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PROJECT PROFILE City & County of Denver

Wastewater Yard Kraken Membrane Filter

A Forterra Company

South Platte River Denver, Colorado

Photo Credit: Travis Poland

Introduction Just 15 feet from the edge of the Colorado Rocky Mountains’ most historic and vital river sits one of the most tested stormwater devices in the country. Dozens of these designed/engineered stormwater filtration systems have been installed and are currently serving various parts of the country, however, this one in particular is special. This unique stormwater filtration system has a very successful history. Before entering real-world service, it had already met exceptional challenges. Good Harbour Laboratories, an independent technology testing company in Mississauga, Ontario, conducted 33 test runs of this exact Kraken Membrane Filter, which now protects Denver, Colorado’s South Platte River. After 33 intensive tests, the system never wavered, clogged, or went into bypass, and ultimately, “the total mass of sediment captured was 434 pounds and the overall removal efficiency was 89%”. 1 During the final test runs, the unit was peaking in the high 90s for removal efficiency. As its name implies, every Kraken stormwater filtration system is a “beast” – not in size, but in work efficiency. Kraken Membrane Filters sit within a relatively small footprint, but they can treat monster flow rates and large pollutant concentrations (TSS Removal) and remove up to 99% of trash.

Comparatively, other membrane filters require deep sumps, deep excavation, and intense time-consuming maintenance. Deep sumps also mean that standing water and submerged filters will quickly deteriorate and develop biofilm as they sit and soak in festering water for long periods of time. Kraken filters are designed with a drain- down, resulting in no standing water, which avoids vector control issues (mosquitos) and eliminates pools where organic material can break down and cause further odor nuisance and pollution.

Installation of the Kraken Membrane Filter

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