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AN UNUSUAL OPPORTUNITY TO improve and deepen your knowledge o f the Bible WORKSHOPS and SEMINARS add interest to

SESIONS:June17-July 5; July 8-July 20


to teachers, pastors, missionaries and active laymen. Because of Chicago’s location, cultural and recrea­ tional facilities, many will combine vacation with this unique opportunity for Bible study. Tuition is free and room and board costs as little as $20 a week. The only other expense is the student bene­ fit fee of $5.

M oody Summer School offers an exceptional opportu­ nity for concentrated Bible study and sharpening your preaching and teaching ministry. More than 50 carefully selected courses to choose from, taught by Moody’s outstanding faculty of Bible teachers, Christian educators and gospel musicians. Summer School is also a refresher course which appeals

MISSIONARY LITERATURE WORKSHOP... Planned for missionaries on furlough and missionary candidates. Sessions on writing- basics for simple writing for new literates, etc.; publishing-material selection, editing, translation, financing, types of presses; dis­ tributing-sales and give-away tracts, clubs, colporteurs, catalogs. First session: June 17- July 5. CHRISTIAN RADIO BROADCASTING . . . Fun­ damentals of broadcasting, covering announc­ ing, continuity, production, programing, speech interpretation, music for radio, chil­ dren’s programs, adm inistration, tapes, recordings. Facilities of Station WMBI are used. First session: June 17-July 5. ng cover, see coupon on page 46)

Workshops and seminars are practical training tools in effective teaching. They enable instructor and student to meet on a discussion level where prob­ lems and questions are approached on a give-and-take basis. In Moody’s Sum­ mer School they will be an important supplement to classroom instruction. PASTOR'S SEMINAR . . . Lectures and discus­ sions on such subjects as the personal life of the pastor, present day trends in theology, the pastor's relationship to evangelism, Christian education, missions and church music. One week only—June 17-21. (to avoid <

BIBLE INSTITUTE WORKSHOP FOR MISSION­ ARIES . . . Bible institute objectives, organiza­ tion, recruitment of students, standards of acceptance, faculty, buildings, equipment, library, curriculum, teaching methods. Second session: July 8-26. OPEN AIR EVANGELISM...Children's meet­ ings, street meetings, industrial noon-hour evangelism. Techniques for effectively pre­ senting Christ to the unchurched. Open only to men. Second session: July 8-26. CHURCH MUSIC . . . Offered by Sacred Music Department during the second week of first session, June 24-29. DEANS OF WOMEN . . . Discussions of prob­ lems regarding total responsibility of deans. Panel discussions, workshops, papers by sem­ inar students. Restricted to deans of women and their associates. One week only, beginning June 17. MISSIONARY HISTORY. . . Research course, using MBI library and other Chicago libraries. For missionaries and college graduates with special interest in missions. Supervised field activity, embodying papers on results. June 17-July 5.


k MAIL COUPON TODAY for FREE CATALOG and APPLICATION PAPERS Application papers must be r mailed back at least ten days before the opening of session you plan to attend.

INTERDENOMINATIONAL • EVANGELICAL MOODY BIBLE INSTITUTE 820 N. LaSalle Street, Chicago 10, Illinois WILLIAM CULBERTSON, president • S. MAXWEtL CODER, dean Please send me Summer School folder, catalog and application papers. Name ___________________________________________________ Address ------ City. Zone ______ State. o*t. 4K3

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