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Bringing October Into the Kitchen WHAT’S IN A NAME?

One thing nobody tells you about starting your own business is how challenging it is to come up with a good name. In just two or three words, you need to capture the essence of your company in a way that people will remember. I struggled with this when it came time to name my own company. This was years ago, back when my daughter was in first grade. At one point, my wife and I went to our daughter’s school for a parent-teacher conference, and in the back of my mind I was brainstorming possible names for the company. As we approached the classroom door, we passed a bulletin board covered with kids’ drawings. One picture in particular caught my eye: a cornucopia drawn in bright crayons. The horn of plenty was full of corn, pumpkins, and everything you’d want from a fall harvest. “It’s the kitchen in October,” I thought. This image of a cornucopia was exactly what I wanted my company to be: full of good, healthy food after a plentiful harvest, with enough to go around. Coincidentally, we discovered my daughter drew that picture! We brought it home and turned it into an abstract vector that I used as our first logo. October Kitchen was born. October Kitchen felt like the perfect name for a number of reasons. For one, the month of October has always been

full of great memories for me. After all, my birthday is in October, right before Halloween. I was nearly a warlock, or so my mother always said. I always felt like the center of attention in October as a kid. On my birthday, I got cake and presents at my birthday party; and then, a few days later, it was all costumes and candy. It was a complete sugar overload! Over the years, October continued to be significant. My wife and I were married in October, just a week before my birthday! I also love the feel of October. The cool weather is comfortable after a long, hot summer, the leaves are an explosion of bright colors, and you can enjoy great food from the fall harvest. The name “October Kitchen” also reflects many of my customers. They’ve worked hard all their lives, managing their respective fields, and now they can enjoy the rewards of their harvests. You’ve probably noticed our logo isn’t the cornucopia anymore. The logo changed as the company grew, but the essence of October Kitchen remains. To this day, I have the original picture my daughter drew hanging in my kitchen to remind me what October Kitchen is really about.

“This image of a cornucopia was exactly what I wanted my company to be: full of good, healthy

food after a plentiful

harvest, with enough to go around.”


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