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A 48-Year Marriage Continues to Shine at Memory Care of Little Rock Sharing Your Stories

ot even dementia can spoil the love Boss and Billie Hendricks have for one another. “I can’t understand anything she says. It doesn’t make sense, but we still have a good time together,” Boss says. “I’ll start laughing, and she’ll start laughing.”

“You take on so much, and it just wears on you. You’re a prisoner in your own home,” Boss says. In May 2016, Billie moved into Memory Care of Little Rock. Not

Boss was 36 and Billie was 29 when they met as neighbors, and on Nov. 5, 1971, they started their lives together as husband and wife. The couple had two boys and a girl, and Billie took over her parents’ accounting business, pushing it into continued success. After 33 years with the U.S. Postal Service, Boss was ready to retire, but he gave Billie the option to retire first. Her reaction encapsulated what makes Billie so special, Boss says.

Billie - Nov. 5, 1971

a day goes by that Boss isn’t

at the community, feeding his wife breakfast or enjoying her company. Seeing the level of care his wife of 48 years receives is vindication enough for Boss that he made the right decision. “She’s a very cheerful person. She’s as happy as she can be at Memory Care … I love my wife dearly. She is my best friend, and I just miss her so badly,” Boss says through tears. “That’s why I go see her every day. I hardly miss a day.” Don’t keep our work a secret; referrals are the best compliment you can give us. If you would like to be featured in our newsletter or if you know a family that could benefit from our services, please call 833.MEM.CARE (636.2273) or visit

Boss and Billie on their wedding day, Nov. 5, 1971

“I gave her the choice to retire first, but she didn’t want to,” Boss recalls. “[She’s a] very unselfish person, very caring for other people, always wanting to help people out. She was a beautiful lady back then, and she still is.” In early 2011, Billie was diagnosed with dementia. Boss and Billie sold the family’s accounting firm, and Boss did his best to care for Billie. But, like many family caregivers, Boss soon began to realize he couldn’t continue to care for Billie on his own. Boss knew it was time to find help after Billie wandered off on a camping trip and sneaked out of their house one winter night.

Boss and Billie traveling


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