Coles Annual Report 2019-2020

2nd Coles Research Symposium Promotes Collaboration The second annual Research Symposium on Homeland Security brought together top researchers in security-related fields like healthcare, transportation, and disaster planning to share their findings and gain new insights into the causes and solutions to global conflicts and disasters. Researchers from Kennesaw State, Georgia Institute of Technology; Syracuse University; University of California, Irvine; University of Illinois; and ORION, Canada’s largest research and education network, presented at the symposium. Among the featured research projects was an examination of the TSA’s PreCheck system, a study of how universities can protect themselves from cyberattacks, a look at the link between the strength of a country’s human capital and its likelihood to experience domestic terrorism, and a review of strategies for securing valuable infrastructure from cyberattacks. Student researchers also presented at the symposium. Economics professor Marcus Marktanner attended as a faculty

Coles Doubles Presence at Undergrad Research Symposium Out of the 350 Kennesaw State University undergraduate students who presented research at the Symposium of Student Scholars in April 2020, 92 were business students, up from 45 in 2018 and 11 in 2017. Helping drive this growth in Coles College’s participation is international marketing

advisor for a Ph.D. student in the School of Conflict studying the effect foreign aid plays on worsening political conflicts. “A significant component of this event is student engagement and highlighting student work,” said Coles College research director Jomon Paul. “We are elevating those interactions with students at a higher level.” Paul, the symposium’s chief organizer, values the opportunity the event provides for institutions large and small to discuss ways to keep the world safe from terrorism, cybercriminals, and natural disasters. “It was a great event to bring all these players together and realize that we can do something bigger,” he said

“My greatest joy when they succeed is that it proves they don’t have to be honors students,” she said. “If students are given the right opportunity and guidance, and are willing to work as hard as I can push them to, then they can shine just as bright.” KJUR Features Coles Students for the First Time Ever For the first time in its nine-year history, the January 2020 issue of the Kennesaw Journal of Undergraduate Research featured students from the Coles College of Business. International marketing students Clay Wilderman, Rachael Amatriain, and Jackson Lott each have papers in the journal, as does information systems student Kyle Sicard. Faculty members Mona Sinha and Herb Mattord were instrumental in helping them develop their projects. Publishing research in a peer-reviewed journal is an excellent way for students to jump start their careers in industry or academics. Management

professor Mona Sinha, who has made symposium participation a major part of her senior courses.

The Symposium of Student Scholars showcases the work of Kennesaw State undergraduate researchers conducted throughout the previous academic year. While the event has not typically attracted Coles College students, since 2018, Sinha has allowed seniors to present their final research projects at the symposium in lieu of in-class presentations. Most chose to do so in 2018. All of them did in 2020. Featured research from Coles College students included projects on Apple breaking into the Indian market and clothing brand Zara’s struggles to succeed in China.

Symposium of Student Scholars

Research Symposium on Homeland Security



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