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From the President

Dear Student

We’re thrilled that you’re interested in the Word of Life Bible Institute! We believe that a true education must be holistic. That’s why we tailor our programs to emphasize personal spiritual growth, discipleship, and local and international ministry as much as we emphasize traditional Bible and theology classes. We want to support you in every step of your growth! The Bible Institutes’s rigor is intended to push your understanding of your own capabilities, to encourage you to rely on Christian community, and to provide opportunities to see the Lord’s hand in the mundane. Lean into the intensity, and we promise the Lord will transform your life. We hope that you’ll consider joining us in the fall. We’re already praying for you!

Roger L. Peace, Jr. President Word of Life Bible Institute and Camps

In one year, YOU CAN:

• Discover God’s unique call for your life • Immerse yourself in the Word before launching into the world • Make lifelong friendships and memories • Prepare yourself for whatever the future holds • Lay a biblical foundation for the rest of your life • Earn college credit!

What a difference just one year can make!

Imagine a year living in community with your best friends, spending each day studying the Bible, using your gifts in hands-on ministry and having tons of fun! Experience all this and more while being in the Adirondack Mountains, Florida beaches, or one of our amazing campuses around the world. At the Word of Life Bible Institute (WOLBI), you can do just that – and we believe that your year can be life-changing!

The Perfect Next Step

Only you and your family can determine if God is leading you to enroll at Word of Life. For many, though, Word of Life is the perfect next step after high school. Here you’ll be able to launch the next phase of life with a background and foundation in the Word of God, whether you are heading into a professional career or planning to pursue full-time ministry as a pastor, missionary, or in ministry support. Be used by God to impact the world wherever He calls you, armed with the powerful knowledge of the Bible. The Word of Life Bible Institute can be the foundation for a future that glorifies God in any career or calling.

• A “gap year” experience • To work in ministry but you’re not sure how God is calling you • To be well prepared to engage the world through your career and the workplace WOLBI COULD BE A PERFECT FIT IF YOU WANT:

• A change of pace from your current professional career • To know the Lord on a deeper level • A safe, godly place to discover God’s will for your life


Is WOLBI right for


Word of Life Bible Institute

Word of Life Bible Institute is an accredited, collegiate-level program offering intensive Bible study and ministry training designed to help students deeper their faith and discover God’s will for their lives. With both 1-year and 2-year programs and continuing education opportunities, the possibilities at Word of Life Bible Institute are endless! The WOLBI experience is centered on three core areas: STUDY • LIFE • MINISTRY

Accredited Campuses

1970 Word of Life Bible Institute is now open!



STUDY At the Word of Bible Institute, we spend a whole year diving deep into God’s Word, with experts from all over the world taking you book-by-book and verse-by-verse to help you know the Bible like never before. And as an accredited program recognized by most Christian colleges, you will not only carry your biblical foundation with you, but you can also transfer credits to wherever you go next. LIFE Here, community means so much more than dining halls, intramurals and toga parties. The Word of Life Bible Institute is designed to foster authentic friendships and intentional relationships as you live, learn, serve and play along- side other like-minded students and caring staff who will encourage you in your faith and become friends for life. MINISTRY As you are immersed in the Word of God each day, you are given the opportunity to put what you learn into action through hands-on ministry opportunities. You will give back to others, share your faith, serve the hurting, gain real-world experience and use your unique gifts and passions for a purpose.

Graduating Classes (and counting!)

Average Number of Students on New York Property



Average Number of Freshmen

Average Number of Sophomores

If the Bible is the foundation for life, then it only makes sense
that we would take the time to study and understand God’s Word correctly and this happened for me at Word of Life Bible Institute. - Nate

Sophomore Classes

Academics We spend a whole year going deep into Scripture,with experts from all over the world taking you book-by-book and verse-by-verse to help you know the Bible like never before. All of our academics are focused on in-depth study of Scripture – you literally spend an entire year just studying the Bible! And while you will be equipped with incredible academic knowledge, more than that, your eyes will be opened as you see God’s design for your life and the world in a new light.

First Semester (Fall) • Apologetics and Worldview • Historical Theology • Public Speaking and Preaching • Ministry of the Local Church • Old Testament Exposition II • World Religions • Christian Disciplines III Second Semester (Spring) • Cross-Cultural Studies • Dispensationalism • Hermeneutics II • New Testament Exposition II • Philosophy of Youth Ministry • Principles of Leadership • Marriage, Family & The Home • Christian Disciplines IV

Freshman Classes First Semester (Fall) • Old Testament Survey • Systematic Theology I • Romans and Galatians

At WOLBI, the academic course-load is focused solely on the Word!

• Evangelism and Discipleship • Old Testament Exposition I

• Research and Writing • Christian Disciplines I

Summer Semester • Ministry Practicum II

Second Semester (Spring) • New Testament Survey • Systematic Theology II • Gospel and Acts • Hermeneutics I • New Testament Exposition I

• Daniel and Revelation • Christian Disciplines II

Summer Semester • Ministry Practicum I

After Word of Life, you can:

• Earn a bachelor’s degree from Davis College: Word of Life is partnering with Davis College to allow students to complete their third and fourth years of college at Word of Life Bible Institute. Your first two years of college will be the Word of Life curriculum/ program, and the second two years will be classes through Davis College. You will graduate with a Bachelor of Religious Education degree from Davis College. • Experience the Word of Life Cross Cultural Internship (CCI): The Word of Life Cross Cultural Internship (CCI) sends college students to mission fields around the world, giving you the opportunity to serve as a missionary while earning a college degree. All CCI interns are placed at a global Word of Life ministry location. You’ll start a regional hub to gain language skills and basic training. Then you’ll be sent to a country that fits your country/region of interest and ministry of interest (children’s ministry, teaching, etc.) with the goal of getting hands on training. Finally, you’ll serve on the missions field, immersing yourself in a new country, culture and community that needs to hear the love of Christ. Your total time overseas is about 22 months. All CCI interns are required to pursue a degree during their internship. We want to send you out prepared with both ministry experience and a college education! We have partnered with Liberty University and Clarks Summit University to offer you discounted tuition – up to 50% off! While we do require that you take online classes during your service assignment, the classes you take and the pace of study is completely up to you.

• Transfer your credits to a Christian college or university: Continue your education to earn a degree in your chosen field of study. Because Word of Life Bible Institute is accredited through the Transnational Association of Christian colleges and schools (TRACS), the credits you earn at Word of Life are transferable. Depending on the anticipated course of study and academic achievement, most colleges will grant up to two years of credit to Bible Institute graduates. Among the schools that have granted credit are: • Appalachian Bible College • Cairn University • Calvary University • Clarks Summit University • Cedarville University • Lancaster Bible College • Liberty University • Trinity Baptist College • And many more!

What happens after Word of Life?

Whatever journey God calls you to, you’ll be equipped to live for Him after having been a student at Word of Life. Your options are endless, but one thing is certain:

Our alumni follow many different paths when their time at Word of Life is done. Some go on to pursue careers in business, healthcare, media, or the arts (and many other disciplines!), while others focus on serving full-time in ministry.


• Local missions • Global missions

• Sports • Open Air Evangelism • Rescue mission • Spanish ministry • After-school ministry • Church support

• Short-term missions trips • Ministry apprenticeships • Camping (summer camp, snowcamp) • Creative Arts (drama, worship teams, singing groups)

Giving back. Serving the hurting. Making a difference.


At Word of Life Bible Institute, life is about much more than lectures and textbooks, and we believe that the best way to learn Scripture is to apply it. That’s why hands-on ministry is a required part of the experience at The Bible Institute. This practical approach to learning supplements your academic experience and helps you discover your gifts and passions. Whether you plan to go into full-time vocational ministry or a professional career, serving in ministry at WOLBI equips you to serve those around you wherever you are, while teaching you real-life skills and reinforcing what you’re learning in the classroom. Our philosophy combines a “team-approach” to ministry as well as a readiness to share the Gospel. It is our desire that every student is ready for ministry in the local church after leaving the Bible Institute. Each student at WOLBI participates in outreach-focused ministry, sharing their faith, serving the hurting and giving back to others. With a huge variety of ministry opportunities, from open air evangelism to serving meals at a soup kitchen, whatever your passion is, we have a ministry for that.

There’s nothing ordinary about campus life and the student experience at Word of Life Bible Institute. Your time here will be filled with faith, friends and fun giving you an endless collection of unforgettable memories. Student Life

FAITH Life is more than study and socializing. The Bible Institute is about helping you grow spiritually just as much as you grow academically and socially. Our commitment to student discipleship and spiritual growth is a key aspect of campus life at Word of Life. At Word of Life, we don’t just talk about discipleship; we do it every day. It’s also something that we’ve committed to as an organization. Every student has the opportunity to sign up to be discipled each week in a 1-on-1 situation with a staff member from Word of Life. This is a chance for you to take your spiritual walk deeper and be mentored by a more mature Christian in the faith. Ask questions, grow spiritually, and build a relationship that can last a lifetime. FRIENDS Our mission is to help students change their hearts as we help them create strong relationships with each other and with Jesus. Here, you’ll find like-minded peers and lifelong friends who encourage you in your faith journey and help you become a better version of yourself –for long after your experience at WOLBI ends! Our tight-knit community means it’s easy to meet people and there’s always a place for you! We hope you’ll make our family your home away from home.

FUN Enjoy some downtime hanging out in the coffee house. Experience thrilling adventures year-round with outdoor sports, hiking, swimming, and snowboarding. Play for (or cheer on) one of our Huskies athletics teams. There is always plenty of fun to be had at Word of Life!


• Improv Night • Copy of Adventure Race • Spirit Week • Dorm Dinner Devotions • Bible Studies • Weekly Chapel and Worship Services • Brother/Sister Dorm Challenges

• Bonfires • Concerts

• Coffee Houses • Holiday Parties • Men & Women’s Soccer • Men & Women’s Basketball • Volleyball • Softball

• Talent Show • Movie Nights • End of the Year Banquet • Intramural Sports • Bowling

My time at Word of Life has been all about change. First, God started changing me externally – what I did and how I acted was different. Then, He worked on my heart and helped me change my inward motivations and attitude. Being surrounded by His Word and godly people helped me let go of my past and start moving for Him! - Shaina


Both of our U.S. campuses feature God’s beautiful handiwork on vibrant display: the Adirondack Mountains in New York and the beach near Tampa, Florida. Wherever you are, breathtaking scenery and fun adventures are just outside your front door. Plus, we have teaching sites all over the world, so you can take your experience across the globe while growing in your faith! Our facilities offer everything you need to live comfortably on our campuses. Dorms, dining, lounging, a student center—it’s all conveniently and centrally located to make student life easier. Our Campuses


For more information:

Sherbrooke (program in French)


For more information:

Sao Paulo (program in Portuguese) BRAZIL TEACHING SITES


For more information:

Recife (program in Portuguese)

NEW YORK Located in the heart of the Adirondacks, our New York campus has a rich history of God’s working since it launched in 1970. Just 4 hours away from New York City, there is plenty to discover and to do—hiking, amazing lakes, and places to explore. Our New York campus is situated on the far end of Schroon Lake, which comes alive in the summer with water sports and outdoor adventures. Climb high peaks such as Mount Severance, discover natural bridges and caves, and experience amazing sports year-round. The Bollback Student Life Center, on the New York Campus is the vibrant hub of our close-knit community. This massive building project added a new dining hall, student center, bookstore, café, classrooms, and outdoor decks to our gorgeous campus.

FLORIDA Located just 10 miles from the Gulf of Mexico, the Florida Teaching Site has its own charm and style. Experience the amazing weather and awesome activities while at the same time studying God’s Word in deep and meaningful ways. The Florida teaching site also features a smaller class size which means more interaction with professors and staff as well as closer relationships with other students. The proximity to local churches, public and Christian schools means there a plenty of opportunities to be involved in ministry during the year. The Florida Youth Camp and Pursuit Camp bring children and teens on to the beautiful 500 acre campus to experience one of the Southeast’s best camping experiences. Without a doubt, we know how to have fun. Some of the activities that we offer on campus include volleyball, basketball, ultimate frisbee, soccer, fishing, hanging out in the student lounge and so much more! Plus, because our campus is located in beautiful Florida, you can walk out the front door and have your own adventure any day of the year!


For more information:

Belem (program in Portuguese)


For more information:


International Teaching Sites Each international teaching site only offers our freshman program.


For more information:



For more information: Our New York Team



For more information:

Where Alumni Are Today Word of Life Bible Institute alumni are working in all areas, changing the world for God. Find out what life has been like since they finished their time at Word of Life.

Spending a year or two at the Bible Institute is a unique experience that no other college or university can match. Over and again, we hear the same description from Word of Life Bible Institute students:

“It was the



of my life!”

Pastor of the Summit Church in Raleigh-Durham, NC, he served with the International Mission Board as a missionary before helping the Summit Church grow to almost 10,000 members. He is one of the most respected Christian leaders of our day known for his Gospel focus.

The Erwin Brothers, Andrew and Jon, are Christian filmmakers and directors. They wrote and directed Woodlawn, October Baby and Mom’s Night Out. The Erwin Brothers both attended the Bible Institute and directed their first movies on the Word of Life Island.



“Word of Life had such a tremendous impact on my spiritual development. They taught me to trust the Bible and the primacy of evangelism and discipleship.” - J.D. GREEAR

“My success in business comes from strong relationships, and I learned what healthy relationships look like while I was a student at Word of Life Bible Institute!” - TODD

After attending the Bible Institute, Jared decided to pursue the arts. He had his first art studio in Poe Mill in 2006 and joined the Art Crossing in downtown Greenville, SC. Jared paints portraits for both business and ministry. His faith inspires his work and seeps onto the canvas.

A former model, Rachel now speaks on the importance of modesty, purity, and evangelism. She is the author of Fashioned by Faith where she details her journey of discovering God’s truth about modeling, modesty and style. Rachel uses her platform as a former model to speak candidly about God’s truth and to share the Gospel.

Questions? For more information, please visit:

Tuition and Financial Aid

The cost of attending WOLBI is one of the lowest post-secondary costs in America and is less than half of what it costs to attend most four-year Christian colleges! Plus, with credits that transfer and discounts on tuition at partner colleges, you can save BIG over the entirety of your education. Finances should not be the reason why a student is unable to attend the Bible Institute. That’s why over 95% of our students receive financial help! This comes in the form of local and WOLBI scholarships, loans, and grants.

ANNUAL COSTS: New York Freshman and Sophomore Charges for the 2020-2021 School Year

For a full listing of all scholarships the Bible Institute offers, visit . SCHOLARSHIPS


Semester Tuition:

$9,764 $8,200 $1,440

$4,882 $4,100

Room and Board: Required Fees:

Semester Room and Board:

Semester Fees:







To qualify for federal aid, including Pell Grants, fill out the free application for federal student aid (FAFSA) at . You are also encouraged to check with your state to inquire about local aid. The federal school code for Word of Life Bible Institute is 011859.

SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITIES: 99.6% of students received one of these non-loan awards for the 2019-2020 School Year.

Average Institute Scholarship Award: $4,555 ..... TOTAL AFTER SCHOLARSHIP: $14,849 Average Pell Grant (for those eligible): $4,735 .... TOTAL AFTER SCHOLARSHIP: $14,669


The cost of a year at the Word of Life Bible Institute is about half of the annual tuition at most private faith- based colleges. Plus, when you add in transfer benefits and credits ordered by some of the nation’s top Christan colleges, the average Word of life students saves over $19,404 over the course of his or her college career - just by spending a year at Word of Life! Potential Savings






Appalachian Bible College

Bradley, WV

$2,000 - 1 st year; $2,500 - 2 nd Year, dependent upon 2.0 GPA; up to $5,500 available for completion of 1 year at WOLBI



Bryan College

Dayton, TN

Annual $15,000, dependent upon 3.0 GPA and ACT/SAT scores



Cairn University

Langhorne, PA

Up to $13,000 annual award dependent upon at least a 2.5 GPA



Calvary University

Kansas City, MO

40% tuition scholarship for CU online or on campus bachelor’s degree completion for WOLBI graduates



Cedarville University

Cedarville, OH

$5,000 transfer grant and may qualify for academic aid up to $11,000/year



Clarks Summit University

Clarks Summit, PA

$15,000 per year dependent upon a transfer 2.5 GPA



Columbia International University

Columbia, SC

$1,000 per year



Lancaster Bible College

Lancaster, PA

$7,000 based on immediate enrollment; renewable annually; dependent on at least a 2.3 GPA



Liberty University

Lynchburg, VA

$1,000 - 1st year; $1,500 - 2nd year; renewable annually; dependent on at least a 2.7 GPA



Piedmont International University

Winston-Salem, NC

1/3 off; $7,000 per year; up to 90 credits



Trinity Baptist College

Jacksonville, FL

WOLBI honors graduates $1,000; WOLBI highest honors $1,500 plus 12% tuition discount after 1st year and 15% tuition discount after 2nd year


We’re saving a seat just for


Trinity College of Florida

Trinity, FL

$2,000 transfer grant, or $4,000 if GPA is above 3.0 and living on campus; 40 transferable credits from 1st year and 68 from 2nd year



Word of Life Bible Institute

Pottersville, NY

Potential savings are calculated based on four years of college. We take the amount you save as a Freshman by attending WOLBI instead of the school mentioned above and then add in the savings over the next three years with the max potential scholarships associated with each school, resulting in the total underneath Potential Savings. A formula can be followed as (Cost of one year at school X - the cost of one year at WOLBI) + (Max scholarship amount x 3) = Savings. Numbers are approximate and subject to change.

Visit us!

There’s something special about seeing Word of Life Bible Institute first-hand. Pictures and words can only tell you so much. You need to visit Word of Life to get a real feel for the total campus experience.

DIGITAL CAMPUS TOUR Take a virtual campus tour and see what it’s like at our New York Campus! Take a look by visiting: SCHEDULE A VISIT If you can’t find a Campus Preview date that works, you are always welcome to schedule a visit on your own. Our team would be happy to show you around our beautiful campus! Go to to sign up for Campus Preview or schedule a vis it.

CAMPUS PREVIEW DAYS Campus Preview Days at Word of Life is a weekend packed full of opportunities to find out what life is like as a student here. Be our guest as you attend classes with students, participate in fun activities like bonfires and concerts, and join the students for meals and dorm life. Choose a date and join us in the beautiful Adirondacks or sunny Florida for a weekend unlike any other.

Campus Preview Days are completely FREE! We’ll even reimburse your travel costs (up to $250) just for coming to see us!


Contact us and we’ll be happy to help you! phone: 1.800.331.9673 website:

Apply Today! Attending Word of Life Bible Institute is a once-in- a-lifetime opportunity. Experience a life-changing year deepening the roots of your faith as you prepare for your future. Surround yourself with like-minded believers in a godly and safe environment that’s perfect for seeking and discerning God’s unique call for you. Be equipped to impact the world for Christ with a foundation built on God’s Word. Visit to start your online application! We’re saving a seat just for you!

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