansi Ridgeon David Robinson Robert and Elizabeth Rome

Katharine Croston Alan Cunningham John Cusick Amanda Custis Vitor Da Rosa Pippa Dale Sharon Dales Claire Davenport Annabel Davidson Martin Davidson Patrick Davies Celia De Wolff Miguel Dembinski Katie Denyer Geeta Dhar Anthony Dixon Simon Dodsworth Carol Dunseith Kuldeep Dusanj Lisa Dyte Jacqueline Edge Tim Edghill Viviane Edgley Geoff Eldestrand Simon Evans Laura Eynon Mark Eynon Elfrida Fallowfield Timothy Fallowfield Melanie Fawcett Ryan Fellstad Scott Ferguson Maria Emmett Adrian Evans Niamh Evans

Bevan Watt and Dale Lattanzio Justin Webb and Sarah Gordon Jia Wei Andy and Lori West Simon White and Dr Frances Woisin Russell Gardner and Lisa Whiteford Simon and Annabel Williams

Martin Carr-Hill Michael Carroll Mary Cartisser Ruth Casserly Jack Cato Arshia Chaudhri Kyra Cheremeteff Geoffrey Chew Adrienne Chinn Elsie Clark Katherine Clark Amanda Clarke Catriona Clarke

Noel and Kate Williams Andrew and Julie Wilson Beth Wond Andrew and Claire Wright Nicholas and Karen Wright Nicholas and Penny Xanders Spiro and Teresa Youakim Staff and former staff Hugh Abbott and Anna Turvey

Marissa Simmonds James Simms and Sarah Horsfield Benedict Smith and Elena Prola Adeniya Sofolarin and Ailie Macadam Darren and

Heather Baird James Baker Lucinda Bantoft Mrs J Barber Laura Barrett Meg Basham

Jordan Annett John Bardell Katie Barretta

Robert Clarke Caroline Clay Joanna Cleary

Faye Baxter Nicola Baylis



Jo Hillier Gavin Hoare David Holmes Luke Holmes Olivia Holmes Piotr Holysz Immy Houlihan Cozzy Howard Rob Howlett Bea Hrubosova Miss L Hughes Peter Hyde

Hilary Ling David Logan Noirin Lomasney Tara Lomasney Jane London Amy Long The Looker Family Indira Lorenzo Douglas Lowley John Luckham-Down Shona Macfarlane Alistair Macgregor Ben Madden Katharine Magnay Jane Markwell Jeanne Mather Joy Maxwell-Davis Irmela Mayer Paul Mcconomy Alice Mckenna Diana Mcknight Susan McLoughlin Christopher Mcneil Garry Meehan Agegnehu Mekonnen Woinshet Mekonnen Max Melville-Brown Christopher Mills Paul Mimnagh Gary Mitchell Leah Mitchell Joan Mohammed Julia Morley Margaret Moroney Patrick Moroney Letty Morris Sarah Morris Serena Morris De Morgan Nico Muhly Scott Neil Arnie Lustman Ian Macfarlane

Kim Nicholson Andrew Nunn Charlotte Oakeley Edward Oakeley Penelope Oakeley Kasia O'Donnell David Orme Anthony Parsons Steve Partridge Anoushka Parylo Ritesh Patel Miguel Perez Ben Peterson Alasdair Petrie Anna Petrie Malcolm Petrie Dawn Phantis John Oughton Chris Outram Anna Parsons

Toby Sampson Christopher Samuelson Diana Sanders Dimitri Saracakis Ben Schott James Scott Margaret Scott Alison Scott-Bishop Hester Scotton

Partners Ltd Morgan Stanley Nicola Burt Interior Design Open Air Fit Ping Pong Polished East Dulwich Restaurant Spring at Somerset House Rocca di Papa The Rosendale Public House and Garden Salesforce Shackleton Storafile Thomas Cubitt Vertex Pharmaceuticals Vivi Restaurant & Bar Trusts and Foundations Arkwright Scholarships Trust Company of Actuaries Charitable Trust Fund OA Lodge The Karia Foundation The Lovering Charitable Trust The Peter de Somogyi Memorial Trust The Timothy Franey Charitable Foundation The Worshipful Company of International Bankers The Worshipful Company of Painters & Stainers The Worshipful Company of Pewterers The Canon Carver Society Graham Able Warwick Armstrong 1958 - 1965 Christopher Austen 1952 - 1958 Neil Austin 1964 - 1971

Kassa Tadesse Flo Tasker Victoria Tatham Andrew Taylor Helen Taylor Ian Taylor Linden Taylor

Jeremy Baker 1953 - 1960 Richard Bassett 1949 - 1956 Mary Batten Bernard Battley 1948 - 1956 Marion Baxter Sir Peter Bazalgette 1962 - 1971 Vivian Bazalgette 1961 - 1969 Philip Beaven 1957 - 1964 The Revd Colin Beevers 1951 - 1959 Robert Bembridge 1945 - 1953 David Bethell 1975 - 1983 Timothy Birse 1966 - 1973 Diana Blythe Richard Bolton 1945 - 1953 Dr Michael Boyes 1942 - 1946 Patrick T R Brown 1945 - 1953 David Burden 1952 - 1959 John Bushby 1944 - 1948 Michael Bushby 1944 - 1950 The Revd Ronald Casebow 1943 - 1950 Roger Chadder 1948 - 1956 Keith Chaundy 1948 - 1955 Lady Evelyn Clarke Dr Geoffrey Cook 1945 - 1955 Nick Cosh 1957 - 1965 Commander Graham Creedy LVO RN 1948 - 1956 Robert Deakin 1942 - 1945 Peter Dorey 1944 - 1951 Sir Peter R Duffell KCB CBE 1949 - 1956 Dr David Dunlop 1954 - 1962 Viviane Edgley

Carrie Whitwell Jimmy Wickremesinghe Deborah Wood

Rachel Wood Sarah Wood Shahida Wood Walton Woodford Eliot Woolf Jennifer Wright Yvette Yeates Vincent Yip Caron Zanjani

Olivia Taylor Susan Taylor Katy Teather

Alan Sewell Ken Sewell

Hannah Tebbutt Deanne Thomas Rachel Thomas Simon Thomas Caroline Thomson Beryl Tidy Tamsin Tinsley Elizabeth Tout Daniela Travers Bobbie Ttooulis Chrystalla Ttooulis Flora Ttooulis Helena Turnbull Jamie Tyrrell Greta Vaistaraite George Wadhams Judith Wadhams Gabrielle Walker Louise Walker Louise Walker Sue Walker Mark Walters Andrew Watson Jonathan Watson Michael Watson Derek Way Karl Wederell Neil Welton Tim Whitehead Edward Whittle Gillian Whittle Emma Veale Lizzie Verdon Rosy Verdon Annie Vesey

Claire Simms Clare Simms Mary Simms Claire Simons Leonora Simpson Raj Singh Maya Sivagnanam Dr Clare Siviter- Groschwald Catherine Sleight Susannah Slevin David Sloper Elizabeth Smith

Janet Iles Laura Iles Rebecca Iles Sam Illingworth Alex Iltchev Virginia Isaac Katie Jarvis Richard Jarvis J P Anthony Jeffery Matt Jess Dale Jones Ross Jones Oliver Jory Michelle Joseph Sally Jowett Joanna Karas Rachel Karimi Jonathan Katz Adam Kelly Lexi Kelly Jenifer Kerr Debebe Ketema

Organisations The Admiral Codrington Alleyn Club All Angels Vineyard Autocar Repairs West Dulwich Barclays Corporate Beckenham Bridge Club Bibiana Interiors The Big Exchange BMO Global Asset Management EMEA Cassandra Goad Clare Havill Photography Crystal Palace FC Deutsche Bank Dulwich Picture Gallery Easy Fundraising Feather Down Farm Freedom Brewery The Good Earth Granger & Co Hawksmoor Hayman's of London Herne Hill School Imogen Belfield London Joanna's Lea and Sandeman Wine Merchants McKay Williamson Medlar Mondrian Investment

Nicole Pike Ros Powell Ian Poynton

Antonella Preve Isabel Quinones Michele Racadio

James Smith Oliver Smith Penny Smith Sally Smith Emma Snow

Janice Rajah Nadia Rajah Safeer Rajah Lisa Rajan Ella Ransley Alessandra Ravenna Sharon Rawlinson Philip Read Sarah Read Tom Read Annabel Redmayne Jeremy Reed Louise Rettie Andy Rice Katharine Richardson Lynne Robertson

Yemisi Sofolarin Diana Sparkes James Spence Katharine St John-Brooks Paul Stagg Andrew Stark Bill Stern

Dorothy Key Adefirs Kifle Amber Kirk Barbara Kirkby

Bev Steven Kay Stewart Mike Stewart Lynn Stockbridge Fiona Stoddart Salim Suleman Catherine Sullivan Rowena Sumner Frances Szczurek

Katherine Klinger Katrina Kutchinsky Ewan Lawson Jill Lawton Martin Leaver

Sally Nettleton Louise Newman Helen Nichols

Susan Rowe Becky Ruse Carrie Sage

Allan Lees Cam Lees



Eileen Willis Nicholas Winter 1977 - 1983 The Revd Beresford D R Wood 1945 - 1951

David Shapland 1954 - 1961 Bruce Shilstone 1944 - 1950 Dr Michael Shirley 1948 - 1955 Anne Sowton Anthony Spain 1940 - 1944 Merrill Spencer Veronica Spink Michael Stone 1946 - 1954 Dale McDonald Sumner 1945 - 1951 Ralph Sutton 1954 - 1964 Nicholas Tatman 1952 - 1958 Barry Taylor 1961 - 1969 Maureen Teitelbaum Brian Thomas 1949 - 1957 Neil Thompson 1954 - 1962 Ann Thornton Prof Sir Bryan Thwaites 1936 - 1940 Prof Andrew Tomkins OBE 1954 - 1961 Lord Andrew Turnbull KCB CVO and Lady Diane Turnbull The Venerable Robin Turner CB DL 1952 - 1961 Wilfred Tyson 1948 - 1951 Michael Wade 1967 - 1972 David Walker 1945 - 1950 Brig Johnny Walker OBE DL 1951 - 1959 Dr Martin Walker 1971 - 1978 John Walters 1954 - 1962 Robert Weaver Roger Westbrook CMG 1952 - 1959 Clive Whitbourn

Christopher Edwards 1952 - 1961

John Jones 1955 - 1962 Pauline Jones Dr Niloy Karia 1979 - 1986 Raymond Keene OBE 1959 - 1966 Roger D V Knight OBE 1957 -1966 Commander David Lingard 1952 - 1960 Jacqui MacDonald-Davis JP Ralph Mainard Nigel Massey 1952 - 1960 John Mayhew Triona Mayhew Dr Hector McLean CBE 1945 - 1953 The Revd Betty A Mockford Ron Moos 1949 - 1951 William N Morgan 1954 - 1963 Jack M Morrison 1948 - 1955 Dr Peter Mudge 1947 - 1955 Dr Colin Niven OBE 1952 - 1960 Bruce Noble MBE 1951 - 1958 John Norton 1947 - 1956 Richard Norton 1951 - 1959 Thomas Owens 1986 - 1993 Robert A Parker 1950 - 1957 Richard Pearse 1958 -1966 Keith Penfold 1963 - 1971 Christopher Poulton 1954 - 1962 HH Michael Rich QC 1945 - 1954 The Rt Hon Sir Colin Rimer 1954 - 1962 Nick Rundle 1969 - 1976

Susan Ellicott Brian Ellis MBE 1947 - 1955

Alan Evans 1944 - 1948 Alex Evans 1954 - 1957 David Ewings 1992 - 2002 Christopher Field 1951 - 1959 Alan Finlay 1942 - 1951 Peter Franklin 1946 - 1950 Angus Freathy 1957 - 1965 Godfrey Garrett OBE 1948 - 1956 Anthony Gedge 1949 - 1955 Anthony Gibbs 1947 - 1954 Revd David Gooday 1946 - 1954 Donald Goodsell 1950 - 1957 Janet Gotch Commander Bob Grainger 1964 - 1973 Christopher Gravatt 1945 - 1950 Alan Gregory CBE 1937 - 1944 James Hammer CB 1942 - 1947 Anne Hanson1944 - 1949 John Harper 1942 - 1948 Russell Harper 1976 - 1983 Timothy Havenhand 1974 - 1983 Ian Hay Davison CBE 1945 - 1949 Ronald Hickson 1948 - 1956 Norman Hocknell 1945 - 1950 Peter Humphrey 1953 - 1960 Ian Hunter-Craig 1945 - 1952

1957 - 1964 Jane White Anthony Williams 1954 - 1962



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