Memory Care America - December 2019

Honoring Service Memory Care America Recognizes Our Heroes

Memory Care America is committed to serving your loved ones, and our dedication to others filters into causes that are close to our hearts in our five communities. This fall was no different! Memory Care of Little Rock and Memory Care of Westover Hills raised awareness and funds for an organization close to home: the Alzheimer’s Association. Memory Care of Little Rock team members participated in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s, and our Memory Care of Westover Hills community hosted a Jenga tournament to raise funds for the walk this November. The timing of these events was perfect because November is also Alzheimer’s Awareness and Family Caregiver Month! November also has a special meaning for military families. All Memory Care America communities honored our nation's heroes with the events represented here by Memory Care of Naples , Memory Care of New Braunfels , and Memory Care of Simpsonville . We are forever indebted to these heroes and our nation’s veterans. It’s an honor to serve these residents every day. We couldn’t serve others without your support. Don’t keep our work a secret! If you know a family who could benefit from our services, direct them to, or find us on Facebook.

Above: Memory Care of Little Rock team members join Walk to End Alzheimer’s!

Above: Memory Care of Westover Hills raises funds for Walk to End Alzheimer’s with a Jenga tournament.

Above, left, and below: Memory Care of Simpsonville, Memory Care of Naples, and Memory Care of New Braunfels honor our veteran residents for their service.

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Take Care of Yourself You cannot give from an empty cup. Don’t focus all your energy on your loved one. That’s our job at Memory Care America! Instead, find time to care for yourself. Go for a walk, do yoga, or read your favorite book with a cup of hot cocoa. When you take time to manage all aspects of your health this holiday season, you’ll be able to better give your time and care to others. Delegate You don’t have to do everything, and frankly, in order to finish everything, you will need to ask for help. Ask your family to help with the cleaning, cooking, and shopping, so you can focus on the tasks most important to you. Our staff at Memory Care America can help you accomplish any care-related tasks or planning for holiday parties in our communities, too!

We can make it through the holidays, and we’ll do it together. From our Memory Care America family to yours, have a happy holiday season.




—Linda Carrasco President & COO, Memory Care America

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Do Not Keep Our Work a Secret!

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