Deepen Your Faith

Sophomore Classes

Academics We spend a whole year going deep into Scripture,with experts from all over the world taking you book-by-book and verse-by-verse to help you know the Bible like never before. All of our academics are focused on in-depth study of Scripture – you literally spend an entire year just studying the Bible! And while you will be equipped with incredible academic knowledge, more than that, your eyes will be opened as you see God’s design for your life and the world in a new light.

First Semester (Fall) • Apologetics and Worldview • Historical Theology • Public Speaking and Preaching • Ministry of the Local Church • Old Testament Exposition II • World Religions • Christian Disciplines III Second Semester (Spring) • Cross-Cultural Studies • Dispensationalism • Hermeneutics II • New Testament Exposition II • Philosophy of Youth Ministry • Principles of Leadership • Marriage, Family & The Home • Christian Disciplines IV

Freshman Classes First Semester (Fall) • Old Testament Survey • Systematic Theology I • Romans and Galatians

At WOLBI, the academic course-load is focused solely on the Word!

• Evangelism and Discipleship • Old Testament Exposition I

• Research and Writing • Christian Disciplines I

Summer Semester • Ministry Practicum II

Second Semester (Spring) • New Testament Survey • Systematic Theology II • Gospel and Acts • Hermeneutics I • New Testament Exposition I

• Daniel and Revelation • Christian Disciplines II

Summer Semester • Ministry Practicum I

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